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Are you looking for a Touch Pad experience that is versatile, quick and fun? Look no further than the HP Touch Pad.

The Sought After HP Touch Pad

The HP Touchpad has quickly become one of the most sought after tablets on the market.  The price compared to others is to die for and the functionality is awesome. Whatever you think of any other platform out there - android, apple, windows - is irrelevant because this TouchPad runs on an amazing user-friendly system that is even better!  


This is definitely the tablet for a savvy online shopper.

The HP TouchPad was released first in the middle of 2011 and after a few teething difficulties, became so popular that obtaining one became something of an issue.  However, all of that seems to be in the past and now the HP TouchPad is here and is truly amazing.


HP TouchPad - Some of its amazing characteristics

  1. It features a wonder operating system called the WebOS which is so intuitive and simple to use.  You can use flash applications on it which is definitely a one-up on the IPad which turns its nose up on Adobe Flash which most people use on a daily basis for a wide range of activities.
  2. You can multitask on this tablet – we live in busy times and tend to use a multitude of applications at the same time.  The HP TouchPad is designed to live and thrive under these conditions
  3. You can pick up your email, browse the web, read some books, listen to music, chat on Facebook, look through your photos, stay on time with your calender and use all your Microsoft office applications.  It is amazingly adaptable to a wide range of uses.
  4. The sound bears a separate mention as it features BeatsAudio and stereo speakers making it one of the best tablets on the market for sound.  Imagine watching your movies on here (which incidentally, you can rent and watch on your HP TouchPad)
  5. You can even make video calls from your new Tablet – Isn't that just great?


A satisfied HP Touch Pad Customer

“At the end of the day, you are going to use a tablet for two things: e-mail and browsing. And the Touchpad does a great job at that. You might even listen to music or watch a movie on it, and with Beats Audio, the TouchPad might be the best on the market.”



More characteristics

6.           It is light and portable – Carry your life around with you at all times!

7.            It has Bluetooth and Wifi so you are connected at all times (subject to your provider)



HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 32 GB 9.7-Inch Tablet Computer

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HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 16 GB 9.7-Inch Tablet Computer

Get more done with the HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 16GB, a tablet designed to work like you do. Connect, play, surf and share more easily. Stay organized by grouping your related ...

Only $250.0

How to Buy your HP TouchPad

The HP TouchPad is an amazing alternative to the IPad and provides a great resource for less money.  Thanks to the great Amazon, you can get it right now online.  No point waiting around – Just imagine all the things you can do with it…


Updated: 12/29/2011, MuminBusiness
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