How To Make Money With Photography

by iggy

Make money with photography, Use your hobby or skills to make money and enjoy doing it.

So you are good at photography or just have an eye to catch the unusual. If you enjoy taking pictures then why not make a little money doing it. Use what you know and learn as you go, I will give you the information that took me months to learn on my own so you can use that time to your advantage. I will lay out some ways you can make money with pictures and point you in the right direction to get started.

Pictures Needed

There are hundreds of thousands of people building websites, blogs, or writing articles and they need images to use. We need them here and use some of Pixaby's images but they have a very limited quanity in some areas, this brings us to understanding these images have to come from somewhere. This is a need that needs filling and we can step up and make a little money doing it.

In Demand

There are plenty of sites to sell pictures with maybe 10 or so are leading the pack, these are the ones I deal with. One I especially like is 123RF because I have had the best success rate with it. At first I joined it and did not upload any pictures because it appeared to be overwhelming so I started at some other site and then came back and tried it. I actually like it the best because of the way you load your images and metadata. I have also earned the most from this site and continue to increase the size of my portfolio. 

Another site I like is Dreamstime because of the amount of views I get there, it takes a little time for your pictures to get reviewed and added. However, they get viewed decently after they get on which increases your chances of earning.

DSLR Cameras

Get yourself a dslr camera because the better stock selling sites have size limits and you will need it. It will only be helpful because of all the things you can do to change your image.

They have all kinds and range in price from 300.00 to around 15,000 dollars but I assure you all you need is on the lower side of that price range.

Spend the money on quality glass because you get more bang for the buck there.



Here is an area where you have many choices and they can make or break you efforts, The lens you use will depend on what you are photographing., They make lens for close up and small objects as well as for ar away or wide objects. You can get lenses with lower F-stops for low light pictures, the lens really makes the picture good.

Memory cards

When it comes to taking pictures the single most useful invention was the memory card, film is no longer and we are no longer tied to it's limits and limit capacity.


Check the sites and see which one you prefer to work with, find out what is needed as far as picture size and what type of pictures are in demand. I work with several sites and add some of the same pictures on them and some different ones depending on what does better on a particular site.



Updated: 04/04/2018, iggy
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iggy on 03/09/2017

yes, I prefer bigstock and 123rf. They are more user friendly and I made the most money with them.

frankbeswick on 03/09/2017

Have you any experience with Fotolia?

DerdriuMarriner on 03/08/2017

iggy, Very helpful! Thank you for the recommendations on the friendlier sites for getting known and paid. Which do you prefer, between Bigstock and 123RF?

iggy on 02/04/2016

I tie the photography in with zazzle.

sheilamarie on 02/01/2016

I only use Zazzle at present, but have thought of expanding as well. Thanks for this info.

iggy on 12/26/2015

Some image sites require a batch to be approved before using the sire and others don't, some are hard to upload the pictures while others go quickly. The ones I like and make money from are 123RF and Bigstock. You can upload what you want to. Another tip is the images the sites do not approve I put on Stockvault or FreeRangeStock, the images are free there but you share adsense revenue with the site, Only benerficial if you have adsense. What I did was try most of them and pick the ones I liked most. Good luck and Thank you..

blackspanielgallery on 12/26/2015

So far I am just getting something from Zazzle and CafePress. I realize we can sell images too, and have thought about trying this. Do these sites pay quickly, or do you have to wait for a minimum? And, do I need a batch to join like the old stock photo sites from before digital, or can I upload a few as I get them?
Nice article, and very useful.

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