Ideas for Eerie and Weird Halloween Decor

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Every year people are on lookout for evil, gory and sinister ways to celebrate the festival of dead. Here are some ideas for eerie and weird Halloween decor.

Halloween at the end of October inspires all, especially the cyber-folks who are busy churning out spooky clip art with unique Halloween themes. Most popular themes such as Disney Halloween decorations, giant spiders, cobwebs or plain simple witchcraft, mummies and skeletons are extremely loved and admired by people.

Halloween decor effort can be organized with affordable but outstanding graphics and spooky clip art. This way much more time can be utilized in investing cheap Halloween decor by building spooky and zesty material that comes with free graphics.

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My Take on Halloween

Though I am scared of ghosts I still enjoy celebrating the Halloween holiday, it just transcends you into a different scary world of demons and encountering them has made me somewhat brave? This is an occasion to act crazy, frighten and be frightened. Have fun with wonderful scary themes of bats, Jack O lanterns and be closer to the spirits than any other time of the year.

Knowing the Origin of Halloween Celebrations

Halloween is actually a holiday celebrated on the night of October 31st. It is known for a day when ghosts are supposed to appear, to avoid any harm from the dead people of the past, the humans camouflage themselves as ghosts and mingle with them.

This is the prevalent story and although the origin is traced back to Historian Nicholas Rogers, who notes that though some of the folks believe the origin of this festive celebration dates back to the Roman feat of Pomona, the goddess of fruits and seeds , it is more connected with the Celtic festival of Samhain. The ancient festival of the dead known as Parentalia in olden days have become a night of spooky events in which people entertain themselves with scary costumes and Halloween sweets made of pumpkins.

Youngsters go from door to door asking for a treat or trick. The message narrated is- if you are not giving a treat than get ready for a trick where the youngster can play a spooky trick on you.  It is widely celebrated in US and people have fun in other parts of the world too – mostly in UK and Canada.

Epic Celebrations for Halloween

Recent study shows that from the men and women who were surveyed, over half of the population from the American continent spent at least $10 to purchase a costume. Kids would go for “Trick or Treat” using a Halloween basket even if it costs over and above $5. This implies that Halloween sales will certainly reach over $6 billion and will be comparatively either the same or a bit more due to recession.

The online Halloween sales will also see a jump due to awareness and usage of the internet. This certainly means that using a specific Halloween based themes; you can certainly boost up your garage sales and get rid of your old unwanted furniture and other items.


Spooky Clip-art for Artistic Halloween Decor


Spooky clip art comes in various forms with the images of gothic and horror forms including frightening costumes from the horror movie characters. Scarecrow, vampires, spooky pumpkins, corn husks can be used as classic cases for spooky themes. Free images and animated graphics can be downloaded from the internet and the theme for Halloween decorations can be based on death, evil faces, occult and magical appearances and disappearances.

Mythical monsters, scary witches, werewolves and demons with creativity can be used as a theme for the costumes and decor. Use handmade cardboards, wall hangings for depicting the pictures of spooky black cats and ghosts. Use pumpkin lanterns to highlight spooky clip art and twinkling, tweaking lights for demons and skeletons. Halloween colors such as black and orange give great contrast, they can be used to magnify the dim figure or image on a wall with the use of a lantern. 

What theme do you want to celebrate Halloween this year?

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Decoration with Eerie Halloween Themes

Men and women enjoy the Halloween night spirit more with Halloween Group themes decorations set up in their homes with carved pumpkins, witches, skeletons and spooky candles.

Though the original thought of celebration was to ward off evil and mask the human faces to mingle with the spirits - now, people do it basically for the suspense, excitement and fun. Weeks prior to Halloween night, individuals go out and buy spooky costumes and props. Peculiar to the Halloween day celebrations, the most sought after costumes are ones that have the skeletons, ghosts, vampires, witches and devils designed.

If you have got the time to invest in some antique Halloween decorations, search for some real, authentic lost material on old stores. You can either dress up as an old movie ghost or make your own personal costume theme based on a television show or the dead characters from the horror movies and fiction.

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