How to Make Your House Haunted for Halloween?

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You can easily make affordable haunted house Halloween Decorations using animated spooky props of coffins, skeletons, pumpkins, graveyards, vampires, mummies and zombies.

With Halloween just around the corner, if you are looking to raise the horror a bit higher this year by making your house most haunted to enact the ghouls, vampires and the walking dead, try out some of these animated spooky props that are affordable and budget friendly.

From simple to advanced, and inexpensive to expensive, the haunted house Halloween decorations do not come out without some creative thinking on your part. There is always something and extra that can transform your next Halloween party and haunted house Halloween decorations creepy and spookier.

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Haunted House Halloween Decorations


Certainly not for the faint-hearted, Halloween props are meant to induce the nauseated feeling rising from fear. is for grown-ups too-- the projects in this book are not intended for children, but for the creative, adults who want to handcraft their own Halloween home haunt and graveyard fun. Using enhancements like inspired props and copious amounts of theatrical fog, Universal will surely do its usual impressive job making over the park with scare zones. Count on monsters lurking around every corner.


I prefer rather the decorating types that instill the gory, creepy feeling compared to the blood and severed body props. Sometimes, simple creatures like ravens, cats and bats can infuse the fear; you will be surprised how realistic and life-like these props of birds are. Not only are they wallet friendly, they are light, portable and can be placed anywhere; over the table, hanging down the ceiling or sneaking around the corner ready to make you jump. 

What is your favourite idea for Haunted House?

Animated Spooky Props


I especially love the animated spooky props; they have the ability to scare the daylight out of you in the darkest hours. Animated props definitely seem to be more impressive, one moment you see a creepy ghoul, and the other moment it turns into a scarecrow. In addition the sparkling, glowing and dimming of lights creates a weird and eerie effect that chills the bone in the darkness of night.

Life-size witches, goblins and monsters can scare the boldest person on earth. Try this out on the Halloween night to see which of your daring friends can resist the fright.  Abandoned corpses, severed hands, mutilated bodies and coffin props give that creepy feeling as if you are in the home of walking dead or graveyard and not a normal peaceful home. If taken care, the props can survive more than one Halloween and used for other holiday events and themed parties.

Spooky Pumpkins and Jack O Lanterns


The stuff that can be created from pumpkin is amazing. Pumpkins are awesome and forever inspiring. You can have pumpkins props with flames coming out of them and pumpkins in twisted chains that form archways. Look for pumpkins props that create giant insects and pumpkins that form the weird and scariest heads on fake dummies. Anything you can imagine can be innovated with pumpkin that can transform into most queer, grotesque nightmare of Halloween.

Haunted House in Garage on YouTube

Special Demonic Sound Effects


For eerie sound tracks, you can procure some great stuff from Amazon. For around 5 to 10 bucks you can buy Halloween CDs and put your invention to test, hit repeat and play out throughout the night. You can also capture your own demonic sound of laughter and cry, howling of wolf and groaning of dead, record them and it will sound very original. Look for looped sound track that comes in various time increments of 10 sec, 30sec or 10 minutes. You can play these tapes and need not worry about flipping them.

How to Know if a House is Haunted?

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WriterArtist on 10/04/2022

There are haunted houses converted to lodges an inns. Some people have reported that they have seen ghosts/paranormal activities.

Telesto on 10/12/2014

Not sure whether I have, but I have friends that swear they have!

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