Why Am I Always Hungry is This Real Hunger?

by katiem2

Most don’t allow themselves to actually get hungry. This makes most of us forget what it feels like to be hungry. Learn the difference between actual hunger and other stomach pains

Admittedly most of us have forgotten what it truly feels like to be hungry. The abundance of food has created an environment which has caused most of us to eat so often we simply don’t allow enough time to pass to feel the real signs of true hunger.

This is a big problem in the fight against obesity. With many joining the overweight number of society the best thing we can do to leave the club is to understand when we really need to eat. The best way to do this is to know how to tell if what you’re feeling is really hunger or some other stomach pain.

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Why Do I Feel Hungry All The Time

Stomach Pain Not Hunger Pains

Many mistake stomach ulcers, acid re-flux,  gas and rarely cancer for hunger pangs. While there are many conditions making you think you are hunger the location of the pain is a sure way to determine if it is hunger or another condition. 

Note: If you have persistent pain you determine is not hunger you should consult a physician to determine the origin of the problem.

The most commonly mistaken pain is a duodenal ulcer. This type of stomach ulcer is located in the first part of the small intestines and mimics the pain commonly thought to be hunger. Eating calms the pain of a duodenal ulcer, this is a problem as it causes ulcer suffer to eat more therefore gaining unwanted weight. 

Why Am I Always Hungry

Hunger pangs are easy to identify once you understand the origins of real hunger.

Real hunger pains are not felt low in the stomach where most people think them to be. Honest to goodness hunger is felt more in the chest region nearest the upper rib cage. The same place you feel acid indigestion and or acid re-flux is the general area where hunger pangs occur.

The Reasons I am Always Hungry

Are You Really Hungry?

How to Know if You're Really Hungry

The tell-tale signs of hunger differ from other stomach pain.

When you first become hungry you experience distracted thinking, a lack of energy with a slight grumbling in the upper stomach near the rib cage.  

If you become really hungry you will have a mouth watering sensation at the sight, smell or thought of food.  

Once hunger is in full swing you will note a growling in the stomach, a shaky feeling or nervousness with an agitated or grouchy attitude.

Now ask yourself, are you really hungry?


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The Why Am I Always Hungry Discussion

katiem2 on 02/03/2013

Betty, I know all to well what you're talking about I too follow the 15/6 rule, it is a lot to eat for me but I do try to remember to eat as much through the week and I too relax over the weekend eating what ever I do or do not want. It is a plan that works brilliantly indeed. :)K

Betty on 02/03/2013

I'm someone who eats by the 15/6 rule all through the week. Anytime I eat anything high in scale during the weekend it makes me feel sick. It's amazing how much you note a difference in such changes when you practice a healthy eating plan the majority of the time..

katiem2 on 01/15/2013

2uesday, Good plan :)

katiem2 on 01/15/2013

vri, Well said :)

2uesday on 01/15/2013

I am one of those people who feel better if they eat smaller portions a bit more often than trying to eat a large meal at one sitting. If ever we eat out, I often have to eat less than I normally would the next day (not to lose weight) just not hungry.

Guest on 01/15/2013

Hunger is good for us. Not starvation of course, but following the signals from our body that what you have eaten is being digested and 'on it's way' before putting more food on top of it. It's a fantastic gift nature gave us, unfortunately too many people these days ignore it.

katiem2 on 01/14/2013

Tiggered, Thanks for the vote of confidence. :)K

Tiggered on 01/14/2013

O tempora o mores, that such a page is actually needed...

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