Imitation Crab Meat Recipe - Crab Cakes on a Budget

by chefmancave

What can you do with that package of fake crab meat? Our imitation crab meat recipe for ManCave crab cakes will give you that authentic crab cake taste at a fraction of the cost.

Let’s face it. If you are looking for recipes using imitation crab meat then you are on a tight budget. Don’t be ashamed. I am right there with you. At $20 to $25 per pound, fresh crab meat is outside our food budget. Crab cake aficionados will scoff at the idea of using imitation crab meat, but our ManCave Crab Cakes are delicious, simple to make and sure to satisfy your crab cake cravings.

ManCave Crab Cakes

Imitation Crab Meat Recipes
Imitation Crab Meat Recipe for ManCave Crab Cakes
Imitation Crab Meat Recipe for ManCave Crab Cakes
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Imitation Crab Meat Recipe for ManCave Crab Cakes

Prep time 30 min  -  Total time 40 min
Ingredients for 4 servings
1 lb of imitation crab meat (flaked)  • 1 egg  • ½ cup of breadcrumbs  • 2 Tbsp of chives  • ¼ cup of mayonnaise  • 1 Tbsp of Dijon mustard  • 1 Tbsp of Worcestershire sauce  • ½ teaspoon of hot sauce  • Canola or Peanut Oil for cooking

Crab Mixture

In a steel mixing bowl, beat the egg. Add the mayonnaise, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, and hot sauce. Stir with a fork. Add imitation crabmeat (flaked or broken up), bread crumbs and chives. Continue stirring with a fork until well mixed. Form the mixture into small patties about 1 ½ inches in diameter. You should have 8 – 10 patties.

Chill in Refrigerator

Place patties on a baking sheet and refrigerate for 15 – 30 minutes. This will allow the cakes to firm slightly.

Cooking Instructions

Put a small amount of light oil in a large fry pan and place on medium heat. Allow the oil to heat for 20 to 30 seconds. Place 4 to 5 chilled crab cakes in the heated pan. Cook for 4 minutes without moving the cakes. Turn and cook the opposite side for 4 minutes. Repeat the process until all the crab cakes are cooked.

Serve warm with a crab cake sauce of your choice.

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What is Imitation Crab Meat?

Fair question. For the most part, imitation crab meat is processed Pollock (a white fish). The Pollock meat is pulverized and shaped into sticks or chunks. Producers will add a variety of flavorings and dyes to give the meat a more authentic appearance. Nutritionally speaking, imitation crab meat retains the benefits of seafood but unfortunately it usually includes high levels of sodium. The average price is $3.50 per pound.

Does it Taste Good?

Opinions differ on taste. One point is clear. Imitation crab meat does not taste as good as fresh crab. Some people claim that even stray cats will not eat it. Other people are satisfied by the similar taste to real crab. The final judge will be you and your eaters. Our imitation crab meat recipe includes ingredients to boost the flavor. Mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce all serve to help the underwhelming taste of the imitation crab meat.

One Pot Chef Crab Cake Video

Final Thoughts

I have tasted many “Best Crab Cakes in Town” recipes. Indeed, they are more flavorful than ManCave Crab Cakes. They also carry a hefty price tag. When it comes to making a decent crab cake on a budget, our imitation crab meat recipe is a worthy substitute. Think of the millions of fish sandwiches served by fast food restaurants each year and you will become a fan of ManCave Crab Cakes.

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chefmancave on 12/29/2013

Right back at you...

chefmancave on 12/29/2013

The imitation crabmeat may contain gluten ingredients. You would have to check the package for details. I read somewhere that Trans-Ocean offers gluten-free packages. Not sure though.

AbbyFitz on 12/24/2013

I've never tried imitation because I'm not much of a shellfish eater si I didn't think I'd like it. I wonder if it's gluten free. If it is, I think I'd like to give this recipe a go.

teddletonmr on 12/24/2013

Happy New Year!

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