YouTube Video Marketing Optimization and Monetization

by pateluday

Youtube is World's most-watched medium. People visit YouTube for entertainment, as part of a business strategy, and for retention as a library on their preferred topics online.

As a video hosting site, YouTube has an audience in over a hundred countries with videos being published in over eighty languages. Over five hundred hours of videos are uploaded in one minute. Over 30 million visitors enjoy the medium every day. The statistics are suggestive of the immense power the visual contenting site holds and makes it the second largest search engine on Earth after Google Search.

The monetizing model makes it one of the best mediums for generating a passive income. It is one of the preferred advertisements for businesses. Many enthusiasts have turned into professional YouTubers generating massive income by publishing a large number of topically relevant videos and optimizing them for better performance on SERPs and relevant mediums. Among the social media popularity, Facebook is leading followed by YouTube,


Uday Patel
Uday Patel

YouTube Essentials and Marketing


You can use YouTube videos as a personal repository as a knowledge bank for frequent reference to solve problems or as a collection for entertainment. The videos are published as short clips or long films the longest being nearly six hundred hours! Creating engaging content is the key driver as far as viewership, watched hours are concerned. Businesses create virtual online communities with niche content and drive home messages for brand promotion and conversion. The medium has become a personal theatre and mobile obsession propelling the creativity of the desktop. The clips can be made using a mobile or a professional camera there is no stopping.  

Businesses use this hosting site as a marketing strategy with almost nine percent believers of the total subscription base. But most of all with over two billion monthly subscribers it has become the largest advertisement medium thanks to the visual appeal along with audio and transcriptions. 

You can also publish your videos in the medium free of cost, the company generates revenue from the advertisement it publishes. An added advantage of the advertisements is that revenue generated is shared with the partner YouTubers or publishers that can be you. Businesses can subscribe to the Google Ad program with a focus on this medium. Thus the platform is being used as an effective marketing strategy using the paid advertisement program and short films for propaganda.   

YouTube marketing is paid with a number of options using diverse Google Ads to efficiently focus on the target personae at optimum cost. Enhanced reach is another factor that attracts business towards marketing on this platform. 

Video Marketing & Optimization


Creating Channel and Playlist

Your Video Platform

Creating a Channel

As a Google signed-in user you can log into the platform to create a channel where you will publish your personal videos.  Assign a channel name to add a relevant title, description, and tags that will make an impact on the search. All options are given in settings as you upload the video so besides the meta add suitable subtitles, assign a playlist and mention the location. Psst! do not forget to add music for greater engagement. You can do this in the content section using the editor. This is where you can add the end screen or card to encourage viewers to view more of your videos through YouTube suggestions.  

Thus you have to optimize the channel for best results. Before we proceed, add your photo to the dashboard, it will be easy to recognize and will be effective. Add a description to the channel about us page including relevant search terms important for your niche.

Before uploading edit your videos using software and remove unwanted disturbances and footage. There are several free and paid software available for this purpose.  You can edit and add free music within the system itself with no attribution required. Click on Content and then on the editor to trim, add music, and end screen. 

Optimizing Videos 

Titles for each video should be descriptive and include keywords in the beginning and this applies to the description and tags as well. New users will need some time spent on the platform and get familiarized with the options available believe me they are user-friendly with no technical knowledge required. Americans watch YouTube the most in spite of having a lower number of users as compared to India with a base of 225 million. 

Upload videos and optimize them and then choose a trailer for new users or prospective users to be, it should point to your channel niche, add another to promote subscriptions, or for retention, not to say these should be your best. Generally, the retention video should be your latest one. 

The trailer should be anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute and this is where you will request viewers to push the button for a subscription. The aim is to upload a large number of videos and get high traffic for marketing purposes as well as for monetization. The latter invites passionate indulgence for personal revenue generation. 

In spite of all the on-page optimization central to success is the content that your videos carry. Make high-resolution quality videos ranging from 1280 pixels to 4 K. 

In how-to and tutorial, videos use software to add transcription and music if needed. 

