How To Stay Cool

by pkmcr

Love the heat of summer but sometimes find it's just a bit too much? Need to stay cool and relaxed so that you can still go about your life? Let's take a look at how to stay cool

I love the long sunny days of summer which given that for some years I lived in Italy is probably a good thing. But sometimes, even for those of us who love the sun, it can get too hot and humid can't it?

The heat can overwhelm even those with the best of intentions and turn a great day sour. Learning how to stay cool in the oppressive summer heat can help you stay healthy and keep you focused and productive throughout the day.

Not only can you increase your focus and productivity, but you can also improve your mood. All too often, we see individuals suffering due to the heat. Don't allow yourself to fall victim to the heat, practice some of these methods to keep cool and you'll be able to enjoy your summer months.

Overheating and dehydration are both very serious consequences for those who don't regulate and watch their exposure to high temperatures. Overheating, or hyperthermia, is a serious result of things like heat stroke or prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

Dehydration, on the other hand, is a result of your body losing too much water, which can often be a result of excessive sweating in high temperatures. Both of these dangerous conditions can be prevented with a few simple tricks.

So let's take a look at how to stay cool and still enjoy the balmy days of summer.

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The Number One Rule - Stay Hydrated

We all know that the essence of life is water. During the hot summer months, your body is expelling water in the form of sweat in order to remove excess heat from your body.

As a result, many individuals often feel hotter as they become increasingly dehydrated. It is vital that you keep track of your water consumption during these hot months.

Many people have found that using refillable water bottles helps them keep track of how much water their drinking and ensures they aren't buying sugary beverages that don't help in the heat. Plus, using these eco-friendly bottles reduces landfill waste so you can feel better about yourself and the environment.

How To Stay Cool At Night

Starting the Day Off Right - Keeping Cool at Bedtime

People often wonder how to stay cool when they're sleeping in bed. Utilizing window fans to circulate fresh air can expel the radiant heat that bodies generate even when they're sleeping.

Even if it is hot outside, moving fresh air will keep you cool and allow the air to circulate around you. By utilizing other cooling techniques like freezing a small pillow or purchasing a cooling pillow with a removable ice pack, you can make sure your head and neck are going to stay nice and cool throughout the night.

Changing your bedding to cotton, silk or satin sheets has also proven to provide relief on hot summer nights. These fabrics tend to feel much cooler to the touch than their cotton counter parts.

In addition to bedding, consider the amount of covers and clothing you are wearing to bed. Bulky pajamas and bedding should be shed during the summer months and swapped out for cooler, thinner alternatives. Clothes and heavy blankets trap the radiant heat generated by your body while you sleep.

Pillows That Stay Cool

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Staying Cool at the Office

Are you stuck in a stuff office all day with no escape from the heat?

There are a variety of ways you can keep cool at your desk and avoid uncomfortable sweat during your work day. The first thing is to invest in a small desk fan. These fans can help circulate the often stale office air and keep it moving around you.

Taking up very little space, these fans are energy efficient and work remarkably well. Another thing you can do is turn off all of the unnecessary heat sources in your office space.

By turning off electronic devices and extra lights, you are cutting down on the amount of heat that they are generating.

When you start to overheat, drink plenty of cold water and practice deep breathing. This will help you lower your core body temperature and lower your heart rate.

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Keep Your Home Cool In Summer

A few simple tricks you can do to make your home cooler are easy as choosing when do your chores around the house. Avoid doing heat generating activities like running a dishwasher or vacuuming during the hottest part of the day.

Keeping shades, windows, and any exterior vents closed during the daylight hours also helps to keep heat out. Products like vent pillows and vent covers ensure that heat remains where it is supposed to, no matter the season.

Other things to consider when making your home cooler is the use of fans. Pedestal, box, window, and ceiling fans all make great tools to keep air circulating throughout your home.

Strategically place these fans between rooms to circulate cooler air in unused rooms with the warmer air where people may be sitting. In addition, cut down on electronics by shutting off anything that may not be in use. These devices create a significant amount of heat, even if they are in standby mode.

Whole House Window Fan

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Personal Cooling Products

How You Can Stay Cool!

If the time comes when you're at the office or at home and you just can't stand the heat anymore, there are a variety of products that you can choose from to provide some relief from the heat. Cooling neck wraps are a great way to cool your body down.

Made with the same technology as an ice pack, they are an easy way to lower your body temperature by simply wrapping them around you neck. Another option is a cooling towel; these products are designed to be worn on any part of the body you feel would benefit from its effects. Typically, many people find wearing them in a bandanna form makes for great relief.

Don't risk your health and safety in these hot summer months, find the methods that work for you and your situation to keep cool during the blistering heat. When trying to figure out how to stay cool, there are many different options you can use.

By following these basic instructions you can carry on about your day in the best way possible and ensure your health isn't endangered by high temperatures.

How To Stay Cool In The UK

Do you really need ideas on how to stay cool in the UK?  Well summers in the UK can be variable to put it mildly.  However, at the time of writing the UK is experiencing a heatwave which looks set to last for some little while yet.

So yes people really are looking for ideas on how to stay cool in the UK!  So in addition to the practical tips on this page here are some of the products that are available to help you stay cool and relaxed!

Cooling Neck Towels

Small Desk Fans

Reusable Water Bottles

More Ideas On Summer and How To Stay Cool

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pkmcr on 08/23/2014

Let me know how you go on with it Ruth!

RuthCox on 08/23/2014

I need that ISO-Cool pillow! I turn my pillow all night long in search of a cool spot to lay my head upon. No wonder I don't feel rested at dawn!

Tara_W on 08/19/2013

Some great ideas to stay cool in summer. Staying hydrated is so important and I bet using one of those colorful water bottles would certainly help.

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