How to Manage Your Boss - Simple Boss Management Techniques

by Natasha

Boss management can play a critical role in defining your relationship with your boss.Managing your boss will make your life easier at workplace and can get you fast promotion too.

The relationship between boss and employee is vital for smooth running of an enterprise. To have a friendly work atmosphere and less pressure from superiors, subordinates must know how to manage their boss, that is, they should know the art of Boss Management. In any organisation, most of the successful employees have a cordial relationship with their boss.

What is Boss Management

Simply put, Boss Management is to effectively manage your boss. An employee who knows to satisfy his boss, will enjoy his office life and will also improve his performance. An employee should always remember that boss plays a key role in promotion and not having cordial relationship with your boss could turn out to be a nightmare. One should avoid the mistake of treating their boss as their friend and should aim at establishing professional relationship with the boss. A little respect will show a great impact in the career progress of an employee.

Qualities Required For Managing The Boss

  • Follow A Solution Mind Approach:

    Every human makes mistake. So even if you have done something wrong, try to explain your boss the reasons behind it and convince him professionally. Strengthen your communication with the boss. And even in the worst situation avoid filthy language against boss.
Get Your Boss Off Your Back
Get Your Boss Off Your Back
  • Avoid Sloppy Communication:
    This is the most common mistake made by employees and it results in future conflict. If you don't understand something don't hesitate to ask. Also, it will be wise on the part of the employees to communicate all official matters in written format and keep copies of it for future reference/proof.
  • Build Personal Reputation:
    Personal reputation immensely helps an employee or any individual for that matter. Strict adherence to work ethics and controlling one's emotions will help in building a good personal reputation.
  • Act professionally:
    Be a thorough professional while at work. Don't let anything distract you and affect your productivity.
  • Always Remember Boss Is A Human Being:
    Many employees tend to think of their boss as a super human. But one must realize that the boss is also a human being with his own thoughts and actions. So if he has made any mistake, meet him personally and bring it to his notice.
  • Confront Your Boss:
    Sometimes, the boss may scold you even if the work is done with full honesty and productivity. And if this disturbs your productivity, never keep silent. Meet him personally and try to solve the problem. And yes, don't make a fuss about it and never approach your boss in a aggressive manner.
  • Avoid Bad Mouthing Your Boss:
    Okk...Every employee loves to bad mouth their boss. But it is the worst practice and it can adversely affect your career graph. When you bad mouth your boss, some colleague in your office may add spice to your comment and carry it to your boss, landing you in trouble.
  • Quit The Attitude Of Complaining About Boss:
    Many employees try to gain unfair advantage by dropping a complaint against superior or boss to higher management. It is totally unethical. While fighting for the genuine cause is good but lodge complaint only if you have proper evidence. And also it is wise to stay away from unnecessary conflicts.

Are you good at managing your boss?

Updated: 02/21/2012, Natasha
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