How to Use MAC Pigments

by Angel

MAC pigments can be used for more than just eye shadows. Take a look at some of the various uses.

MAC Pigments are a colored loose powder. They are highly concentrated. Pigments are very easy to apply, easy to blend, and look great on your eyes, lips, or cheeks. MAC Pigments can be used dry or wet. When applied wet the color is more intense and has more staying power. There are also other manufacturers out there that make pigments that are comparable to MAC. We will look at the uses for MAC pigments and other pigments of the same quality as MAC.

MAC Pigment as Eye Shadow

MAC Pigment can be used wet or dry when using it as an eye shadow. My preference is wet because it adheres to the eye better and the color is more intense. You can either wet your brush, dip it into the pigment and apply to the eye or make a paste. Making a paste is the cleanest way to do it. Use a mirror or other flat surface and sprinkle some pigment on it. Get your brush wet and drop a few drops of water onto the pigment. Mix together to form a paste. Then apply to the eye.

When applying dry just dip your brush into the pigment and then apply directly to the eye. My experience is that the powder falls onto your under eye area and you have to keep it brushed off. Wet is a cleaner process. I would still suggest using an eye primer before using MAC pigments on your eye. It will help the pigment to adhere to the eye even more and prevent staining of the skin.

Photo credit - Wikipedia Commons - CCA-Courtney Murray Rhodes

MAC Pigment as Lip Gloss

MAC Pigment can be used as a lip gloss by mixing the pigment with a clear lip gloss. You can pre-mix some of this and put into a small container for future use or do it on the fly as needed. A clear lip gloss works very well. Vaseline will also work just as well to create a lip gloss with your MAC Pigment.

MAC Pigment as a Blush

MAC Pigment can be mixed with a small amount of lotion or cream to create a creamy blush. You can also pre-mix this and keep in a container for future use or do it on the fly. Apply to the apple of your cheek and blend in with your finger tip or a brush. You may have to play with this a little and try different lotions or facial creams to get the right consistency for you. I would stay with the pink and peachy colored pigments for this application.

MAC Pigment as a Shimmer Lotion

MAC Pigment can be mixed with body lotion to create an all over shimmer or glow. I would suggest staying with the Vanilla or White / Silver type pigments for this since a blue or green glow doesn't really look that good.


MAC Pigment as an Eye Liner

MAC Pigment can even be used as an eyeliner. Mix it into a paste with a little water. Use a thin eye liner brush and apply a thin line above and below your eye. Works great and you have a wide array of colors to play with.

Photo credit - Wikipedia Commons, CCA, Courtney Murray Rhodes

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MAC Pigments are Too Cool

My experience with MAC Pigments has been good. They are very bright and the colors stay in place as long as I use them wet and use a good eye primer. I have also used Make Up Forever and NYX Pigments that are very comparable to MAC. I would suggest any of them. I have no real preference since they all perform the same in my eyes. Check out this video where MAC is being compared to Make Up Forever. You may be able to take something from this to help you decide which is best for you.

In a nutshell, MAC Pigments are super easy to use and give you such a great eye color when used as an eye shadow. The lip gloss application is also good. I have yet to perfect the blush as of yet. I don't really like cream blushes to start with so I think that is my problem. Either way there are many uses and well worth the money. Get a few and have some fun with them!

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Angel on 02/20/2012

@betsuz - You should really try them. They are great and so much fun to use. There are so many things you can do with them... I was amazed as I started playing around with them. Thanks for stopping in.

betsuz on 02/20/2012

Awesome looks here! Love the colors, they look like they are so much fun to wear.

Angel on 02/20/2012

Katie - I just got some and love them. They are so intense. Makes a great lip gloss too. I will be doing a tutorial on how to make the lip gloss soon. I need some containers to put it in first. We just did a little bit and used it all. The girls love it and making it is so much fun.

katiem2 on 02/20/2012

Never tried Mac pigments for eyes, sounds and looks so nice. Thanks for the tips.

Angel on 02/20/2012

@pinkchic18 - Thank you so much for the compliment. You sure know how to make an old lady feel good! I love the pigments. They can be used for so many things and the colors are sooooo cool. Even neon colors are available. You gotta try them. Thanks again.

Pinkchic18 on 02/20/2012

Okay first off, I knew before I even read your article that you would know what you were talking about, your profile pic makeup is gorgeous! These tips are awesome as well, it's always great to get more makeup help! Thanks for sharing your knowledge :)

Angel on 02/20/2012

@kinworm - I have just discovered these and love them. They are very cool and can be used for so many things. I think I will do a tutorial on making lip gloss soon with them. It is a great project with kids. The colors are so bright and fun. You should really try them. Thanks for stopping in.

Marie on 02/20/2012

These mac pigments look stunning. I love your idea to make them more versatile by making them into lip gloss, blush, shimmer lotion (perfect for summer) and eye liner.

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