How To Increase Your Online Writing Income

by brlamc

Use this article to learn how to increase your online writing income if you are struggling to make money online.

Why Write Online?

People write online for a wide variety of reasons. Many long time writers are tired of rejection by traditional publishing and may decide to take their writing online and try to make some money with it. Other writers may be bloggers or website owners who simply want to create articles and drive traffic to their main site. The bulk of people who decide to write online will be complete beginners and often feel frustrated when the money from their writing just isn't coming in. This job won't be for everyone due to the slow progress it can take to make enough money to live on. Many writers just give up in the early stages and never write again or get the impression that this is just some giant scam. In this article you'll learn some specific techniques you can use to increase your writing income and become someone that actually makes money online instead of dreaming about it.

Write and They Will Come

Well this statement isn't quite true but what is true for an online writer is that you have to actually write something. It doesn't matter whether you're writing for a content site, a freelance site, or a blog, you need to write and do a lot of it. In the early stages you'll have to work harder than full-time job and this is where most people quit. We are not used to working and not getting paid for it. The truth is that you need to write a considerable amount of content to begin to make money from advertising, affiliates, or other income streams you have with your writing. How many times have you visited a writing site forum and read about people complaining that they don't make any money? You then look at their profile and they have maybe 5 or 10 articles written. How can you expect to make any income with only ten articles? Now take those ten and make it 100 articles and you might have something. You can then take those 100 and make it 500 or 1000. Now as the articles pile up so will the cash you make. Now to make those articles work, you must have valuable content.

How Many Articles Do You Have Online From All Writing?

Write Amazing Content
Write Amazing Content
MS Clip Art

Content is King

There's no point in writing content that doesn't provide great value to your readers. Your content is the single most valuable thing in your writing that will bring you the income you seek. Each article should provide the reader with something they need. This might seem simple but far too many people overlook this important step and write articles that are either too short or don't provide enough content.The Internet is full of page after page of sub-standard writing and a big reason for the "Panda" update brought to us from Goggle. When you create good content it will get passed around the Internet by people who read your work, you'll get noticed, and in return you'll get more traffic. Put your best stamp on each article and be proud of what you write. Your hard work will pay off.

Spice Up Your Articles

A plain text article can be fine but why not add some other elements to it? Add pictures, videos and make the article more attractive. Just make sure the image is one you own or one from the Internet that you can actually use that doesn't violate any copyrights. There are quite a few sites online where you can find free images to use in your articles. Morguefile, and Wilkpedia Creative Commons are two examples, but you'll find many more. Go back and look at articles that aren't performing and see how you can change them or add new content.

It's in the Keywords

Your articles need keywords so people can find them online. Without proper keywords your articles will get lost in the sea of the Internet. You can research keywords with Google's Adwords tool or use many of the other programs online such as Word Tracker, Market Samurai, or Traffic Travis. Keywords should be very specific around the topic of your article. So for example, let's say your article is about baking a cake. Your keywords could be "How to Bake a Cake." To drive even more specific traffic to your site you could narrow it down even further and say "How to Bake a Chocolate Cake." Since cakes are usually associated with birthdays let's target that. "Fun Chocolate Cakes For Your Child's Birthday." Include these keywords in your title and throughout your article a few times but don't overdue it. Using keywords is a science but if you think like your reader you'll get more traffic. What is the article about? What would someone type in a search engine to find my article? Read up on keywords and SEO or search engine optimization as much as possible since this will help you grow your online income.

$15.99  $4.49
$8.81  $6.99
$7.99  $6.99


You need to take the time to promote your articles. Use Twitter, Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon, article directories, and other sites to promote your work. All these efforts will help drive traffic to your main articles and in turn, bring you more income. You can't rely on just the search engines alone to bring in the cash. If you're not promoting it might just be the reason that the income isn't where you want it to be.


Don't throw all your eggs in one basket. Try writing for multiple content sites, do some freelancing, write an eBook, start your own blog, and look to new sources of writing income on a regular basis. Content sites change and they may go under so always have a backup plan in terms of your income. Wizzley is a new site that you might like to write to as it has a whole lot to offer new writers or as a place to put old articles from failing content sites. 

You can Increase Your Online Writing Income

You can make money with your writing online. Be sure to make the very best articles you can and try to spice them up with some added features like videos or images. Make sure each article provides some value to your readers and don't create junk, since it will fail in the long run. Research keywords and SEO so people can find your work online. Promote your articles as much as possible and look to new sites for your articles so you have more income streams. Work hard writing online and you will be rewarded, just give it time.

Updated: 01/22/2012, brlamc
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