How To Draw A Zombie Skull

by onepagearticles

Draw a Zombie skull in 3 easy steps.

Learn how to draw a cool looking Zombie skull right here with these three drawing video tutorials that show you how and the inspiration that you can gain from watching this video series can be very useful.

Draw A Zombie Skull

Drawing Zombie Skulls

Drawing Zombie Skulls was a logical next step as I've done a few Zombie drawing tutorials here on Wizzley now and so I thought this one would add yet another horror dimension to this series. (See how to draw a Zombie Clown) As usual I have created three drawing video tutorials each focusing on an individual step, such as the first one below which we try and sketch the Zombie skull and draft the drawing out to make sure it will work.

I always usually start sketching with soft pencils as they are easier to work with should you make a mistake and need to erase parts of a sketch or the whole thing if it doesn't work out. This Zombie skull drawing is one possible variation that you could practice drawing or you can just gain some inspiration form this art video and draw your own.

I happen to think that when a Zombie skull has been drawn on paper in pencil even just the pencil sketch looks effective as a stand alone piece of art as it has that raw creative energy to it with the sketchy graphite that helps to make the skull look rotten.

Watxch the drawing video tutorial below for part one of this 3 part video series.

Pencil Drawing Your Zombie Skull

Drawing A Zombie Skull

How To Ink Zombie Skull

Get Inking Your Zombie Skull

As I've always mentioned in other drawing tutorials. Inking is about improving the drawing or design as once you ink you can't go back unless you re-draw the entire thing. It's about adding more details and losing anything that you don't like. Inking can be about adding shadow or really just creating the outline of a design and the coloring in the last stage can be were you determine the light sources of the subject.

The inking stage is entirely up to you how you approach it. For best results I have some super cheap black gel ink pens, some Sharpie markers and a few other ink pens like the Uni-ball Pilot which can be good for finer ink detailing. You will find however that you mainly only use one type of ink pen unless you want a thicker ink line on your artwork which you will get with black Sharpie markers.

Adding variations of ink line thicknesses helps to give your art definition which is something I usually forget to do, something to think about as it really does add something to your art in general.

Ink Pen Inking The Zombie Skull Pencil Drawing

Inking The Zombie Skull

Coloring The Zombie Skull With Crayola Colored Pencils

Coloring With Crayola

The Zombie skull needs color now and in the following long video you can see how I achieved some blending effects to help mix the Violet and blue colours together with reds, yellows and the White highlights at the end. I used Crayola Colored pencils for this process and as they are fairly inexpensive you could buy a few more packs than the price of say a pack of Prismacolor pencils.

I layered in some Violet Purple first on some of the obvious shadow areas which were darker such as the eyes, under the cheek bones and collective wrinkles on the skin also got a quick layering of this Purple color. Then a light Blue was added gently to create a sort of mid tone on the rotted skin of the Zombie's skull and then Red colored pencil was lightly colored around the eyes and the gum line to show like a flesh blood color.

Highlight with Yellow around the remaining white areas and also the teeth over the Black to simulate rotten teeth.

The whole drawing was smoothed over with a White pencil which blends all of the colors together.

Watch the video to see the coloring techniques.

Crayola Colored Pencil Coloring The Zombie Skull

Coloring In Your Zombie Skull

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Drawing Zombie Skulls

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DerdriuMarriner on 12/09/2023

Zombie realizations, like their various appearances in art and books and toys, are unfamiliar to me.

Do zombies vary greatly by age and gender?

For example, is the afore-presented zombie of any age or gender or might there be age- and gender-specific touches that the drawing conveys and that, as zombie-unfamiliar, escape me?

DerdriuMarriner on 12/02/2023

The second paragraph under your first subheading, Draw A Zombie Skull Drawing Zombie Skulls Drawing Zombie Skulls, considers starting "sketching with soft pencils as they are easier to work with should you make a mistake and need to erase parts of a sketch or the whole thing if it doesn't work out."

Other wizzlies mention your keeping abandoned, halted starts.

Might it not always be creative and effective to do so?

Would it not be possible that at some point you bemoan having erased something that seemed not to work in one context but actually was perfect for another?

onepagearticles on 03/29/2012

Cheers now!

Mladen on 03/29/2012

I'm not really good in drawing, but it was fun reading it.:)

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