SEO Campaign: Website Overhaul

by pateluday

SEO or Search engine optimization comprises on-page and off-page optimization. In order to get free quality traffic extensive planning is required and the first step is audit...

Webmasters should not forget that owners and web designers have no idea of search engine optimization and hence websites are built keeping basic functionality and aesthetics in the mind. Few developers consult webmasters during the development process and in spite of the website being built as required by the owner there are many factors that need an overhaul once it is subject to an SEO Campaign. We will discuss some vital aspects here.

The First Step

Content & Link Architecture

Before the campaign process webmasters usually begin the process with keyword research and analysis. This is okay but I will suggest the first thing to do is to have a look at the content creation. This will inform you about how proper the content is.  

Does the content include vital topics that point toward the keyword profile? Is the content relevant and related to the main page topic? Usually, a website should be on one topic say for example tea. If all the internal pages point to the subject it is fine. If there are pages meant for coffee then in this case the coffee pages should be in a separate subdirectory thus, creating a silo. 

Check the link architecture are the internal links placed in perfect order? Do they lead to important focused information in one click? This should be the norm as pages should be difficult to find. In case of deeper information related to a topic then they should be linked to the relevant internal page thus forming a three-tier structure.   

The crux is internal pages with important information should be one click away. While related deep knowledge should be linked to the respective internal page. 

SEO Graphic
SEO Graphic

Mobile Friendly Test & Web Core Vitals

SEO Audit

An extensive audit should be carried out. Check site status does it return 200 OK well and good if it does because then the site is live and running.

More than 50% of the search is made on mobile hence the website should be mobile-friendly test using a mobile-friendly test tool by Google. The tool not only informs about mobile-friendliness but also solves your pain point as to what needs to be done to rectify. 

Web Core Vitals

These are much advocated by Google as they point to a vital weakness on site. A slow download, unstable website elements, and scripts that block the page loading time are hindrances to rankings. These are indicated by web core vital tools like GTmetrix available on the Net. This tool informs you about how fast your website is downloading.     

On Page Title & Meta

Webmasters must check the title and meta or rather add them to each page as they are usually not there. The title should match the content telling visitors what the page is all about. There should be great accuracy in the construction of the title and it should include an important keyword related to that page naturally.   

Search engines pay a lot of attention to the page title but much less to the meta description which does not show on the page. Search engines read the meta but it carries little value as far as SEO is concerned. Hence you should create an informative description tag and add a contact phone number as well.   

SEO Audit
SEO Audit

On Page Content

Content Optimization

Content is important for ranking and plays a major role in engagement and goal conversion. The text should be well-formatted, grammar checked and written well for visitors, not for the users. There should be no duplicate content else the site will never rank well. Most web developers are not paid for content writing and as a practice, they had just anything from here and there. 

Check page content using Copyscape you can check the whole site using page siteliner which is good. You can also check content for duplicates using other tools available on the Internet.    

SEO Growth
SEO Growth


Make a list of SEO audits, duplicate content, and all that you have discovered. Remember it is necessary to make the changes for the website to perform well on the SERPs and for the user experience as well. All good changes to the website on-page will also reflect off the page. A well-made website performs very well during off-page optimization. Check the website thoroughly and then check it time and again using various tools.

Send the list to the client for necessary changes to be made. Or if you are working for an SEO Agency then send them the list as well. Keep one to yourself.   

Updated: 02/13/2023, pateluday
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pateluday on 02/16/2023

When you place the cursor on an image, form, or link it moves away. They shift and do not let you click.

DerdriuMarriner on 02/13/2023

The second sentence to the sub-subheading Web Core Vitals under your second subheading, Mobile Friendly Test & Web Core Vitals, comments that "A slow download, unstable website elements, and scripts that block the page loading time are hindrances to rankings."

What would be "unstable website elements"?

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