How to make a cross out of paracord

by Markwell

The following article shows you how to make a cross out of paracord 550.

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a cross out of paracord. It is one of those paracord projects that are fun and practical. You can use the cross as a religious item, a keychain, a decoration or any other use you may find. I will show you the whole procedure you need to know to make one. It is fairly simple so sit back and enjoy my tutorial!

Supplies needed

What you will need to make a paracord cross

Supplies neededGenerally, the only thing needed is two pieces of 550 paracord. A lighter to melt the ends is recommended, so is a pair of sharp scissors and a pair of nose pliers.


With those items on hand, you are ready to create a paracord cross you will be really proud of.

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Techniques used

Step by step paracord cross instructions

making the paracord crossThe cross we will be making is one of the simpler designs of the paracord crosses. There are naturally more complicated ones. I like this design because you can make it work in about 10 minutes, making it very practical to learn and maybe even teach on. You can find additional paracord projects at I will feature a few additional cross examples.

We will be making the paracord cross using the cross knot. The knot is not named because it is used to make a cross, that is just a coincidence!

 You can either use paracord as it is or remove the inner strands to get a flatter cross design.


We will be making the cross in two steps. In the first step we will make for consecutive cross knots. In step two we will make a cross knot on the second cord, then pull the two cords through the middle and make the last square knot. All there is left is to snit and melt the ends and you are done!

All will be made clear in the following tutorial.

How to make the cross knot

The first step is knowing the knot
Starting step
Starting step
Pull the vertical cord up
Pull the vertical cord up
Pull the vertical cord down
Pull the vertical cord down
Knot done!
Knot done!

Making the paracord cross

The actual tutorial
Make four square knots
Make four square knots
Make a single cross knot on another cord
Make a single cross knot on another cord
Pull the cord through the back of the four knots
Pull the cord through the back of the...
Tie the last knot
Tie the last knot
Snip and melt the ends
Snip and melt the ends

There you go! All done.

I think the tutorial covered most of what you need to know. Feel free to ask if you need further instructions.

I recommend using the cross as a keychain or maybe a zipper pull. It works great in those roles and can even come handy, as paracord often does. I am interested in hearing you, the reader and what you have to say about this project.



Updated: 02/13/2014, Markwell
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AbbyFitz on 12/24/2013

Interesting. I've never heard of para cords before. I guess I've been living under a rock

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