Incipio Destroyer or Otterbox Defender

by Spondicious

Choosing a case for your iPad. There are so many out there that it is not easy to decide which one to buy. There are different materials, hard case or soft case and does it include

Incipio Destroyer

The case is made from Zytel which is a nylon based material. As with many of these things the manufacturers claim that it is military grade, it is not that you will be shooting anyone or blowing up anything but that is is supposed to be stronger. 

The destroyer is a protective case that gives you a screen cover to look after the screen and a hard case for the knocks and then a silicone layer which is there to filter out the shocks that it might get when being moved around. Mind you there is nothing better than to take care of your gear, but I suppose some environments are bound to be more destructive than others.

With this sort of case you will breathe a little easier knowing that if the unthinkable accident does happen then it will more than likely survive the drop or fall.

The moulding of the case needs a little bit of a wipe down when you get it so that there is no residue of the laser cutting process left to mess up the connections off the parts. There are also screws that you have to tighten up and this comes with an allen key to use for the job.

Tweaking the box to suit the fit that you want for the box

A bit of careful cutting of the silicone can be needed to get the fit you want is you are really fussy with the way it goes together. Also the outside case where the USB connects up might want to be opened up slightly. Most users are happy enough with the way it comes in the box.

Otterbox Defender

The Otterbox is a handy case because it comes with a built in stand for your iPad also. it isn't water proof but it would have a good chance of stopping some splashes of liquid hitting your iPad. The silicone pads on the bottom of the case stop the your iPad slipping when you are trying to do something with it, like using the on screen keyboard of even if you are just watching a movie.

For business use the Otterpad has some advantages for use in places where a good sturdy case is essential. Some people don't look after things well and look after things even worse if it doesn't belong to them. So even more reason to use a hard case to keep the iPad in good condition.

In some ways these cases are similar in that they are both hard cases with silicone as the cushion layer. The Otterbox is made from polycarbonite which is pretty strong stuff too.

Which case would you buy for your iPad? The Destroyer or the Defender?

Which of these cases would you prefer

Updated: 05/30/2011, Spondicious
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celeBritys4africA on 07/04/2011

One vote up.

cosmopinkice on 05/30/2011

Great information. A great, durable case for an iPad is a must, especially if you have children or live an active lifestyle. I'm sure they have improved with the quality and with the selection. It's nice to have reviews of products before buying.

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