iPhone Gloves - Texting Gloves That Work

by potpiegirl

You can't wear gloves AND use your iPhone or touchscreen device. Here's a solution!

Sooner or later, it's gonna happen.

It's cold, you're outside or driving in your car. You have gloves on so your fingers don't freeze off.

Then, it happens... You need to use your iPhone or touchscreen phone (or your GPS) but it doesn't work if you have traditional gloves on.

Ack! Now what?

Texting Gloves

A Modern Solution to a Modern Problem


iphone texting gloves

Here's the answer:  iPhone gloves

Yes!  Special texting gloves that work with your iPhone or whatever touchscreen gadget you are trying to use.

And let me tell you - they're pretty handy AND make a great gift!

Watch the video below to learn how these texting gloves work.

(warning:  The guy is kinda silly, but it's a good video review)

iPhone Gloves from Agloves Video Review

Agloves Texting Gloves

Aglove Sport M/L touchscreen gloves, iPhone gloves, texting gloves

Agloves Sport are soft, warm, stretchy and slightly fuzzy knitted gloves made a bit thicker than the original Agloves for added warmth.With top-rated precision and accuracy in ...

Only $7.95
Aglove Sport S/M touchscreen gloves, iPhone gloves, texting gloves

Agloves Sport are soft, warm, stretchy and slightly fuzzy knitted gloves made a bit thicker than the original Agloves for added warmth.With top-rated precision and accuracy in ...

Only $7.95
Aglove Bamboo S/M touchscreen gloves, iPhone gloves, texting gloves

Agloves Bamboo. What's better than a smarter glove? A smarter, greener glove. Introducing Agloves Bamboo, a revolutionary touchscreen glove design that allows users full ...

Only $6.99

iPhone Gloves

Dot Gloves of Touch Screen for Iphone 4 & 4s / Ipad / Ipod Touch, Blackberry, HTC and Other ...

NOTE: 1 Pair, two gloves in Package; Touch screen works when the mobile measure the change of the capacitance to feel the touch operation, it is quite different when you wear ...

Touch Screen Gloves for iPhone iPod Winter Protection Black

This allows the use of touchscreen devices such as iphones, ipods, ipads, blackberry, samsung, HTC, Sat navs, PDA's and other capacitive devices.

Phone Smart Touch Screen Texting Gloves (One size fits all) - Keeps Your Hands Warm While ...

Keep your hands warm in the winter and effortlessly use your touch screen phone at the same time! Each order includes 2 gloves (1 pair). Until now, those with a touch screen ...


How Do iPhone Gloves Work?

Gloves that work with your iPhone have silver thread woven into the glove.

This enables you to make a connection with your touchscreen device.

Now, don't get all freaked out thinking that these gloves will be rough or itchy - they're not.  The strings of this silver thread is very, very fine.  They do the trick, but YOU feel like you are wearing a normal pair of gloves.

They also do NOT scratch your iPhone or anything like that. They're warm and soft - and actually help PREVENT smudges and fingerprints on your phone or gadget.

Now, if you don't want a set of NEW gloves....

There are also little texting dots you can add to normal gloves you already have.  While these work, they only give you very specific points of contact to work your gadget.

Not Saying *I* Do This

But not saying I *don't* either ;)
Woman Driving Car, Adjusting Mirror, Applying Make-up, and Talking on Cell Phone with Multiple Arms

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Can You Make Your Own Texting Gloves?

You sure CAN make your own iPhone gloves!

Other than buying a new pair of gloves or those texting dots to stick on, you can also get some of that metal-like thread and sew it into any ol' pair of winter gloves.

Again, it's not a perfect solution, but just might be "good enough".

Here's a video showing how to make your own touchscreen gloves.

DIY iPhone Gloves Video Instructions

iPhone Gloves and Oprah?

Oh yeah, Oprah certainly is on the iPhone gloves kick too!   Once she realized how awesome they are, she added them to her famous Oprahs' Favorite Things list for Holiday Gifts under $50.

The pair Oprah picked is the red pair shown on the right.  They also come in other colors - pink, black, tan, and gray.

Note:  The Iphone compatible gloves I have are a bit different from these Oprah likes.  The pair Oprah picked only has sensors on the thumb and index finger.  Mine have sensors on all fingers (not sure it matters to you, but thought I'd point that out).

