How Tiger Tourism is Organized in India?

by pateluday

India is home to more than fifty percent of the World's tigers. The critically endangered species is being saved in India under the aegis of Project Tiger Program...

In order to generate revenue and enhance the tourism industry the tiger reserves organize tiger safaris in India. Tiger tourism though popular is much regulated so that no disturbance is caused to the wild animals in the parks.

There are more than 50 tiger reserves but few parks are famous for tiger safari in the country. For overseas visitors and some domestic tourists tour operators organize travel to the reserves. Most of these reserves are also notified as National Parks and are under the jurisdiction of State Governments and NTCA.

Tiger Safari Photo

Tiger Safari Photo
Tiger Safari Photo

Indian Tour operators

There are many ways that tour operators organize tiger safaris in India. They attract direct clients from their websites while some get business from referrals and some are popular in the visitor's country.   

Many operators act as landing agents for tour operators in the countries from where tourist flow to India is maximum. These landing agents are also known as DMC or destination management companies they only service the clients that the overseas agent sends them.

This is the most popular means of organizing safaris in India. The DMCs do all the work as they are local experts. Most of the DMCs or tour operators are based in New Delhi and Mumbai besides other major cities. These DMCs or tour organizers do all the groundwork till the end of the journey i.e. from airport to airport.  They organize a safari in the reserve after having booked the permit. They are also responsible for all travel arrangements in India.  The clients are totally dependent upon the landing agents and report to the organizer in their country who has sent them on almost  daily basis.    

Jeep Safari Photo

Jeep Safari Photo
Jeep Safari Photo

Ways of Travel in India

Package Tours

Overseas tourists travel in groups, as independent, as couples, or in a package tour. Some tour packages are fixed departure tours while some are customized for groups or small groups of family and friends. 

Independent travel is difficult in India due to its size as a vast country. The country is diverse and comprises of extensive road and rail network. There are many languages spoken in various regions with not many speaking English. Most of the reserves are situated in remote districts and travel can be difficult. Hence overseas tourists prefer to travel in groups or packages. 

Booking in a wildlife package tour is most rewarding: 

  • Low Cost 
  • Company
  • Safety  
  • Tour Leader Service
  • Local Guides  
  • Language Interpreters
  • Ease of Travel
  • Tour operators supervision

    The low cost-benefit is due to discounts on travel services a group benefit. The travel services like accommodations and shared transport offer discounts because of mass booking. Thus, traveling solo or as a couple is costlier. All wildlife tour operators in India organize package tours for groups, families, and friends. Please check the itinerary, facilities, and prices before you book a package tour.  
Updated: 02/07/2023, pateluday
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DerdriuMarriner on 02/07/2023

It's interesting how calmly the tiger sentient strolls in front of his four-jeep audience in the first in-text image.

Would the tour drivers and the tour participants be making no noise other than that of their cameras or would they be speaking in whispers?

It would be difficult to suppress a "Wow! What a view!" with the sentient animals and plants that your images present ;-D.

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