How To Make Valentine's Day Special For "Him"

by DeniseJackson

History and media seem to imply that February 14th is just for women. Here are few novel ides to make him feel special on Valentine's Day

Make It Special For Him
Make It Special For Him

How Do I Love Thee?

Valentine’s Day is not just for us girls. Let’s face it ladies most of us tend to think February 14th is all about us."He" better not mess up or there will be hell to pay.  Men become frustrated and worn out because getting that special gift is not always easy. What if we, for a moment, turned the tables and allowed Valentine’s Day to be just as special for men? For those of you ladies who “ cater to your man”, you might want to stop reading and move on. For those of you who might need a few ideas for Valentine's Day let’s take a moment to explore a few possibilities. I won’t bore you with the details and history of how Valentine's Day came to be.  Instead, let’s for a moment open your heart think of what he truly means to you and why it’s all about him this Valentine’s Day…..

  • You wake up every morning and before your eyes crack open you see his face.
  • When the phone rings you pick it up and assume it’s him when in actually it’s a bill collector and you’re like “Dang I should have looked at the Caller ID.”
  • When he calls you are checking his background noise wondering if he is where he says he is.
  • You look at his Facebook friends list it was 235 today, but yesterday it was 232 and you are wondering who did he add and why?

Okay I’m being comical, but I think you all get the idea. If you really love your significant other ladies here are a few ideas to help make him feel as special as you want to on February 14. No relationship is picture perfect. Currently if you are in a relationship and you are compelled and remain because of true love then good for you; if you are there for any other reason… hmmm…..

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Is It All Fun And Games?

You may not be a fan Madden or NBA Live, but hey relationships are give and take. Have you ever awaken at 3:00 a.m. in the morning to find the other side of the bed cold and you wonder where he is?  Stumbling into the living room or den half sleep ( theater room if you got it like that) just to hear him say, "almost done". Well if he loves the current video game systems he has got to have mad appreciation for the  pioneers like Atari and Nintendo; so show him some "throw back love".  Old school game systems are neat and could be  a fun way to spend an evening with your honey bunny.

Do You Boo!

Okay, he's not about games; that's fine. This means his hands are good for gripping more than a joystick. If he’s handy and you know it.. say Home Depot! This is a great way to help your boo with his “Honey Do List”. Give him a gift card that he can use and finish those “left over” projects from 2011. Maybe he loves sports, let him catch his favorite game in a place where the cheers and beers flow freely. Just got a new ride or love to keep his car on point? An American Express "Have  A Blast Card" would be great. Find a really good auto detail shop in your area and price the "best" FULL detail job on their price list give him a gift card that would cover the expenses.

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My Love Is Your Love

Now this is not to stereotype guys, because I love multi-use remote controls, the smell of lumber, and fresh hot wings and cheering for my favorite sports team  just as much as the next guy; but February 14th should be about the ENTIRE relationship. Candy, flowers and fruit arrangements are cute; but ladies gift giving for men should be important as well.  Valentine's Day is actually just another day on the calendar (in my opinion); but the hype can be used to emphasize and propel your emotions and admiration for the one you love.

Happy Valentine’s Day


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DeniseJackson on 01/16/2012

@ Kingnet... LOL, yep some of us do... that was funny...
Happy Valentine's Day to you as well!

DeniseJackson on 01/15/2012

@ Andrew, thanks for reading!

Andrew on 01/14/2012

this is a nice blog great content thank you very much.!!

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