How to Hold an Apron Parade

by Jimmie

An apron parade is a an easy and fun activity for all ages of women. Here are tips for organizing an apron parade for your group of favorite ladies.

An apron parade is a fun, inexpensive, and easy activity to hold at any ladies' event:
church luncheons
ladies' retreats
fall festivals
cookwear parties
spring brunches
Christmas parties
community fairs

Apron parades are great for any ages from girls to seniors and all ages in between. 

Before your event, remind the ladies to bring their favorite aprons for the parade. Keep the tone light hearted instead of competitive, making every lady feel comfortable to show off her apron.

The aprons can be purchased or homemade, vintage or new, full or half aprons. The point is to have an activity in which the majority of the attendees can get involved, laugh, and remember as a lot of fun.

Quaint Aprons from Years Past

Sweet Aprons
Sweet Aprons
Apron Patterns
Apron Patterns

Tips for Holding an Apron Parade

Make Your Parade a Success
  1. Have a stash of extra aprons on hand for guests who come to the event unprepared to participate. 
  2. Keep the "runway" level and free of stairs so that all ages can participate. Older women may struggle with stairs. (If your runway does have steps, make sure there are hand rails or people there to offer a helping hand to the models.)
  3. Prepare some peppy music for the models to walk to. Match the music to your event -- seasonal if it is during a holiday, for example.
  4. Introduce your apron parade with an inspirational poem such as the two included below.
  5. Decide if you will have an announcer who will introduce the models. If so, let each participant write her name and a fact about her apron onto an index card.
  6. Design your "runway" so that all the participants can see each other's aprons during the parade.
  7. Instead of an announcer, you can have each participant introduce herself at a microphone. 
  8. Incorporate the theme of your ladies event into the apron parade by having each participant answer a related question as she comes into the "limelight."

Prizes for Your Apron Parade

Participation Awards

Give everyone who takes part in the apron parade a participation award. It can be something very simple, for example, one of the poems listed below, printed onto pretty paper and rolled into a scroll.

Or make the poem into a small magnet or a bookmark.


Special Awards

Let judges select winners in several categories:

model with the most attitude

cutest apron

most practical apron

most glamorous apron

oldest apron

It will be really hard to choose, so another option is to simply choose some random winners from among the participants.



Great prizes for those winners would be aprons, of course, or some other feminine gift such as bath soaps, scented candles, or lined journals.

A Poem for an Apron Parade

Mother's Apron
Mother's Apron
by Joyce Johnson at

Poems for an Apron Parade

Read Aloud or Distribute to Guests

1.  Mother's Apron 
by Joyce Johnson

The sentimental poem pictured above is perfect for sharing at an apron parade. 

Read the entire poem at


2.  A Poem in Honor of Grandma by Tina Trivett

This poem starts off with

The strings were tied, it was freshly washed, and maybe even pressed.
For Grandma, it was everyday to choose one when she dressed.

Read the rest of the poem at Tina Trivett's Poetry Blog.

Apron Memories

A Poetry Reading at an Apron Parade

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BrendaReeves on 02/14/2012

I've never heard of this. My grandmothers were never without their aprons. I love finding vintage aprons in antique and vintage malls.

Sheri_Oz on 01/12/2012

This looks like fun.

whitemoss on 01/10/2012

I never thought of aprons this way- ie fun! Lovely!

bhthanks on 01/08/2012

Apron parades sound like fun! Thank you for this informative article.

katiem2 on 01/08/2012

I love wearing aprons, I've always been a professional woman, early on, enjoying My Grandmothers tradition of wearing aprons. I collect and wear aprons anytime I'm cooking. It takes me back to a more simple time, brings out my femine side and gives my kids the message I'm taking my cooking for them seriously putting much love, care and presentation into it. Love Aprons, this is a delight! Thanks, Katie

ronpass on 10/28/2011

Top quality as always, Jimmie. I love the mix of history, stories, poems, tips and ideas for apron parades. Your presentation really gets the reader involved. .

cgreen7090 on 10/16/2011

Love this! I have my mama's aprons in the cedar chest. Maybe I'll get them out and use them.

Holistic_Health on 10/15/2011

Aprons are becoming quite the fashion accessory.

Mujjen on 10/09/2011

Me and my daughter got the same apron, hers is really mini. Makes cooking much more fun. Have never heard of an apron parade before, it sounds fun.

WebaliciousGuides on 10/07/2011

I've never heard of apron parades before, but it sounds like an interesting idea.

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