How to Sleep With a Partner Who Snores

by wrylilt

If you're a light sleeper and have a partner who saws logs all night, then chances are you need to learn how to deal with it!

These days there are dozens of cures for snorers - from special pillows to expensive operations and things that plug, pull and push the snorer's chest, nose and mouth. However if you're living with a snorer who is either too lazy too poor or too incurable to deal with the problem, chances are you're sick of it.
When you climb into bed after a long day you want to do only one thing - sleep. And if you're an insomniac or just one of those people who can't get to sleep when their is too much noise, chances are a snoring, shuddering person beside you isn't the best night time soother.
So the following tips are based on my experience with a snorer, to help you get as good a sleep as possible while still hopefully remaining in the same house as the snorer and hopefully without hitting them over the head with a frypan to get some peace.

Position, Position, Position

Experiment with different positions for the snorer. Because lying on the back can angle their airway differently and open the mouth, often snoring is worse in this position. Try getting the snorer to sleep on their side or even on their stomach. If needed, you can use pillows to help make the snorer stay in the correct position.

Bed First, Avoid The Worst

If you can sleep through the snores, but only if you can get to sleep, consider changing your bedtime. Either going to bed half an hour earlier or requesting the snorer goes to sleep half an hour later will give you that extra time to doze off in beautiful silence. Just warn the snorer that if they wake you up when they come to bed, you can't be held responsible for the consequences!

Sometimes it's impossible to sleep with a snorer.
Sometimes it's impossible to sleep wi...
No Sleep for the Snorer

Lack of sleep can cause or worsen snoring. Make sure the snorer gets enough sleep and if they aren't willing offer bribery or punishment - no sleep and they'll be missing out on all bedroom activities (including sleep) in your room for a week.

Shield Yourself

Consider using earmuffs or ear plugs as an extra way to block out the noise. There are many comfortable earmuffs available that won't interrupt your sleep. Not a great idea if you need to wake up for a child or alarm, however!

Musical Calm

Leaving a CD playing either in the bedroom or another room can help soothe and relax you into going to sleep faster as well as cover some of the noises made by the snorer.

In the Doghouse

If possible, make sure there is always a spare bed made up and ready in another room. This way if the snoring becomes very bad or you just need a full night's interrupted sleep you can either sleep in the bed yourself or kick out the snorer.

For the Record...

If the snorer really believes that they make hardly any or no noise at all, consider taping or recording it for their benefit. If they hear it they might feel a little less cranky about being kicked out of the room or even guilty enough to try and find a cure.

Updated: 06/02/2011, wrylilt
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kajohu on 06/05/2011

My husband's snoring has gotten worse over the past few years. My response is to nudge him, especially if it sounds like he's stopped breathing for a bit, or is close to choking (that's happened a couple times -- scary for both of us!). Luckily his snoring diminishes as the night progresses.

BarbRad on 06/02/2011

My husband's snoring was so bad that when we went to family camp, which had open air cabins, I, the nightowl, could find my way back to the cabin at night by the sound. I had to stop sharing the bed and the room after about ten years of marriage as he put on weight and the snoring got even worse. A few years ago, when he was in his late sixties, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and now has a breathing machine that makes life more bearable for him. Now when we travel we can both stay in the same room and save lots of money, provided I also take a sleeping pill. I'm one of those people you mentioned that has to get to sleep first because I'm very sensitive to noise. I'm also a night owl and my husband is an early to bed person.

petunia on 06/02/2011

Sleep studies often reveal serious problems. Snoring is not funny anymore. Good information. Thank you.

Jimmie on 06/02/2011

Sleep study. I urged my husband to have one. Our insurance covered it.

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