How to Give up Caffeine for Good

by Ocicat

Learn how to give up caffeine for good.

How to Give up Caffeine for Good - It is Possible

Many people struggle with caffeine addiction.  The good news is its easier than you think to learn how to give up caffeine for good.   Many people often underestimate the addictiveness that caffeine has but its in the majority of things we drink from coffee, soda, sports drinks and even chocolate drinks.

The withdrawals from caffeine can be similar to other addictive drugs and there learning how to give up caffeine is much easier said than done.

It was especially hard for me to give up caffeine because I had been drinking caffeinated beverages since the age of 3.   My mom raised my sister and I on coca cola and tea which meant the caffeine is pretty much hardwired into my system and as an adult I was drinking several cans of coke per day.   It was not so much the caffeine that was really bad for me but all the sugar.  The sugar I was consuming was enormous.  I would say I was drinking up to 8 cans per day and as a result I gained several extra pounds that which was not healthy.

The first step is giving up caffeine is to know why you want to give up.  Take time and figure out why you want to quit consuming it.  Think about whether its causing you health problems, emotional problems or perhaps it costs a great deal of money.

Its important to understand that you have to learn how to give up caffeine for good because you want to not because someone else wants you to.  Personally I had to figure out why I needed to.  In times past when I tried to quit comsuming caffeine it was impossible because I was doing it for the wrong reasons.  My other half was the main person urging me to give up caffeine and I failed miserably because I was not invested in my own health.

When I gave up caffeine I had a very hard time of it.  I had trouble sleeping for the first few days and awful headaches.   Drinking 8 - 10 glasses of water helped with the headaches and the sleeping.  I also found that exercising at-least a hour per day made me tired enough to pass out when it came bed time.

I also got relief from caffeine related insomnia by taking over the counter sleep aids such as Tylenol pm.   If you do go this route its important to becareful with over the counter sleep aids because they are also addictive.  They are good for short term relief.  Talk to a doctor if you are having trouble sleeping after 7 to 10 days.

Ultimately only you can decide whether you are ready to learn how to give up caffeine and by following the steps above you will be caffeine free in no time.

Is caffeine addictive?

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ohcaroline on 09/19/2011

Not for me anyway. It doesn't seem to phase me.

kiwisoutback on 09/29/2011

Truly addictive. Try drinking two or three cups a day for years on end, then quit. Your body will tell you how addictive it truly is!

Are you addicted to caffeine?

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Feedback on Learning how to Give up Caffeine for Good

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terrilorah on 03/26/2012

I agree with kiwsoutback, i can't give up my caffeine. Actually, I don't want to but this is a great article for those who do.

kiwisoutback on 09/29/2011

I kicked caffeine a few times, now I'm back on the junk. I love coffee, I can't seem to survive long without it. I did notice once I stopped drinking for a couple months, then started again, how powerful of a stimulant it can be. Now, to get those same effects, I'd need to drink MANY cups. I've managed to keep it at 2 per day.

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