Important Documents to Consider Before End of Lease Cleaning

by Penny_Smith

Some important points to take note of when your at the end of your lease.

Many renters and tenants aren't aware of their rights let alone the legal paperwork that comes with renting. It can be confusing for some but there are a few points that you want to take into consideration before you move in. One of the most important documents to take into account is the condition report.

What is a Condition Report?

When you move out of a rental property you will have to fill out a legal document called a 'condition report'. Why does a condition report need to be filled out you ask? Well for the main reason to avoid disaster when it comes to end of lease cleaning problems.

For example; let’s say you move into a property that has lots of wall marks. Now, you you know in your heart that you didn’t mark the walls but how does the real estate know that? Simple, a legal document called ‘the condition report’.

The condition report is a legal document that the courts look to for evidence for the overall condition of any property when it comes time for renters to move in and out.

Another point to remember is don’t feel obligated to clean items and areas that weren’t clean when you moved in. End of lease cleaning is hard enough let alone cleaning up after someone else. If the agent points out an area that isn’t up to their standard you can refer back to the condition report and your notes and point out that it was like that when you moved in. If they try and take you to court they won’t have a leg to stand on and the judge will rule against them.

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Filling in the condition report and Why it Relates to End of Lease Cleaning

Filling in the condition report

It’s fairly self explanatory document which is great for first time renters however what you really need to do is fill out the report in detail.What I mean by ‘in detail’ is put down every little mark and any bit of damage whatsoever otherwise it will come back and bite you at the end of your lease. I’ve seen countless tenants lose their bond money simply because they didn't fill out the condition report in detail.

The judge rules against them ordering them to pay for damages and cleaning costs. The tenants had every opportunity in the world to fill out a condition report however they never really took notice and most of the time never even knew that there was such a document.

In most cities and countries you have up to a couple of weeks to fill out the report. In Melbourne most agents give you a week so, so take your time in filling out the report in detail. By law you’re allowed to take the condition report home and scour through the property to make sure nothing is out of line.

If you don’t agree with any of the comments that the agent has made in the report contact the correct legal bodies in your town/city to make them amend the comments.  Don’t feel threatened or pushed by the agent as this is your right.

Updated: 04/25/2012, Penny_Smith
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