Write From The Heart

by RebeccaE

I am not the greatest writer, but a wonderful place called wizzley is teaching me to be a better one-- and write from the heart.

I love to write and I am passionate about the writing process, but I never understood what quality was. I was in "I have done this before" mode. Then I tried a writing site which changed how I look at things, and this wonderful site is wizzley. They demand quality that I never thought I could do... until now.

Content and Quality

The main reason for Writing on Wizzley

I write on hubpages, and I write on Squidoo.  I have some experience with writing and publishing, and I felt that I was being challenged enough there, after all I made a decent income from them and I had enough visitors.  I enjoyed the communities in both, and I was pleased with my results.  Last year, I learned about a writing site called Wizzley and its online writing community, and I wanted to start expanding where I publish my writing.

I want to be clear, it is a great place to write, and it is also the first place to tell me that my writing was not up to a good standard- as there are some excellent editors here.  I think that I must have had at least 5 or six pages be rejected, which would otherwise have been published elsewhere with no problems.  That was my problem, and the people here are kind enough to point this out. The main reason was that my writing needed to improve a lot from where it was. This fact was amazing to me, and I think that my feelings were a bit hurt.

That is when I learned how great a place Wizzley is.  Instead of giving up, I kept on going, and I looked long at hard at the many successful writers at Wizzley and what they did that was different from what I was doing.  They were doing a lot more things that I wasn't. 

The successful writers had articles which made connections to the readers, and they also had little or no grammar or spelling mistakes.  In my case, my grammar and spelling were poor, and this was something I didn't see until I spent time reading other writers articles.

Writing and publishing here is not about what you think you know, but how you can show what you know.  I was telling and not showing, and thankfully this writing site showed me how to fix it, this also included my spelling and my grammar.  The Wizzley team makes their views clear on what they want on this website.

Never Give Up
Never Give Up

How I Fixed My Writing

With Help From Wizzley

The first thing I learned was that there was something unique about Wizzley.  Not simply the fact that they expect perfection, but that they look over what you have written and do this for every article published here.  This is something wonderful about the staff and the community here.

The next fix I had to learn is that it isn't about me-- as a person or as a writer.  Wizzley is about my readers, and if I don't have something original to say it shouldn't be on here.  I do not mean duplicate content, (that is not allowed on most online writing sites) but that you have written is something that your reader will not find any where else.

I also learned a wonderful lesson:  if I want to consider myself a writer I need to learn to improve what I write, and be passionate about it and write from the heart, as it is not about me, but about my readers.  This means facing rejection and learning from it.

Yes, I can publish elsewhere on the web, but for the sheer joy of writing and publishing and learning how to improve on my writing- Wizzley has become a place to learn and to this.  Rejection online is a rare thing, and I got used to being a just okay writer, and this was not a way I would become a better writer, and a person.

Because of this, I recommend Wizzley to any writer who wants to improve their writing and take the next step.  You will learn that rejection is a good thing and that Wizzley is one of the few online writing sites which expects the best.

This is an important writing community whose standards have set them above many other writing sites, and one which allows you to improve your writing and build you up as an author.

writing takes improvement
writing takes improvement
A lot goes into writing
A lot goes into writing
Updated: 12/06/2013, RebeccaE
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katiem2 on 01/31/2013

I always follow my gut, heart and inner voice when writing. Great article! :)K

RebeccaE on 01/03/2013

yes, the more you learn the better, and as a side note, it has improved my writing on other sites, since I now go back and do the hard work-- editing....

RebeccaE on 01/02/2013

It took a while, and I would say it's better now then years from now.

Ragtimelil on 01/02/2013

I think it is just wonderful that you saw this as a lesson and not a rejection of you. I don't know that I would have had the courage to keep trying.

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