Writing For Money and Quality

by RebeccaE

Why you need to think of writing as both a mean to improve the quality of your writing, but also as a means to make money.

For the Love Of Writing

Writers love to write and love to show what they learn in the format of the written word.  Like any artist they aim for quality and also for writing in terms of making enough money for a living.  This is simple, and yet it is also complex.  One must follow a set of rules.

There are many rules which must be followed and learned.  There are those which are sometimes so hard and true and then they are not. Writers need to know all of these things. Writing is a changing beast.

We all love to write.  If you write and publish a book you are an author, and you are a writer the moment you set pen to paper.  This is the challenge of writing.  There is another challenge that many writers do not think about when they write that first draft.  There is only one word which defines writing.


Quality is needed to make money with writing, but it is also the cornerstone to the art and craft of writing.

What does writing with quality mean?

1) You care about what you are saying to your readers.

2) Your readers are exactly that—readers.

3) You continue and strive to improve on your writing.

4) You understand that there is no such thing as perfect but you are going to aim for that anyways.

5) Your final goal in writing is publishing.  A definition of publishing is up to you but for the most part, writers will define publishing as publishing a book.

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Making Money? Is That a Part of Writing?

Making money is a part of writing but it is not the reason that one needs to write.  In fact, this is the reason to continue to write full-time or write, while working part-time. 

Money with your writing means that while you will not be a millionaire you will see that there are more "perks."  Quality comes first since without quality writing your work will be judged badly and this will affect your money making ability over time.

This is one of the hardest things to do as a writer, as it takes time and effort to improve your writing but also make a go at publishing.  If you plan on self-publishing the challenge is knowing how much money you need for budget and how long it will take you to write, and edit your work.

In this case when you think about money think about self-publishing:

1) You never know when unexpected expenses will arise.

2) You must always do your research:  When it comes to money or publishing your writing never assume that things will happen as quickly as you would like.

3) Spend only as much money as you have, and do not expect more money coming in.  Publishing online really tells someone this story.  You might make money with one article, only to have other ones bottom out and you are dealing with less money than you thought.  The same goes with a self-published book.  One success does not mean “always” a success.

Money is a part of writing and it is something you need to consider only, after you have quality writing.

Writing for Quality


Writing For Money


Plan on Both Money and Writing

When you are writing, whatever you are writing and publishing plan on both.  This means that you aim for quality articles or books, but you also market these things so that you do continue to grow and earn.

Your plan means that you will spend money on books, but it also means that you have to begin somewhere.  That some "where" can be online.  This might give you some extra change (money) until you do publish your first few books.

Never doubt for a moment your potential as a writer and a published author, but understand that you need quality writing to make money that you want.

Updated: 02/08/2013, RebeccaE
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RebeccaE on 11/30/2012

thanks for stopping by Katiem2- happy to see you.

katiem2 on 02/21/2012

Really good stuff, time tested and a great plan of action. Thanks for sharing your insights.

Angel on 02/07/2012

Great article. I have only been doing this online writing thing for a few months now. I have really enjoyed it and feel like the money will come if I keep on writing good quality content. I recognize you from Hubpages. Welcome to the world of Wizzley.

RebeccaE on 02/06/2012

joy many thanks for stopping by

JoyLynskey on 11/05/2011

Great page!

RebeccaE on 09/23/2011

hi all great to see you here as well.

skyeluvs on 08/31/2011

RebeccaE Nice to see you at wizzley. I just found out about the site. I joined up a s well. I like I like. Many Blessings for your sister at the Wizzley. See you around. Loved your wizzley your information is a keeper indeed. Hugs to you girl.

Darcie French on 08/22/2011

Fellow lover of writing here :)

manhole on 08/16/2011

this is the writing experience everyone should know. http://mitshell.hubpages.com

RebeccaE on 08/04/2011

that's teh general idea in my mind the better quality you have the more money you will make long-term.

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