How To Draw From Your Imagination

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Drawing from your imagination and how to draw the stuff that you want to create from your own minds ideas.

Draw From Imagination

Drawing Ideas From Your Own Imagination

The ideas that one mind can have are limitless and to draw them may be another matter entirely, but it's worth thinking of how to draw and release your own ideas onto paper as soon as you can, because like dreams, ideas can disappear at the drop of a hat and the more you get into the habit of sketching notes and writing down ideas and concepts that you can work on now or another day. Drawing from your imagination is a skill that can be learnt with an interest in drawing.

Here are a list of ways you can achieve drawing stuff from your imagination.

Write Down Your Dreams - This is a good one as your dreams are something that can happen without any control over them and sometimes you may have ideas within your dreams which can be transferred into your imaginative artwork. People use a dream journal which is essentially a notepad that you jot down your dreams immediately after you have woken up and anything that you can remember from your dream whether it was a nightmare or a good dream you jot it down.

I've had some really crazy dreams that have inspired lots of different creatures and ideas for stories for my comic books too, so it really is worth looking into your dreams more.

Brainstorm A List Of Stuff - Writing down a list of all the things that pop into your head can also be a good thing as the more you write you'll find that you start to write all the stuff you like and can be inspired by which in turn feeds your imagination. The associated words and phrases that you write down can be anything, the more descriptive the better for your imagination to wander away from itself.

A Good Old Fashioned Google Search - Most times looking on Google for art and other Artists work can help to fire up your imagination and this can actually be a motivator for your next arts projects. You should have some Artists that you follow and you should save a file on your computer of all of their artwork that you like to use as a reference to influence your imagination as and when you need to.

All it takes is a selection of art to inspire your next drawing or sketch.

A Movie, A Book, Television Or A Comic - Usually when your focus is drawn to any four of these entertainment mediums your mind wanders quite effectively as you begin to wonder about the possibilities. Especially the visual media such as Movies, TV and Comics, these are the main areas I feed my own imagination as they are the most inspiring and the ideas and concepts could be endless and quite often they are.

Never overlook the imaginative possibilities of reading a normal story book just like reading through a list of words and related phrases you can build up your own interpretation of a story and your mind wanders again.

Use Dull Times For Creative Times - Cooking tea, washing dishes, sat on the toilet and taking the Dog for a walk. All these moments should be used as it's classed as redundant time that you can spend thinking up new ideas. In fact you should encourage new ideas to pop into your head on these occasions. Have a note pad and pen at the ready everywhere that you go in your House and outside of it. Even a small sketchpad or a pocket size blank note pad are great for sketching down some visual ideas for later use.

The way that I help people draw from their imagination is by my main YouTube channel which has around 350 videos that show people how to draw fantasy art stuff with work in progress drawings and other useful stuff that could help people draw some cool stuff. You can visit my YouTube channel here - Fantasy Art Inspirations

How To Draw From Imagination

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Draw From Your Imagination

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DerdriuMarriner 18 hours ago

The first subheading, Draw From Imagination Drawing Ideas From Your Own Imagination, associates encouraged imagination with recording sleepy-time dreams.

Is it effective to implement the ancient Hawaiian concept and practice of conscious dreaming -- for example of cats, dogs, dragons ;-D -- to jumpstart drawing-related imagination?

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