How to Know if You're Falling in Love

by katiem2

Learn the signs of falling in love. Know for sure if this is love and if in fact they love you back.

Have you been feeling a bit strange lately or flat out weird?

Do you feel as if your feet are a bit off the ground, your heads in the clouds and everything is sunny and bright as if you could do anything? Do you feel invincible today? Could this be love?

Really do you feel like a super hero who can do just about anything? Are you finally seeing the good in the world around you? You my friend may well be in love, lets explore further to be sure.

Learn the six different love types or the ways in which different people are capable of loving another. find your true love match by knowing the love type and style you seek.

Could This Be Love?

Am I Falling in Love?

Is there a person in your life intensifying these emotions? Do you spend as much time as possible with this person as if you can't get enough? Do you feel anxious to talk to this person and comforted once you do only to find yourself quickly missing them once apart again?  Does the desire to be near them build quickly as you find yourself missing them, longing for them? If you experience any of these feelings or similar ones you are falling in love or in love.

The Beginning Phase of Love

When you first begin to fall in love you ask yourself over and over Is This the Real Thing?

If you in fact find yourself relating to the details of love discussed here today celebrate. Sounds like you are falling in love, this could be the real thing.

This is amazing and one of the most joyful times of life so relax and enjoy falling in love, being in love and building a life around love. Let's explore further to know for sure if you're falling in love.

When You Click with Someone

Anytime you talk and connect effortlessly with someone there is a strong possibility of love.

Do you find it super easy to talk to this person?  You don't want to stop as the open connection is very intoxicating.  It feels like no person has ever gotten you so easily.  You maybe falling in love or in love if you communicate openly and freely sharing almost everything that comes to mind, finding yourself wanting to tell them everything and learn everything about them.  The feeling that someone gets you and relates to the most intimate details about you can be one of the most amazing feelings bar none.  When this happens the love chemistry between two people is good!

The person you have these feelings for is probably in love with you as well if they also share with you their inner most thoughts, beliefs and dreams. If you two become excited and joyful over many ah ha moments of coincidence you may be traveling down the exciting path of love together.

falling in love
falling in love

The Attraction of Love

Good Chemistry Equals Good Love
  1. Do you feel the bond between you growing bigger and bigger and a desire to support one another in everything.
  2. Do you realize the need to give each other room to grow and be a strong and independent person being happy to bask in the glow of being their support.
  3. Do you feel it best to let things happen naturally, not pushing anything on the other. If you said, Yes that is a good sign.

More Signs of Falling in Love

  1. You find it very important to respect and honor the other person’s feelings, beliefs and dreams.
  2. You're able to remain objective about your love and work through issues or problems finding the best solution for each of you.
  3. Is the desire to be together mutual with the other person making every effort to be with you as well?
Is This Love?
Is This Love?

Help With Love

Testing New Love

Is This Love or Not? Taking Love for a Spin

Experiencing the many signs of falling in love and wondering if this is the real thing is a bit of a quandary.  It can be exhausting as you lean toward doubt from time to time.  

Don't allow doubt to hang around if love is what both parties are feeling.  Once you prove this to be true you can get on with this wonderful time in your life.  

The truth is, if you feel it it's real for you, it's no doubt real. Next comes the even bigger question, are they in love with you as well. Is it possible for one person to fall in love with another only to learn they do not love you back?

Is This Mutual?  

If you nurture each other with special attention, mutual appreciation, admiration, playfulness and acceptance it's mutual.  Don't hold back expressing how you feel, tell the other person this feels like love, and get their response.  

If being together makes you dizzy with intense feelings you can’t get off you’re mind you are in the love bubble. This meaning, you’re in the magical beginning phase of falling in love.  

How to Deal with Falling in Love

How to express your feelings of love honesty and clearly

This is the time to be honest with yourself and the other person, let them know you're feeling something special.  Ask them if the feelings are mutual.   This is not a time to leave life to chance. Once you let them know how you feel they we also let you know if they love you back.  If not, there will be hesitation and feelings of discomfort.  Either way you have your answer, this will save you much pain and suffering down the road and you may now act accordingly.  

Leave if Doubt - This is important, if the other person is not able to share the feelings of love with you acknowledge it.  Tell them you respect their feelings and realize you should move on.  Leaving the relationship gives the other time to feel the void of you and address the truth about their attachment to you.  

How to Know if They Love Me Back

Someone has to break the ice opening the line of communications in order to find out how each other feels.

They may in fact come running back letting you know they do love you.  This space is vital as some people have difficulties expressing their feelings or giving in to love allowing themselves to be vulnerable to it.  

What ever you do, don't be that annoying person continually asking if the other person loves you back. Asking this question is neither appropriate nor needed. You must see the evidence of love in their actions and respect their space as this is a new moment for them as well.

You are falling in love or in love if you enjoy spending lots of quite time together just soaking up each others energy and vibes. You truly feel at home with this person and any place is home when you’re together.

Much Love and Success, Katie

Updated: 02/24/2013, katiem2
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How to Know if You're Falling in Love

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katiem2 on 03/02/2013

TG, Congratulations on falling in love, enjoy it and relax it's a fun ride. :)

tumblrgurl on 03/02/2013

Cool now this makes sense there's no denying if I'm falling in love although I try to fight it I am falling for my bf...

katiem2 on 01/01/2012

Ethel, so true falling in love can be such, heck no it is such an overwhelming process, knowledge is helpful and makes you feel a bit more sane. Thanks for stopping by to visit how to know if you're falling in love. Katie

ethelsmith on 01/01/2012

This takes me back many years lol. Infatuation of course can put a spanner in the love works

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