How To Draw A Demon With Flaming Sword Drawing Video Tutorial

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Drawing a demon with sword, a drawing tutorial with some drawing videos demonstrating how to approach the Demon drawing.

How To Draw A Demon

Drawing A Demon Holding A Sword

An inspiring night or two back I got a request on my YouTube channel on drawing a Demon holding a Sword and with this in mind I set about in my mind trying to come up with an idea or two and once I had a few drawing ideas in my mind I began to sketch a Demon in real time and the first idea seemed to work so I stuck with it. Here is the drawing process of that drawing tutorial.

The first drawing video deals with exploring the sketch and seeing if it will work. I used a HB pencil for this and really you want to try and make a dynamic figure drawing or something exciting and hopefully that's what I achieved with this drawing of the positioning of the Demonic figure.

Watch the first video and see if you become inspired by the whole drawing process of drawing demons and monsters.....


Drawing A Demon With Sword Video One - Sketching Your Demon

Sketching A Demon Holding A Sword

Inking The Demonic Creature

The Inking Process Of The Demon Drawing

The inking process can also be an enjoyable process as the drawing gets developed along the way you can make instant changes and add any types of shading you like such as cross hatching and other ink effects which can create textures for your drawing to look more realistic or to make it appear that it lives in a fantasy world and it's a credible concept.

I have used gel ink pens to ink this drawing as they are cheap and dispensable and I've had no problems with the ink not flowing as other people have mentioned. In fact I'm sure it comes down to the type of paper you use as well that helps these ink pens create some great results.

Watch and see the progress of drawing this Demon creature and either follow along or draw your own Demon monster.

Inking A Demon Holding A Demonic Sword Video Two

Ink The Demon Drawing

Crayola Twistables Coloring Video Demo

Coloring A Demon Drawing

Coloring stage is the best stage as it can bring life to your illustrations. Occasionally though you may need to experiment with different colored pencils or felt tips along the way. I've used the Crayola Twistable pencils which are ideal to blend the colors of this hell Demon with demonic sword.

The Reds, Oranges and Yellows work well together and create the hell fire colors and I thought adding the purple around the head cooled it off slightly to show the emphasis on the Demonic Sword with flames flying off it.

Watch the art video and have fun coloring your drawings with Crayola Twistables or any other coloring product, consider oil pastels or paints or even felt tips too, don't feel limited by the mediums to color with.


Coloring Your Demon Drawing With Crayola Twistable Pencils Video Three

Coloring A Demon Ink Drawing
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Drawing Demons

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so fun

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