How to Draw People Step by Step

by Tehreem

All the aspiring artists out there, avail this opportunity to ornate your artistic capabilities and make haste to get these books.

Have you always wanted to be an artist but somehow felt that you lacked the talent or the training? Do you find an impulse to put anything interesting or inspiring onto paper? Yet do you feel that your drawings are devoid of that life-like-quality which you earnestly desire, and then here lies your answer. In these books you will be exposed to the wondrous world of art and sketches. Easy step by step processes will guide you to achieve that perfection which you have always desired for. These books are not confined to a specific group of people, rather beginners and accomplished artists both can equally benefit from these. For the former these are the initiation of art, and for the latter these are the refinement of their skills. By the end of this learning process, you will be mastered in the art of picturesque landscapes, stellar portraits and other pictures. Word by word illustrations will guide you to perfect your art and you will get to see an immediate improvement in your work. So what are you waiting for, explore the world of art with these simple books which are given below.

How to Draw People in Steps

Art is a challenging arena. No matter what level of accomplishment you might have attained, still it is a demanding subject that requires the best of creativity and skills. This easy step by step book is an asset for all artists; for both beginners and experienced ones alike. It provides introductory instructions to draw people. Generally this is considered to be a very arduous task which cannot be undertaken by ordinary people. However, this book unveils this mystery and elaborates how easy this task can actually be. It teaches you to draw big with small shapes . Illustrations are always there to help the artists and eventually you will end up with a very satisfying product.

Realistic Drawing Secrets

If you possess this great book of realistic drawing, then you have embarked upon the journey of becoming a great artist. Carrie and Rick parts have come up with this ingenious instruction manual of guiding artists to achieve life-like results. They have a proper strategy of helping artists notwithstanding the accomplishment level they might be at, ultimately resulting in immediate improvement. This book includes all that any artist can wish for, with the inclusion of easy tips to gain depth in your art , adding a touch of your personality in your work , working with challenging substrates and drawing challenging substances that require creativity such as metal , fur , art etc. 

Over all it comes with forty instructive illustrations to master the art of drawing people, animals and nature. It doesn’t reveal you to the mysteries of art in a single go, rather it takes you step by step; after helping you to master the basics , it takes you to more complex levels and helps you to ultimately accomplish those feats which you always thought were beyond your scope.

How to Draw 101 Funny People

This book is especially designed for children to boost up their confidence in their own skills. It includes step by step processes to help them draw cartoons and caricatures. Each title includes almost 101 images in it; all diverse in their shapes, sizes and colors. Therefore refine you kid’s artistic skills and get this book for him as his perfect treat.

How to Draw Faces

Do you feel like sketching your favorite faces but find many difficulties hindering your way? Then this book is the perfect solution you have been looking for, as it comes with an easy step by step guidance process which makes you familiar with the basics of sketching human faces. It helps you to overcome your difficulties by combining simple shapes. Ultimately you will come up with 30 life-like portraits of young girls with various hair styles, boys clad in base-ball hats, curly headed babies, older people and much more of the like kind.

Let's Draw Happy People

This book is the creation of Japan’s most popular artist. It helps you to come up with delightful illustrations and characters that portray the celebration of life. The distinct feature of these illustrations is the characters’ happy air which surrounds them. It teaches all the artists whether beginners or the experienced ones to draw in the characteristic Japanese style. It is both instructive and enjoyable, making you have fun while you learn to draw.

How to Draw Clothed Figure

Drawing human figures in undoubtedly a challenging task, but further clothing these figures requires much more creativity and attention to details. In this book, award-winning artist and instructor Barbara Bradley teaches you some simple steps to clothe your drawn figures, so that they appear life-like. Significance is laid upon proportion, perspective and value. After mastering the basics, Barbara takes you onwards to learn the techniques of fabric folds and draping. Both male and female clothing is instructed. This will result in figures that are really close to life.

You Can Draw in 30 Days

Drawing is not confined to those people alone who supposedly have God-gifted talents. Any one in possession of a pencil, paper and dedication can draw. The rest is done by this book. This book will make you familiar with the secrets of drawing three dimensional figures from simple spheres, to buildings, to apples to human hands and faces. It also comes with 9 fundamental laws to help create depth in your work as well as 75 student examples so that you can ascertain your own progress. Eventually this book helps you to perfect your drawing in merely 30 days.

Updated: 07/28/2014, Tehreem
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DerdriuMarriner on 08/13/2018

Tehreem, Thank you for the book summaries and the product line. Your earnest reviews convince me that a person can draw clothed, funny- and happy-faced people within the month. Artistic skills translate practically since they improve observation and prioritization, such as the facial triangle of identification that helps police artists and witnesses so much.

Mira on 10/11/2014

I'm always amazed when I meet people who can draw. I believe that, unlike writing, drawing is mostly a gift. There are ways to nurture it but it's probably 80% talent. Still, your books look great. I especially like the How to draw 101 Funny People. I think talented kids will enjoy that book immensely. Pinning it and others onto my gifts for kids boards.

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