How to photograph your crafts for better sales

by 3bagsfull

Photography is an important skill for craft sellers who sell online. Working on photo taking skills can boost your sales.

Photography tips for crafters who work at home

Photography has become a required skill for handmade artists who want to sell their items online. Clear and visually appealing photos can enhance the selling process. Buyers can see what they are buying and feel confident in their purchase. The following are tips to ensure dynamic online photos:

1. Own a quality digital camera – It is not necessary to own an expensive digital camera, but one that has enough features to create pleasing and adjustable photos. Crafters should try and purchase at least an 8MP camera so they can take clear close ups that can be cropped and manipulated. It is possible to find a good quality camera, both new and used that will easily meet these requirements.

Digital cameras are easy to come by. They can be purchased for a low amount of money but still have alot of features. It isn't necessary to buy a high end camera.

2. Install photography software – Most basic photographers believe that have a good camera is enough. But, truthfully, having a good photography software package is a requirement as well. Many computers come with photo software that not only houses and organizes photos, but also has features to enhance the photos. Window photo gallery as well as Picasa (both free packages) can be used to do simple tasks such as cropping, adjusting colors and reducing red eye. More extensive packages such as Adobe Photoshop can be used to fully manipulate all aspects of the photos; however, in most cases, this expense is not necessary.

3. Study lighting – Lighting can make or break a photograph. Although lighting effects can be applied with software, taking photos in correct lighting is essential. Natural lighting is the best choice if at all possible. Or, a crafter can build or purchase a light box which can be equal to working with a professional photography studio.

4. Create a style – Another photographic technique that is a must for every online craft seller is developing a specific photographic style. Since many photographs will appear on one page, having a visual central theme will create a natural connect. Some items may need to be shot close up while others need to be taken in a specific setting. It does not matter what the styling is, but it does matter that it is consistent from frame to frame.

Photography is both an art and a skill. Those new to digital photography must plan to continue studying and improving. The nice aspect of digital photography is that many pictures can be taken at one time and the results can be seen instantly. Taking the time to improve photography skills can increase sales opportunities. In addition, photography techniques and ideas can be gathered by reviewing other successful sellers who take strong photos.

How to make your own light box

Updated: 10/29/2011, 3bagsfull
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