How to Maximize The Use of Videos to Help Promote Your Website

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One excellent tool that you can use to promote your website is to use videos. Videos can help boost customer engagement between businesses and customers.

Advantages of Using Videos

One great way to promote your website it to use videos. That is because videos are more engaging and entertaining. Seeing is believing, and there's no better way to make it possible other than using videos. As of May 2011, YouTube reported that the site has received over three billion views every day. That is from YouTube alone, how much more if we are going to add the statistics from other video sites such as Vimeo, DailyMotion and Hulu. Most people who go online everyday watch at least one video.

Videos are a great way of encouraging user engagement, but how are you going to make videos or what video content you should upload that can help promote your website.

Video Marketing
Video Marketing

Some Video Ideas

For most marketers, the challenge is how are they going to lure people to watch their videos and visit their website after watching them. If you are not sure what to include in your marketing strategy, here are some ideas to start with.

1. Demonstrate your products and what you offer
If your business is new, then people have no idea what can you offer to them. Through videos, you can make a product demonstration, how to best use your products and other tips that will tell people how you can help them through your products.

2. Customer testimonials
If you have conducted product testing, make videos about testimonials by interviewing people who have tried and tested your products or services.

3. Your company sponsorship events
To raise awareness about your products, sometimes you will sponsor events or charity works and those activities can help encourage people to try or test your products too. So upload your videos about these events and make it viral over different video sites.

4. Success stories
Similar to testimonials, success stories are from those who have been successful in achieving their goals with the help of or by using your products or services.

5. Product reviews
Though sometimes it will expose the negative side of your products or services but it does help you address the problems right away. Product reviews present a real experience from people who have used or tested your products or services. It will depend on the people to weigh in the pros and cons of what you offer, and this is helpful if it presents mostly the good side of your products or services.

Video Making Tips

As of late, almost all marketers are using videos to promote their websites. If you have noticed, all the landing sales page use videos and even teleconferencing is currently on the rise. Many have been successful with video marketing but even if it is trending, not all have been successful with this strategy. That is because they fail to use it properly to the point that it can be called spamming.

So how are you going to use this strategy effectively?

Upload short videos only - Just like reading a letter, if it is already long it will become somewhat's the same with videos. Your goal here is to hold your viewers attention up to the end of the video. So if want to share something, avoid longer introduction and say unrelated topics. The reason why other sales page miserably fail because of making long videos and "over marketing" words. If you want to gain the trust of your audience then be truthful.

Create quality videos - Make sure your videos are clear and check if the sound of your microphone is loud and clear. Also try to speak slowly or that which your audience can understand what you are talking about.

Make eye contact with the camera - If you are just giving plain tips and information, then look straight at the camera as if you do have an audience in front of you. If you need to illustrate or make a demonstration using your computer, make sure also that it is clear and the buttons you are clicking are visible.

Find a suitable background - Better background and sufficient lighting on the background make a good video.

Additional Video Marketing Strategy

Other Strategies for Promoting Your Website

Six Simple Yet Effective Strategies in Promoting a New Website
If you want your new website to be ranked high in the search engines, establish a plan using reputable search engine strategies.

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