The iPhone Gloves Oprah Picked

Best Holiday Gift under $50
Echo Design Women's Basic Touch Glove

Keep your hands warm while you keep in touch, this glove is touchscreen compatible, which are usable on phones, mp3 players, tablets, and more

Echo Design Women's Basic Touch Glove, Madder Red, Large

Echo's basic touch glove for touch screen devises. Keep your hands warm while you keep in touch with echo's touch glove. Echo touch gloves are engineered specifically with the ...


More Gloves for Women

There are many styles and brands of iPhone gloves - you're sure to find something that is both visually apealling to you AND works well.

Isotoner makes a nice pair and is a brand name that is well-known for quality gloves.

I also think the pink and black FreeHands gloves are really cute (they're micro-fur.....ohhhhh nice!).  You can also get them in black with black fur or black with purple fur. 

And For The Men...

yes, men like texting gloves too!

My guys all have iPhones and really appreciate having gloves that work on their iPhone.

Isotoner also has a good pair of iPhone gloves for men.  So does TimberLand (I've heard these aren't very warm - More mid-weight).

But like the other texting gloves I've talked about, these gloves only have the thread sensors on the thumbs and index fingers (in case that matters).

iPhone Gloves for Men

Isotoner Men's Smartouch Fleece Lined Glove,Black,Large

Introducing Isotoner gloves with smarTouch technology. This new technical innovation allows you to operate handheld touchscreen devices while wearing gloves! The sleek, ...

Timberland Touch Screen Mens Gloves (L/XL)

Use your touch screen device in cold weather without getting cold hands - Brand New Technology.


Summing Up

I really am glad I took a chance and got a pair of these.  Yes, like you, I thought it was a silly idea at first.

I mean, c'mon - how hard IS it to take your gloves off?

And then... it got cold and I was driving with gloves on and I couldn't even work the touchscreen radio and gps in my car without taking my gloves OFF (very annoying).

Then I realized ALL the gadgets I have that require me to remove my gloves in order to operate them.  I can't even answer my phone with normal gloves on (very VERY annoying).

These gloves are nice and simple solution to my annoying problem.

I can also work my iPod, my iPad 2, my iPhone... hmmm, I have a lot of i-gadgets...lol!

Once I discovered how well these work they become an immediate gift/stocking stuffer idea for my whole i-family.

As much as *my* kids text, I probably should've gotten them THREE pairs each (and as often as they tend to lose things...sigh).

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this page helped keep YOUR hands a bit warmer!

Be sure to scroll on down and let me know what YOU think  =)

What Do YOU Think About iPhone/Texting Gloves?

Updated: 12/06/2012, potpiegirl
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james smith on 10/09/2017

get free iphone 8 : https://goo.gl/ucxEjR

taylor429 on 01/01/2015

Be it any part of the world, people have become too gadget friendly…where iphones and ipads are the indispensable parts of our lives. But then, a mere thought of removing my gloves and accessing my iphone in the cold gives me shivers…Thank God Touchscreen Gloves are here. So keep your fingers warm and cozy…with an ultra-stylish and highly useful pair of iphone gloves

tomaz on 04/10/2012

Wow, I definitely need one of these! Great idea!

techne on 03/14/2012

Great idea. Very funny (butcher gloves). Idea of making gloves is very interesting.

pcdman on 01/31/2012

great idea and something i might invest in. could do with a pair today because it's freezing here in the UK

potpiegirl on 12/21/2011

I love it here at Wizzley!

ChrisCD on 12/20/2011

Hey, there. I saw this on SocialAdr. I actually get your updates at home. So how are you liking SocialAdr and Wizzley is new to me, as well.

And I was just thinking this morning that someone needed to create gloves to work with touch screens. I had to take my gloves off to use the phone this morning and it was cold. :O)

potpiegirl on 12/19/2011

I can barely walk and chew gum so using my phone while driving is TOTALLY out of the question for me (law or no law... it's Jennifer's Law...lol!), but just being able to change the radio station in my car without taking my gloves off is a BIG plus for me.

Marie on 12/19/2011

Great idea. I use my iphone in the car (not while driving!) and it's getting too cold not to have gloves on.

potpiegirl on 12/15/2011

The gloves work with all my touchscreen gadgets. Now, I don't have a nook, but I do have a Kindle as well as all the i-gadgets AND the gps/radio in my car.

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