How To Sell Your House

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We look at how to prepare to sell your house. From starting off to making the house look as appealing as possible.

Moving home can be one of the most stressful periods in most peoples life. We want to give some advice that should make the process a little bit smoother. We will look at how to get started in the moving process and a few tips on how to make your house as appealing as possible to prospective buyers.

Getting Started

The preparation of your house for sale is very important in helping to secure a buyer. The more time that you put in making sure that the house looks good and is order will save time later in selling process. There is a lot to consider from interior, layout moving onto presentation and finally conveyancing the property.

The two main key points to spending time on preparing your property for sale are:

  • Money - if the property looks like it will require work to get up to scratch or improvements are necessary, this will lead to the buyer negotiating harder and will also affect the amount that they are willing to pay
  • Time - Buyers arriving at a house that is poorly presented will struggle to see past the property as it stands. A house that has been properly prepared will sell faster.


For Sale

02 for sale
02 for sale

When to get started

The time period of getting a property ready for sale will vary from house to house, some may need a lot more work than others. Ideally you would look to begin getting your property in order two months before you intend to put it on the market.

Take the time to really scrutinise your house and make a list of what jobs need to be done.

It is also important to get this process done before you get an estate agent to come out and value your property, the same as everyone else the way that the property is presented will affect how much the estate agent will value the house at and may affect their approach to selling it.

Where to get started

After taking a critical look at your house, going from room to room and looking at what need to be done. You should be able to put together an action plan that will allow you to see the size of the job in hand.

This will allow you to identify any small repairs that need to be done as well as any major improvements that may be required. It is important to know when to stop when looking at repairs as some of them will be worthwhile and add value to the property while others maybe to big to fit your budget and not add significant value to your property.

Always remember to check the outside of the property too. This is what prospective buyers will be seeing as they approach the house, many will also pass by.  It is the first impression that they will be getting and it needs to stand out so that they remember your property.

Getting organised

When looking at the inside of the house it is important to make it as spacious as possible. removing clutter such as toys, books and extra pieces of furniture will allow prospective buyers to see the space that they will have to work with.

Remember to de-personalise the house too, remove photographs and any personal affects as you want buyers to be able to see themselves living in the house. Also if there are fittings or fixtures that you have no intention of leaving then you should remove these so that buyers can see exactly what will be there should they decide to buy the house.

Cleanliness is something that can drastically affect the value of a house so ensure that you have a thorough deep clean. A really deep clean can also remove the need to replace; for example carpets that look tired and worn can come out looking transformed after a clean. 

Finally you need to make your property feel like a home. This is known as staging and is all about creating the best environment for the buyers. This can include lighting, air fresheners, fresh flowers. This is all about helping the buyers visualise themselves living in the house.


When it comes time to sign

Hopefully these tips will help you move towards finding a buyer for your house. Once a buyer is found it is important that you have the help of a solicitor to help you finalise contracts to ensure that everything is in order and that both parties understand the exact deal that is being put in place.

We found the below video that gives some great advice.


There are so many different parts of moving that have to be considered. We hope that you found these points and advice useful in getting organised and thinking about the way in which presenting your house can have a huge effect in helping it sell. We have put together a list of points for quick reference to get your house in order.

Putting the time in to the presentation of your house can pay huge benefits and lead to the property selling faster. We have found a collection of images showing before and after shots highlighting the impact that presentation can have.

We hope that you have found these tips useful and we wish you luck in selling your house.


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Rose on 01/08/2014

It's worth painting the outside of the house and ensuring the pointing between the bricks is in good order. So many people make their decision about what to buy on looks

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