I love my Magic Bullet Nutribullet

by CherylsArt

This is my Nutribullet by Magic Bullet review. The Nutribullet has pretty much replaced my juicer. I love fresh juice too, but now I also get more fiber.

The Nutribullet is quick at blending and pureeing fruits and vegetables, and it is also pretty quiet. There are also less parts to clean, than when I was making fresh juice with a juicer. I've owned two juicers, previous to this, and also a hand held stick blender. Compared to them, the this food emulsifier comes out on top.

I've owned both centrifugal and masticating juicers, and a hand held immersion blender,

all for better nutrition.

 They did have their benefits, and I found them helpful. But with each one, I got a little clearer on what it was that I wanted. Sometimes you don't know until you've experienced something. Then that experience helps you make a better choice the next time.

Some things that were important to me, that helped me to clarify what I wanted, was less noise. The centrifugal juicer that I owned, was very noisy. Clean up was also more involved than I really liked.

The second thing that I wanted, was easier clean up. That led to the purchase of the masticating juicer. I really liked it. The juice was great, it was less noisy, and clean up was easier. The one thing I didn't like so much, was the pitching of the unused fiber of the fruits and vegetables.

So, for the most part, I used my immersion hand held blender to make me a smoothie, on most mornings. I also used it to blend portions of creamy soups. So it was a winner with me, for a long time. Then it broke. It was time to replace it, and it was already my second one, each one lasting about a couple of years.

I read up on them on the internet, and found out, that a couple of years was pretty standard for their life span.

The question was, "Did I want another immersion blender, or something else?" I gave it some thought for about a week, and decided that I did want something else. I couldn't really blend denser vegetables, or ice with it. I had been seeing a lot of ads for big blenders, and did some more research.

The big nutrition blenders that can handle the denser vegetables, were upwards of $300.

They also took up a lot more counter space, than I was willing to give to it.

Enter the Magic Bullet Nutribullet.

This blender has an extractor blade, a flat blade, various cups, and lids, and a screw on handle.

The extractor blade is the one that emulsifies the fruit and vegetables. The flat blade is used to mill dry ingredients into powders.

My favorite use so far, is making smoothies. It takes me less than 30 seconds to make a well blended smoothie with a smooth texture. The handle screws on and the mixing container becomes my beverage container.

The size was also a good fit for my counter space.

It blends anything I want, including dense vegetables, and I get the added benefit of the fiber.

There is a lot less food waste that goes into the garbage, which means more nutrition for me and my family.
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What do you want to do with your fruits and vegetables?

If you are wanting fresh home made juice, there are two types of juicers to choose from.

Centrifugal and Masticating.

A centrifugal juicer spins the produce around at a high speed, throwing it against the sides where it meets the cutting edges. The juice goes through the holes and the pulp is ejected through a larger opening.

A masticating juicer slowly churns the produce into a pressure channel, forcing it to break apart. The juice is squeeze out of the produce as it passes through. I have read that juice made this way retains more of the nutrients.

The Breville is one of the highest rated centrifugal juicers on Amazon.

The Omega is one of the highest rated masticating juicers on Amazon.
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I usually make one of two types of smoothies now.

With greens or without greens. Here is my basic recipe.

Start with:

With either one, I usually start with  a banana and another fruit of choice.

Choose greens or not:

From that point, I either add some greens, or not. I found that I like adding frozen greens, they make the beverage colder. And they keep longer than fresh greens in the refrigerator.


Then I add some honey and milled flax seed, about a tablespoon each.

Choose the liquid, enough to cover the ingredients without going over the max fill line.

If I added greens, then I use cold water as the liquid. I use a Brita pitcher stored in the fridge for fresh cold water.

If I didn't add greens, then I use vanilla coconut milk as the liquid.

Make sure the ingredients don't go beyond the fill line.

Then blend. Voila.

p.s. I've read that coconut milk is more nutritious for people, than milk from cows. I have found that my body responds a lot better to coconut milk than cows milk, so it's a winning combination for me.

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Updated: 06/05/2013, CherylsArt
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