How To Turn Content Into Cash

by katiem2

How to use your written online content to create fresh new products, books, and courses.

Do you have old content laying around the web that isn’t earning money? You have options!
The ability to create content is a wonderful gift and If you can do it you have leverage. You can recycle old content in many lucrative and fulfilling ways.

In this article, I’ll share how I’ve recycled old content by converting it into two books I feel really good about. I’ve also created some online mastermind courses. Now, I’m in no way suggesting you remove your content. I’m sharing how to use it to launch something bigger and better.

I’m finally doing what I’ve been thinking of for so long, share what I’ve learned with those who know they’re meant for more, YOU!

It’s my every intention to present what I feel to be the most useful information, stuff to help you breathe life into your old online content, and renew your belief in something more.

What You Will Learn

Tools of the Online Trade

There are far more online tools and resources than any one successful content provider, writer, vlogger, or social media influencer needs.

The variety of online tools can distract you from succeeding. Pick one you feel will be of most use to you, something you can get excited about.

Stick with it until you both master it and put it to good use. I’m sharing the tools I frequently use, those I couldn’t live without.

While I use them routinely do not feel you must as well. In the spirit of authenticity, I’d like to encourage you to be true to yourself and follow your passion. Don’t know your passion, I have tips for this as well.

  • KDP – Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Canva – Graphic Designs
  • PowerPoint – Slide Shows
  • Screencast-O-Matic - Screen Recorder & Video Editor
  • Microphone -My pick for quality sound, ease of use all while eliminating background noise.

Plus many tips and tricks I've found to streamline the entire process of creating good content.

Small Things

Be You!

As content providers and writers we tend to get lost down the rabbit hole seeking fresh ideas. The problem being anytime you veer away from what excites you there's a risk you will bore potential long-term followers.  Bored people don’t tend to return.

After years of writers like us trying to compete by producing content in volume, we've lost something those searching the web crave most, authenticity.

SO be AUTHENTIC, it will shine through and attract followers which will one day become raving fans.

Decide who you are and the message you deliver and stick to that. Volume is good and yet it is relevant content created with passion that attracts followers/raving fans.

I created my book covers using canva, it's a lot of fun.

KDP - Kindle Direct Publilshing

First write the book...

The first book I wrote, The Power Of NO! was born of recycled content. To your right, you can check out the cool graphics I created using Canva to make the book covers. 

How to say no is a topic I first blogged about long ago. I felt passionate about the topic at the time and do even more today. When you feel passionate about something you put your hearet and soul into it and people respond. I coach people on this issue as well.

The inability to say no is a big problem for many people. Many helpful people become burnt out and tired of doing tasks they dread as soon as the habitual yes falls from their mouth.

Yes is a knee-jerk reaction cornering many in situations they have zero interest in doing. Aside from their lack of interest they should not take on tasks or busywork that does not serve their true abilities and interest or those who can benefit from their best.

All this busy works gobbles us their time, frustrates them to no end, and causes both mental and physical stress, none of which is good. Not only that, it causes resentment and prevents those who can't say no from living their best lives.


I use old articles I've written as motivation.  I copy the articles into a word document and break the content into sections that can stand on their own making for a solid chapter of a book.

I expand on the ideas, edit the articles beyond recognition, and make the content better. I use what I wrote years ago to inspire new content that soon became over 20,000 words in the first book and over 45,000 in the second.


Take your time writing the book and then dive into learning how to use KDP or the other way around whichever works best for you. I advise you to avoid attempting both at once, this can cause frustration and you don't want that.  PLUS, if you complete the book, and are happy with it you will be motivated to get it through the KDP process. Like learning anything it gets easier.

KDP - Kindle Direct Publishing

Follow the KDP publishing guidelines and take advantage of the many tutorial videos they offer. They provide both written and video guides. I prefer the videos.  The book formatting is crucial but not to fret there are also videos on YouTube that can easily guide you through the process.You have two learning options, check out both and use what works best for you. Don't get frustrated with a process but instead find one your understand. Reach out for help here leaving questions in the comments section.

TIP – I find it best to work on one chapter at a time, perfect and edit it just as you would a single article before moving on to the next chapter.

Canva – Graphic Designs

I love Canva and use it for everything.

There is a free version of Canva I suggest you use this until or if you later decide you want to expand your use of this tool. Don't let the items not included in the free version deter you from taking advantage of Canva. Remember less is more. I find I use the free items as much as the pro.

