Taking Daily Vitamins

by iggy

Taking daily vitamins helps your body to function as it should, each organ has needs as does your body as a whole.

See why taking daily vitamins are important and your body needs them to grow and function properly. When taking them you should know the needs of your body which depend on age, activity, and a specific deficiency. Knowing this helps you to decide which vitamins to take, I prefer a good multivitamin and I know I have all I need.

The Body's Needs


The human body requires certain amounts of vitamins daily to function and grow, knowing which vitamin is needed and when to take it is important. These are known as your recommended daily vitamins and knowing about the different food groups and getting the right amount of them usually covers your recommended daily allowances of all the necessary vitamins. There is no way to ensure that you are getting enough without measuring each portion of food, that can turn into a lot of work daily and is hard to achieve when working or on the road.


Getting Enough Vitamins

There are two things you can do to simplify this but they can turn costly because any vitamin not used is passed in the urine as waste. The first one is to eat extra portions of the foods that are rich in the vitamins that are needed, this can only be used if your diet allows. If you are eating a certain amount of calories daily to reduce your weight you may not be able to fit this into your fitness regimen.

The second is to take a quality multivitamin daily and to take one that fits your gender because the male and female bodies require different nutrients to support the different body functions. To get the most out of this it is important to take a multivitamin that fits your age group as well, a fifty year old has different needs then twenty year old does.


Now it is important to take into consideration the type of lifestyle you live, a more active person will need more calories as well as vitamins. Usually increasing your protein and carbohydrate intake works well, this is especially important for the athlete and bodybuilder. The bodybuilder needs more protein to feed the muscles for growth, these are broken down into amino acids which form the building blocks of muscle. There are some essential amino acids that can not be made by the body and need to be ingested or supplemented while others are produced by the body. These proteins main function is to build and repair the muscle tissue while performing other tasks like helping the body to work properly.


Carbohydrates are also necessary for body functions, their main contribution to the body is to fuel it for every movement including digestion and keeping your heart beating. When the body uses all the available carbohydrates it begins to fuel itself with fat stores and even muscle tissue which is counter productive to the athlete and especially the bodybuilder.

Athletes and bodybuilders will absolutely require more protein and carbohydrates to fuel the muscles and provide enough amino acids to keep the muscles in a growth phase.

Updated: 05/11/2015, iggy
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DerdriuMarriner on 03/10/2017

iggy, Thank you for the introduction to and review of the importance of vitamin-rich foods and vitamin supplements. I've been reading books written by tennis players, since their sport involves quick reflexes in somewhat skimpy attire, and it's interesting how they all agree on the importance of vitamins, but not on whether carbohydrates or proteins should dominate in diets.

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