Safe for Kids Or Not Safe

While uploading the video besides keywords and location mention it is meant for kids or not. If you tick on for kids you will not get the end screen, card, and comment option. The circulation might be limited somewhat as well. Instead, place it as not for kids and in the age restriction include them besides those over eighteen. While doing this be sure that there is nothing in the video that can be objectional for viewership for those below 18.   

Video Promotion 

Apart from high engagement signals like increased watch time, comments, likes, and channel engagement SEO link building also work. Hire an SEO professional if you can for promotion. Post your channel and featured videos on social media on networking sites and blogs. Use email and SMS marketing to promote your channel or videos. Aim at a very high level of engagement and thus subscribers.  

YouTube Seo

Monetizing Your Channel

Just by publishing videos on YouTube, you will not earn revenue from the Ads that run on them. You need to join the Partner Program which is subject to eligibility. All the trouble we have taken in while optimizing the properties and propelling them on social media alone is not enough. 

The performance of your channel is of utmost importance to get high traffic on YouTube, Google SERPs, and other search engines. The promotion of videos for marketing and monetizing is an overwhelming task and an insurmountable challenge if you are not familiar with the basics.  

For becoming a partner and avail shared advertisement revenue from your property you need to cross the following yardstick. 

  • 4000 watch hours in one year
  • 1000 subscriber
  • 100000 visits
  • No community guidelines strike (violations)
  • Two-Step Verification turned on 
  • A linked Adsense account. 

Only whence you comply with the above guidelines you are eligible to benefit from the Partner Program.  

 My Channel Wild India Uday Patel



Google Ads on YouTube


There are plenty of options available in Google Ads to run promotional advertisements on YouTube. The company is generating more revenue than the TV Ads in recent times such is the scale of its popularity.  

As a business or a professional, you should have subscribed to Google Ads since YouTube is owned by Google. Then choose the most suitable Ad format and advertise by making payments as per the rules. For these visuals, ads hire a company that will make the promotional visuals with short time durations that is able to grab the attention of the visitors in a preferred language without fatigue. People have a short attention span on the Internet hence short visuals with appealing audio are the best way to advertise. 

Use YouTube use analytics to gauge the performance of your ad fine-tune them. Analytics are important in order to understand the visitors that arrive at your videos and their reaction. The metrics are extensive and you need to go through a tutorial in order to familiarize yourself if you are not hiring a professional social media company. 

Editing YouTube Videos


YouTube provides a simple interface to edit uploaded videos. You can add music, cut, slice, or split videos as they remain uploaded. For splicing or splitting videos do the following:

  • Click to edited video in the option provided while the video is clicked to run:
  • On the dashboard click on Content or Click Directly on the Editor
  • Click on TRIM option highlighted
  • During the edit, you can slice the beginning or end using the options provided. 
  • You can also split the video in the middle. The split option when clicked highlights the starting point of the edit and when the cursor proceeds to a point where you wish to end the split. Click on the split again at this point. Drag cursor to shade the space between two split points. 
  • After the split or slice press the preview button to make sure of the beginning of the cut and the end of the cut. 
  • Press the save option highlighted as soon as you click on preview. 
  • It takes a few minutes or a few hours for the video to get edited and replace the earlier one.
  • There are many software available to edit videos in an advanced mode before uploading. They are free versions as well as paid. 
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pateluday on 11/22/2021

Only advertisement share is possible. In two-step verification, after the correct password is sent the user will receive a code which he or she has to confirm. Thus if a wrong user submits logins details he can be thwarted by not confirming the code. The code is sent to your registered mobile or email address.

DerdriuMarriner on 11/20/2021

pateluday, Thank you for practical information, pretty pictures and product lines.
Are advertisements the only way of generating income or is it possible to promote Amazon products? Also, what is the two-step verification?

pateluday on 10/23/2021

In the dashboard, you will find a section called Content or often Editor. Click on the and you will see the option for adding music. For the free music clips, no attribution is required. If one adds music subject to creative commons then the author has to be mentioned in the description of the video. You can also trim the video here and add an end screen.

blackspanielgallery on 10/22/2021

When adding background music where do you go to find royalty free music? Even if music is in public domain, the person playing the music may not be, so the performer might be entitled to royalties. So, verifying both the music itself and the performance are both important. Is there a place to find royalty free pieces?

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