How to Have Good Posture Improve Posture Now

by katiem2

Start improving or correcting bad posture now. Bad posture is an epidemic growing out of control. Stop bad posture in your family with these posture improving tools.

I'm sure you've noticed the out break of bad posture in today's youth. It's scary to see our kids slumping over. It seems to have no stigma as bad posture once did when we were growing up. Poor posture looks really bad, plus it threatens the health and well being of the growing child. Poor posture, slumping, slouching and hump back is said to be becoming a an epidemic. You don't have to set by and watch your kids develop the bad habit of poor posture. There are measures you can take to cure this problem in your household.

Eliminate Bad Posture

Eliminate bad posture now and put an end to the threat this growing problem poses. Lets really get into this issue and debate if in fact bad posture is a serious problem we as parents need to address. Join in leaving your comments and opinions in the various polls, duels and comments added here today.

Is Bad Posture a Problem?

Do you feel the posture of our youth is worse than that of those in the past"?

Teens with Bad Posture

Bad posture seems to be heading toward a bit of a trend and more widely over looked as it was a generation or so ago.

There has been a lot of discussion regarding heavy back packs and bags weighing children down. While parents and teachers have worked diligently to remove the threat heavy bags and back packs have on our children's developing bone structures, it seems good posture is still on the decline. Has this concern created an excuse for the seemingly growing bad posture to be more common place?  It's alarming the number of young adults who are slumping over with round shoulders. Regardless of the problem this article works to be a part of the solution to this growing epidemic of bad posture. 

AirPacks Ergonomic Backpack by Core

Patented air technology reduces stress on back by up to 80%, lightens effective load by 50%
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Products to Reverse the Bad Posture Habit

Help for Bad Posture

Many great products are now on the market designed to encourage and remind us to practice good posture.

We are creatures of habit.  The habit of bad posture is something we can easily grow accustomed to doing without thinking. Like any bad habit, bad posture is hard to break. Thankfully there are many great products on the market today that are easy to use and can be discreetly worn under our clothes serving as a gentle reminder to stand up straight. Using these products for up to 21 days or more can replace the bad habit if slumping over with the habit of good posture.

Help Improve Kids Posture

Like most parents you have offered up many verbal reminders to stand up straight.

No matter how many times you tell your child to stop slumping, stand up straight or watch their posture, it seems the request falls on death ears. Young adults lack the knowledge of experience we parents have regarding the consequences. It is for this reason they take little to no heed to our warnings and concerns. Thankfully there is real help offering real solutions. A relief to any concerned parent.

Posture Brace by PostureNOW

PostureNOW is a differnet and unique posture trainer that provides almost no tension across the back prompting you to stand straight.

One of the most popular braces used to improve and support the development of good straight posture is Posture brace by PostureNOW. This posture brace is the world's leading posture tool used as a posture trainer it provides the most effective way to improve anyone's posture.The PostureNOW is the only posture correcting product offering a 100% guarantee to improve your posture.

Find this product just to the right, the black bands are a simple technique developing great posture for millions everyday.


The Best Posture Corrective Product

It's important to be very careful as to what you buy, many traditional posture braces have been proven to actually worsen your posture.

Many of these products do the work for you, pulling your shoulders back using constant tension which actually controls your posture not encouraging it. 

How to Wear PostureNow

Good Posture Review

Many types of posture products don't serve as a reminder you are slumping like PostureNow does. They do the work keeping your back pulled straight without cuing you to straighten up on your own steam. The type of products that do the work for you can create muscle atrophy as you come to depend on the posture brace to keep you upright, 

These are best used short term to develop the habit of standing and setting up straight. If you use these braces to hold yourself up allowing the brace to do all the work all the time, without mental awareness of your role, they could ultimately lead to worse posture than before. Pick the tools you know fit with your personality and enjoy good posture.

Good posture does give you the edge in life, as you appear confident and well kept. Anyone taking care of their bodies and appearance gets positive attention and has an edge. The way you stand straight or slump over sends a strong message to the world around you about your character and self worth. 


Product Pick for Posture

My product pick of them all is PostureNow. While students should also purchase the back packs highlighted above this tool is my pick for immediate correction of posture.

The PostureNOW posture trainer provides no tension across the back as do many other posture corrective pieces. Anytime your shoulders slouch forward, PostureNOW creates just enough tension across your back to serve as a gentle reminder to pull your shoulders back into a position of good posture. This strengthens the muscles in your back that have grown week due to poor posture. It also creates muscle memory creating good straight posture for life.

Is Posture an Problem?

Is bad posture a epidemic in our society?
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Updated: 05/23/2013, katiem2
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katiem2 on 02/11/2013

Mira, My daughters pediatric doctor ask them each time they visit what type of bag they carry to school ... she feels very strong about it. :)K

Mira on 02/11/2013

Those backpacks look interesting but I still can't figure out how exactly they work. In any event, there seems to be some science to it.

katiem2 on 02/11/2013

Burntchestnut, Walking with a book on your head does work. I did that as a kid, it was a fun challenge. Today everyone wants the high tech solution to such things as correcting bad posture. It's all good. :)K

AngelaJohnson on 02/10/2013

I used to see people walking with a book on their head to improve their posture (in movies). These products are a much better idea.

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