Otterbox iPad 2 Case

by potpiegirl

The Otterbox is one of the toughest cases around. Let's look at the Otterbox for the iPad 2.

I'm rough on my iPad 2. I expect to be as durable as I am and survive all that I put it through (and my KIDS put it through). I wanted a great case for my iPad 2 - and the Otterbox Defender was it.

Let's talk about the Otterbox Defender case for an Ipad 2.

I've got an overview video, some pros and cons...and some links to great prices.

To me, an Otterbox Defender is the BEST ipad case around! Let me show you why.

Business = Travel...and my iPad 2 Survives!

Business Jet Aircraft Parked at Airport

Do You Already Have an Otterbox Case?

Otterbox Video Review

What I Like... and Don't Like About My Otterbox Case

First off, this Otterbox case for my iPad 2 is TOUGH...and I really, really like that.

otterbox-ipad-2-case-backI spent a lot of money on my iPad and I am determined to protect it so it lasts for as long as possible.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, my kids are sometimes using my iPad 2 and well, they're kids...and kids can be rough on things.

(not sure they are harder on it than *I* am tho, lol!)

With this iPad2 case from Otterbox on my iPad, I just feel better.  I know it will tolerate all that I (and my kids) can put this amazing gadget through.

This Otterbox case also has a handy stand on the back making it easier to type and it's REALLY nice when you're watching a movie.  We fly a lot and the stand makes it really easy to watch movies on my iPad 2 while we are in flight.

The Otterbox also PROTECTS my iPad while I am doing the whole mumbo-jumbo at the airport.  Going through security, throwing it in the bins or in my purse...or dropping it (gasp!) - the Otterbox has me covered.

This is a solid iPad 2 case - hands down just awesome.

Now, this case doesn't really add much weight to it, but you will know it is on.  Because the case is so good at protecting your iPad, it does add a touch of extra bulk.

The only extra thing I did was to add a ZAGG screen cover sheet to the face of my iPad 2.  To me, this extra protection is well worth it.

Some people think the ZAGG iPad 2 cover is too difficult to put on.  However, if you follow these instructions exactly on the product page, it will work like a charm.

Also, some people in the reviews of the Otterbox Defender claim that this iPad case doesn't fit the iPad 2.

Yes, it does.  This particular Otterbox is made specifically for the iPad 2 (has a spot for the camera and all that cool stuff that the iPad 2 has that the original iPad does not have).

There are a TON of reviews on this Otterbox iPad 2 case, read them all on the product page.

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Updated: 03/14/2012, potpiegirl
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techne on 03/14/2012

Awesome ipad case. Case is very essential to protect your device. Agree with comment a good case is one in which all ports and controls can be accessed even when device is in case. Read information about ipad technology on <a href="">techno</a>.

iNprostore on 01/28/2012

As an Ipad Owner myself, all I can say is that I fully understand the benefits of having a good quality iPad case. It is a must from day one if you want to protect your device. One of the good things about most of the cases I have come across is that all ports and controls can be accessed even when your ipad is still in its case.

potpiegirl on 12/15/2011

Thank you so much, Jase. It was totally time for a make-over for my blog.

Yes, this is a great cover. If you don't need quite as much protection, the Reflex case from Otterbox is great too. Thanks for stopping by AND for sharing!!

Kangaroo_Jase on 12/15/2011

Hi Jennifer,
I don't own an iPad myself but I know quality suggestions when I see it and I have forwarded on the URL to this page to one of my blogs.
I've been over your blog too and REALLY like the new layout you have there. Looks clean, layered out for easy to digest updates and I can find information on the blog easier than I did before.
Success to you in 2012

potpiegirl on 12/13/2011

"Heart palpitations" - EXACTLY! Every time the 7 year-old picks it up.....

I loved my first generation iPad too - so much, in fact, that I bought a 2 and gave my hubby my original. He's happy - I'm happy.. it works =)

Thanks for stopping by!

nightowl on 12/13/2011

I only have the first generation iPad, which I love dearly nonetheless (as do my little kids...). After trying several cheaper cases I eventually caved in and got an Otterbox Defender case. I can attest that this is the way to go if you tote your iPad around or don't want to get heart palpitations every time a kid picks up your beloved gadget.

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