Good graphics add greater marketing power and a professional edge to all of your online content.

For example, quotes come to me a lot. I use Canva to make my quotes POP and create a greater impact. I've added several quotes throughout this page as examples and to uplift and inspire.

Canva is great for creating images to support your online posts. Images grab the reader, so include interesting images.

You can create graphics for just about anything you create. 

NOW Canva has a lot of tricks up its sleeve. There is a learning curve. I encourage you to search YouTube for how to use canva tutorials. There are many great videos. 

The most important thing is to select someone you can relate to, or who teaches in a manner conducive to your optimal learning.

Remember to create a section for learning tools so you don't lose those precious videos that work for you.  I revisited videos several times along my learning journey.

I'm confident you're going to love Canva.

Have fun and enjoy adding your own personal flare to all you create.

Katie's Quotes
Katie's Quotes
Find Yourself
Find Yourself


I love PowerPoint and use it for all my videos.

I coach but like me, you no doubt teach or impart information and knowledge to your readers. I’ve found it better to create slide shows with both images and written content to cover each style of learning.

I rarely include my floating head in the corner. I’m only joking, a bit of video humor.  You can include a frame of yourself in videos, it’s a matter of preference.

The most important thing is that you create videos, they convert higher than written content along. Yes as a society we’ve evolved or changed given the advancements and changes of online delivery of information.

I use Canva to create images for my videos and I also use free images from pixaby. Once I build the PowerPoint slides I record the video using Screencast-O-Matic.  I like it for its ease of use and love the easy edit features.

Again, I’ve been using these tools for a while and there is a learning curve. Take your time to get the hang of it all. Remember, learn one new skill at a time, don’t try to juggle. Don’t beat yourself up for not learning it the first time.

I once used my laptop microphone but it was difficult and timely because I had to be in a quiet environment which is hard. There were a lot of things that interfered with my recordings. The microphone I will share with you later is a dynamic mic that only picks up the sound directly in front of it.

I now record my videos using the dynamic mic. The television can be on in the other room and the mic only pics up my voice. It is WAY easier than the laptop mic and the quality is amazing.

I’ve added a video I recorded using PowerPoint, Screencast-o-matic, and a dynamic mic plus one I created using only my laptop for comparison.

video using laptop mic

Video using dynamic mic

Screencast-O-Matic Screen Recorder

Screencast-O-Matic is my favorite screen recording video tool. I find it easy to use, and the edit feature is very handy.

Before recording check the record options as seen in the black popup screen below. This can be accessed by clicking the the tool icon aka the blue gear.

When first viewing the black popup setup screen you will see the record option where it shows three choices, 1. screen, 2. webcam, or 3. both. Select one to choose the area you want to record.

The first choice is screen which provides an adjustable frame you can size to include the specific area you want to share in your videos. It works like a cropping tool.

Webcam records you.

The both option records your computer screen and you.

I use the screen view in all my videos. I adjust the size to record my PowerPoint slide presentation with my voice as narrator, teacher, guide.

This is also the area where you select time, I opt for none.

Size is the next option, I leave this on the default which is determined by the area you select to record.

Narration is the next option. This is where you click to choose the mic you want and test the mic. The default mic will be your laptop mic or what you currently use as your primary mic.

The dynamic mic I use is a USB plug-and-play device that is simple to use. Select your mic and test it using the test portion of the setup.

Computer Audio allows you to include computer sounds or not etc.

Below the black popup box, you will see four features, record, tool, edit and erase. Record is the red circle, the blue gear is the tool option which is the path to the black pop-up box I’ve been describing. The pencil is the edit feature and the final option is the cancel action button.

Take your time and practice to learn the varying options on Screencast-O-Matic. Allow yourself time to learn.

Pro Tip – Don’t try to power through a video from start to finish. It is stressful, mistakes are made and there is no need for this when using the Screencast-O-Matic screen recorder.

During record time you can pause to stop the video. When you begin again you will see a count down from 1 to 3. The count down will not be seen on the actual recording. It begins recording again after the countdown reaches 3.

Once you've finished recording a video the edit option becomes available.  You want to make sure you take this step. While in edit mode you can listen to the video, add music, and delete any sections that need to be removed.

