How To Draw And Color A Complete Troll Head

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Drawing a Trolls head step by step through drawing videos that demonstrate each step of the drawing process for some much needed inspiration on drawing Trolls faces.

Drawing A Trolls Head

Drawing A Classic Troll Head

Drawing a classic fantasy drawing of a Troll's head. Here we follow all of the steps including the pencil drawing, the ink stage and the coloring stage with Prismacolor colored pencils which are quality pencils to do some great color blending with.  Finding the form and structure of an imaginary creature takes some practice and skill to get right and so you can plan out the head sketch and see what works well.

The first video below is the pencil drawing and you can see how to approach the drawing process of the Trolls head. Try and work in some details to work on later in the inking stage such as scars and tattoo markings or anything else you can think of.

Drawing A Trolls Head In Pencil

How To Draw A Trolls Face

Inking A Troll Head

Troll Head Inking Video

The inking process usually takes a bit of planning as you can improve the initial pencil drawing of the Trolls head by adding any shading which helps to add depth to your art. A gel ink pen is what I used and I've been using a Pilot ink pen that is a fine line rollerball ink pen that would have been ideal for this drawing, but no I used a standard cheap gel ink pen that are disposable.

A good tip I can give you about inking is to try and vary the line weights of your drawing with two different ink pens, such as a Sharpie marker and a gel ink pen so you can add weight to a creature or characters face. Experimenting with thin and thicker lines of ink works quite well in any ink drawing.

How To Draw A Trolls Head - Inking

Inking The Troll Head

Coloring The Trolls Face With Prismacolor Pencils

A Coloring Demonstration With Prismacolors

I had to split this video up into three parts because of it's size, but you can really see the progression of the drawing as I layer the greens and browns together on the Trolls skin using Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils. A white pencil can be used to help blend some of the colors together so that the colors rest more smoothly and I explain this in the video. Comparing the quality of these pencils to that of the much cheaper Crayola colored pencils they are more softer to start blending the colors together.

Watch the three part video and see how to color using these professional artists pencils and just see if you can gain some inspiration for drawing your own Troll heads and create some Troll characters just like they themselves exist in a fantasy world of their own.

Starting To Color Your Troll Face Drawing

Prismacolor Coloring Video 1

Prismacolor Coloring A Troll's Head

Troll Head Color Demonstration Video 2

Coloring Troll Face With Prismacolor Colored Pencils

How To Color With Prismacolors

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Drawing A Troll Head

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onepagearticles on 12/21/2011

Cheers now Kinworm!

I'm drawing a Minotaur head next and full figure of a Minotaur and maybe a Goblin and an Orc!

Marie on 12/21/2011

I'm a big fantasy fan and would love to be able to draw a mean troll. I've used Prismacolor pencils and they're really great.

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