Important Needs of a Child in thier Growth Development

by RobertKeith

From the moment a child is developing in the womb, the sensory perception of a child is being imposed upon by their surroundings.

Before long, the dark womb becomes a world of vast enlightenment, where every sense is being pushed to the limits to allow the child to experience, learn and begin to interact in their new babyhood environment. This is an amazing segment of the child’s life as they struggle to communicate, connect with their parents and make sense of what is happening in their surroundings. As a child continues to grow and acquire insight into their world, there arises certain needs that are essential to the proper growth and development of this thriving being.

Warmth and Sensitivity

A newborn child desperately needs a connection with someone who loves them. Showing a child warmth and sensitivity, rather than exposing them to a harsh and cruel environment, is a critical component to their ability to thrive and develop properly. Every cell in a human being thrives in a caring environment. Excessively stressful environments, on the other hand, cause cells to fail to thrive. When an infant’s cells are healthy and thriving, this makes it far more easy for the child to thrive and grow as well. This is why a loving, calm, compassionate environment is optimal for a developing child. There will be enough time, later in life, to learn about the harsh realities of the world in which they live. When they are young, they should be allowed to enjoy the happiness of childhood without too much stress being imposed on them. 

School Age Child Painting With Her Hands
School Age Child Painting With Her Hands


When it comes to a child developing a healthy emotional state, the primary foundation for healthy emotions is for the child to be taught how to appreciate what is available to them. Too many children grow up with chronic feelings of dissatisfaction; yet, certain children seem to have the ability to cope and thrive in nearly any situation. These children typically have an uncanny ability to appreciate what they have and appreciate what life has to offer. They grow and thrive because the world is truly their oyster, and they understand the full implications of pausing to appreciate the value of things that exist in their environment. When a child is introduced to this type of appreciative mindset, it gives them a huge advantage over their peers. A sense of appreciation will cause a child to pause to value and understand the intricate details of things in their environment that other children would not even remotely be impressed by. Appreciative children, those who truly grasp how to harness their appreciative mindset, can find options and richly tap creativity that other children simply cannot. This is because when you appreciate and care about things, you examine them far more deeply. This creates more flexibility of thought and understanding over time as you begin to grasp the implications of what you are observing. Yet, too few parents teach their children to appreciate their surroundings from an early age. As a result, these children tend to devalue, rather than value, what life has to offer. 

Nutrition and Exercise

Keeping kids away from too many sweets, breads and pastas and making sure they eat more healthy meats, fats, fruits and vegetables is the foundation of a healthy diet. Sprouts are even good for kids, since they are jam packed with even more nutritional value than fully grown vegetables. All this healthy eating, however, is not going to be very productive without complementing a good diet with adequate exercise. Children need to spend more time outside playing and working their muscles. It is common knowledge that this is good for the heart and the child’s circulatory health. What is not so common knowledge, however, is that the lymphatic system, a part of the body that requires regular movement to detox the body of waste, only works properly when kids are running, jumping and moving around. Otherwise, waste and toxins can build up in a child’s body and this can become a major cause of unnecessary chronic illness. Keep in mind, the lymphatic system does not have a heart like the circulatory system does. So, regular movement is not just advised, it is down right critical to a child’s health and well being as they develop and grow. 

Adequate Sleep

There is nothing more crucial to a child’s development and growth than good old fashioned sleep. The body is designed to respond to light. When the sun goes down, the body is trying to shut down and relax. The child’s system wants to prepare for the parasympathetic nervous system to take over and begin the rest and repair phase of the bodily functions that are supposed to occur at night. Parents often wreck this aspect of their child’s health by allowing them to watch television and engage electronic devices before bedtime. The blue light from these devices triggers the serotonin production that keeps children awake when they should be sleeping. Alternatively, some parents allow their children to ingest caffeine, a stimulant, before bedtime. Little do parents know, the failure to get adequate sleep is one of the primary reasons why their kids are presenting behavioral problems and doing poorly in school. The child’s parasympathetic nervous system phase has been dramatically interrupted, so it is inevitable that the child will be cranky, not feel good and not be able to focus on their studies. Long term exposure to inadequate sleep can lead to even more dramatic health concerns. It is therefore best to provide every child with age appropriate sleep to allow their parasympathetic nervous system to do its critical work.

Updated: 05/19/2018, RobertKeith
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