This is crucial because if you mess up while recording there is no need to start over again. Simply pause allowing a few seconds of silent recording. This creates a flat line and marks the spot you want to delete.

When finished editing, name the file and save it.  You have two options to save on Screencast-O-Matic or to your computer file. I prefer my computer but you can do both.


This is one of my mastermind courses - Check it out using the address below, you'll need to copy and paste it into your browser
The Happy Factor
The Happy Factor
screen recorder
screen recorder


I use the Samson Q2U Recording and Podcasting Pack as seen to your right. It includes a dynamic microphone with a cardioid pickup pattern. It's designed to capture vocals while rejecting ambient sound around the mic.

This is SO very important to me because I work at home and live in the suburbs. I have three dogs, one cat and lots going on outside. I get deliveries who ring the doorbell. As you can imagine there is a lot of noise in my environment.  This mic eliminates the stress I experienced in the past while recording videos. I can now record videos in a fraction of the time.

Before I’d have to hide away and close myself off in my upstairs office. I prefer to be in the middle of all the action and see everything going on around the house inside and out. With this mic, I can record using my laptop at the dining room table if I choose. And I do choose to do so a lot. This mic takes the stress out of creating videos which I’m not very good at doing. So I need all the help I can get.

This mic also has the simple connect and create feature. Simply connect either the XLR output to a mixer, recorder, or PA system or use the USB option directly to your computer. There are no drivers or installation required.  I use the USB option, it is just so easy.

There is also built-in headphone monitoring. You can plug your headset directly into the mic to listen while you record and or while you edit.  The headphone output comes with level control to monitor your performance.

Accessories included are; mic clip, desktop tripod stand, windscreen, XLR cable and USB cable.

NOTE: create a safe space for your mic when not in use. I store mine in a cabinet only I use for work, where it won’t be disturbed.

This is the more expensive Yeti mic I 've heard so much about. I think it's top heavy and the stand is akward. It is for this reason I passed on it.

Blue Yeti Nano Premium Condenser USB Microphone with Multiple Picku...
$79.99  $89.0

How To Write a Book Using Old Content

The second book I wrote is one near and dear to my heart. Both books are, it’s akin to picking your favorite child, who can?

I've been helping people transform their lives for years now. I enjoyed many years of face-to-face sessions helping those who believe they were meant for more sort it all out and make it happen. I’m a transformation coach.

During the pandemic I could no longer meet face to face with those I would typically help. I had to shift my paradigm.

I began Zoom meetings and before long I was having group sessions. Together we formed a beta group who helped me sort out the best content for the books. Long story short I used the help of my beta group to design two mastermind courses and the books.  Creating The Life You Crave By Becoming The Creator Of Your Happiness and Success is below and contains around 47,000 words. Not bad for repurposed material.


I Created My facebook Group Graphics Below Using Canva

The Group Is Called The Success And Happiness Club if your interested in checking it out.
The Sucess and Happiness Club
The Sucess and Happiness Club
Updated: 11/21/2021, katiem2
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katiem2 8 days ago

DerdriuMarriner, I find it best to approach content with an all inclusive learning style as much as possible and what time allows. The book covers are a done deal now. I personally have to sensor myself when it comes to artistic exspression. I could go on and on changing and or adding to my work. There comes a time when i must decide a protect is complete for the sake of production. I rescue pit bulls. My cat, jellybean, is friends with the dogs and happy to be the queen. Good to hear from you and I appreciate your input.

DerdriuMarriner 8 days ago

katiem2, Thank you for plenteous product lines, practical information and pretty pictures.
Does it reinforce the learning curve to work from both the videos and the written guides? I like them both but always like to support books and writing (perhaps from having read Fahrenheit 451 and We).
It's really telling, the difference between the dynamic and the laptop mics.
Especially, I like all your sample covers and quotes although I guess if push comes to shove I'd put the cover to Creating the life you crave just a nano-bit ahead of the take your life back cover (or would I?).
In particular, I also like all the precautions that you include, such as about the mic, since sometimes I leave out for convenience what really needs not to be in plain sight.
In another but perhaps related, perhaps not, direction, what breeds are your cat and dogs? Does your sentient feline get lonely without other feline sentients, or is it like being an only child, with lots of attention from parents and relatives?

katiem2 9 days ago

Thank you blackspanielgallery I hope all is well with you.

blackspanielgallery 10 days ago

Very informative.

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