What Is So Important About Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Keyword Research?

by RebeccaE

A simple explaination why after writing quality you need to work with SEO and keyword research to improve your preformance

SEO and Keyword Research: Why You Need to Do This.

In the online world what making money really boils down to is increasing your traffic very fast to your websites. This business is about making money online and then over time doing less work and having more money-- passive income. Then with passive income you will need to worry less about work, and more about what you will do with your money.

That is the simple idea. The problem is that all people want to read is something along the lines of "ten simple steps to millions." If I made millions online, I certainly would be building my business a lot faster, and then someone would copy it, thinking that they could do this as well. Also they want to use affiliate programs such as Google AdSense and do not know why they need to work.

Yes, there are successful businesses out there, and these make money and are now by-words in the life of most people "say google it" and you get my meaning. This is a business and at this point there are two things you need to do: Keyword Research and SEO "research" (Search engine optimization)

Increasing traffic and keywords: The main suggestion of working with keywords will fix a lot of the traffic difficulties which you might find yourself in. The biggest thing you will need to forget about is this: High paying keywords.

What is keyword research? simply put it is going to a keyword research tool-- such as Google AdWords and looking at your websites or your hubs in a way a searcher on the Internet might think. Then you use this knowledge to add or enhance your content so that you will get quality search engine traffic.

There is another thing about keywords, and knowing what is or is not good ( you should look into AdWords at the very least for this information). It is the number of times you use that "search word" within your work. use your chosen keyword too much and that is not a good idea, but not enough and then you will find it hard to compete for that specific keyword.

The idea is to use your keywords just enough and to think a bit of how the search engines use the keywords to get you to a website or blog. It is in a sense thinking like the Internet.

Really it is all about search engines. Go and look at Google Analytics, and for the most you will be enlightened by the information, there is one point to be aware of, and that is: search engine traffic.

If you want to make money online, both short term and long -term you will need to think about the search engines and what is getting traffic to your websites and blogs (also your hubs, which I consider to be more like websites) You need, must have, search engine traffic and this means you will need good keywords but also some inkling of search engine optimization.

In this business, search engine optimization (SEO) is the larger step to working with keywords. You make you writing good, then you work on getting it search-able and then you work on getting all of it down well enough that the search engines like it (rank it) better than others.

The other thing which you will need to take into consideration is that even if you target one or two of the search engines (say Google in this case) you are still left with many others.  So, while you should focus on search engine traffic, with your keyword research, think bigger than just one search engine.

I find that if my search terms are of interest to people and are not too specific there is the good possibility that my work will be found not only with one search engine but with others.  The difference means that my traffic will remain similar, but I also have more chances to make money online.

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You want to keep on writing for the next 100 years? Okay, then keep on doing what you are doing right now. If you are not making $1 a day and you have 100 hubs, then you are not getting the search engine traffic you need. You are also not targeting your traffic-- or using the right keywords.

You need links, and you need good quality links. Without links you will still find it hard to get keywords and get traffic as effectively with them. There are many ways of increasing traffic-- but links are needed. Again you have to use them all to make money effectively.

Each of your hubs has the potential to make money online, and build you business, and often all it takes is going to look at them and fixing up three things: One, your choice of keywords, two where, and how you put your information, and three a bit of SEO knowledge.

SEO at its finest is choosing words which will get search engine traffic, but will also give your content the quality boost it needs. Keyword research can help you by allowing you to "see" what people are looking for when they search online via the search engines.

Ever wonder where some people get these numbers for high paying keywords? You know the hubs, they annoying but also interesting, as most of them list the top 100 highest paying keywords found anywhere.

Often what these people do is go to Google AdWords and start finding the highest paying keywords. Then they write a hub with that and the prices. There is something interesting and yet so sad to this. They are looking for a quick buck. Unfortunately there is such a thing as Google AdSense and Search Engines and traffic and the Internet.

Do not think AdWords is useless. In fact it is very useful if you know what you are looking for an at. Do not look for high paying keywords, but rather the search engine traffic, and who is "competing" for these places. Use Google AdWords to learn and to find out what you can do to improve your websites and blogs and hubs. Keywords matter, and so does where they are placed on your website.

Using the keyword research tools that you can find on the Internet means that you will also need to look into what the search engines are ranking based upon this keyword. 

Let's take an example:

Say you go to a keyword tool and it saying that "writing for money" gets 1 million search engine queries a month, you will think that this is bad.  After all a million search queries on Google?  How are you going to compete?

Then you look at what the keyword is paying you, let's day it is $1 per average click.  So your mind begin to go into overdrive.  I mean let's say that the website that ranks the best is an article directory, so you think that this is great.

You write an article on "writing for money" and you wait for the money to roll in.  Not so fast... you didn't do any research.  You didn't ask yourself a number of important questions.

1) How long has that website been up for? 

2) Has this person done any linking to this site ( For the most part the answer is yes, they have)

3) Are people really searching for this term?  Not all of these million views will result in a "found what I need"  Some will not.  So, then you have to think, how many people will go looking for your website?

4) Are you really going to get a dollar per click?  Probably not.  Google has to get  paid, and others get paid etc.  You are not the only person who gets paid with one click.

5) Have you started to link to your work? If no, stop keyword researching and go back and do some linking.  This is needed if there are search engine updates.  Linking and keyword research go hand in hand.

Which is The Most Important SEO or Keyword Research or....?

Welcome to the business world.  Really it is all about how well you think as a writer, but also how you place your content and your links and those keywords within your writing. You want to get paid by Google AdSense?  Use every means of business sense you have to make that money.

Keyword research is long, and detailed work, and so is learning about SEO.  The point is that without doing either of these, and be willing to do your work for your business, you will not see success.  Making money is about big picture but also about details.

To your success.


Updated: 10/03/2012, RebeccaE
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RebeccaE on 02/11/2013

thanks for the comment, it's always nice to be able to help out.

Tolovaj on 02/11/2013

There are many aspects to consider when writing on-line. You need good, original content, you need to use the right words (keywords), you need to use right kind of promotion and you certainly need links.
And time.
And you have to be willing to learn non stop.
And a pinch of luck can't hurt!
You made good points. I know I started writing on-line about things I know well enough to present them in interesting way. Then I learned I need links. So I started to build links. Then I started to learn how to build links. Only after that I learned about keywords. And there is still so much to learn!
Thanks for some good reminders:)

RebeccaE on 01/02/2013

katiem2-- enjoying my time here.

katiem2 on 01/02/2013

You bring up some very good points, I've learned a great deal from your good example of product sales over the world wide web. It's proven to be very useful helping me to gain success in the area of sales. Great to have you here. :)K

RebeccaE on 08/17/2011

in fact i'd add to this an say that this was a former hub on hubpages, but is having tons more success here on wizzley which goes to show you that location is also important.

sheilamarie on 08/07/2011

Thanks, Rebecca. You're right -- it is a process. It's great, though, to be able to learn it all with a community like we have here. Thanks for sharing your insights.

nightbear on 08/07/2011

I agree with you Keyword research is critical. In fact why bother with SEO if you don't have a great keyword to optimize. However, once you find that million dollar keyword. You must optimize the devil out of it.

samsons1 on 08/07/2011

WOW !!! Rebecca, wonderful job! Well written, informative, descriptive, meaningful, and concise. I liked this better than the ones on hubpages. Wish I could bookmark it, so I could always refer back. You have a ton of information in this one, thanks...

Guest on 08/07/2011

I'm still learning to improve my keyword s and writing. It doesn't matter sometimes how well you write online it all depends on keywords...

RebeccaE on 08/07/2011

it is a work in progress, I've had some help with that part myself.

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