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Fijit Friends is a new interactive toy made for young girls. They come in four colors. They sing, dance and tell jokes.

Fijit Friends are a girl's best friend

Fijit Friends are sure to be one of the top toys for Christmas 2011. They come in four different colors - purple, pink, blue and yellow-green. Each one has a name - Willa, Serafina, Logan and Sage. Each has their own personality. Willa is trend setting and fashionable. Serafina is a sweetie pie and very friendly. Logan is sporty and loves being outside. Sage is an explorer and loves to hike. Willa is the doll most shown on television, so she will most likely be the most popular.

They are very interactive. They dance along to the music you play. They dance to their own music.They tell jokes. And, they "magically" respond to different questions. They have voice recognition technology built in making them almost human.

Their bodies are made of a soft plastic which makes them squishy to the touch. Their heads move around to face you when you speak. Their eyes light up and they move around to the beat of the song. The ears stick up in different shapes and give each doll a unique look. There are also additional accessories packs in the colors of each friend. They let you change the ears and add ornaments. There is also a friendship bracelet that the owner can wear when playing with their doll.

The makers have also created an interactive website. They have created special sounds called chirps that Fijit Friends can hear and respond to. They will play extra music and tell extra jokes. There is also a game section on the site where girls can rack up points and win virtual prizes for their doll. There are plans to create an app for the iPad, so the doll will have a long playing life.

This is a great gift for a little girl who is in grade school. The makers recommend this product for a child over 4 years old. The price is roughly $45 for the doll and $16 for the accessory pack.

Because this is expected to be one of the hottest toys of the holiday season, retailers will sell out quickly. Certain colors will sell out faster than others so buying early is encouraged. Because of the different modes as well as the website, this toy will be played with for a long time. It will not just sit on a shelf, untouched.

They come with batteries, but you should change them to fresh ones when you open the package.

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Fijit Friends - Sage by Fijit Friends

Electronic interactive toy for boys and girls yellow lime color Sage. Batteries required.

Only $120.00
FIJIT Friends Serafina Interactive Toy

REVIEW: Serafina, a smart, fun, and funny Fijit Friend, is an interactive toy that'll become your child's new best friend. With supple skin that enables amazing movement, this s...

Only $52.99
Fijit Friends Yippits Plooki Figure (Purple)

Durable Product

$39.99  $9.99

Watch Fijit Friends in action

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