Independence Day Party

by blackspanielgallery

Independence DAy, the Fourth of July, is usually celebrated with a patriotic party or gathering. Make your party fun and successful.

Independence day, the Fourth of July, comes during the summer, so celebrations are often picnic events for friends and family, or are outdoor public events with fireworks and music provided. Of course if it is too hot, or to be safe that rain will not spoil your event, an indoor party is an acceptable alternative.

Regardless of whether you are having an indoor or outdoor event, food is usually hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, and other traditional picnic food. So, what will you need for your party, provided you are not going to a large even that provides food, and how will you show your spirit?

A Hat Or a Cap Is a Good Start

Patriotic hats can be a good way to get into the spirit.  These add a nice touch no matter what the event, public gathering or family and friends picnic.  Inexpensive hats are good for a one time wearing, and nice patriotic caps can be worn on a daily basis.   


Inexpensive hats for the entire gathering is a simple touch a host can provide to add to the atmosphere of the party.  And they make a nice party favor for any children who attend.

Serving Pieces with a Patriotic Theme

Paper plates, cups, napkins, and bowls are each a decorating opportunity.  Choose patriotic themed serving pieces.  And there are also red, white and blue utensils available for a nice detail. 


Matched pieces can be found in kits, just be aware of what is included in the kit.  Some include cups, others do not.  And some include tablecloths, but many do not.  And buy enough for the number of guests you are hoping will attend, and allow some extra pieces for accidents.

Serving Bowls

Picnics often have chips, and other snack foods.  Serve these in patriotic themed bowls which can be found in plastic for an inexpensive alternative.

Patriotic Decorations

Set out patriotic decorations.  This can include banners, table centerpieces, and even balloons.  And flags are always appropriate.  And of the party is at night, lights may be needed.


Cupcake Toppers

Cupcakes seem to be one of the fun foods served at parties.  Make them decorative with cupcake toppers.  These can be easily found, and although they are inexpensive they can be added to a larger order of party supplies without adding much or anything to shipping.


Inflatable Cooler

Inflatable coolers are decorative, and can add much to the atmosphere.  Just fill with ice and beverages.  Some can also be used for keeping food cold, such as salad.  The buffet style coolers are flat and work for both food and drink, the deep ones work well for drinks. 


The Cooking

The cooking is usually grilling, and focused on hamburgers and hot dogs.  For these, grilling baskets make the grilling easier.  A grilling basket can hold several burgers, and keep them from attaching to the grill itself or to each other.  The scraping, and damaging, of the burgers is eliminated, since the grilling basket can be lifted with the burgers inside and flipped.  This makes working over the hot flame shorter, and an entire basket of burgers can flip all at one time.  Even better is the burgers all spend the same amount of time cooking on a side, then on the other side.  None are burnt because you could not get to it faster.


Many grilling baskets come with long handles, so use of grilling tools is reduced to brushing sauce on the food.


Grilling baskets come in a variety of styles.  For a Fourth of July party you might consider the burger basket, the sausage basket for hot dogs, and the corn basket.


If you are doing a lot of cooking for a larger group, consider multiple baskets to reduce your overall cooking time.


Grilling baskets came with nonstick surfaces, and if you are using them you can also reduce time and effort of cleaning up.


Guests Needed

No matter how many decorations and serving pieces you have guests are necessary.  So, invite people to your party, and make your party a success.


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Updated: 06/15/2017, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 06/23/2017

The grilling basket are a sampling of what is available. There are deep, no handle vegetable baskets, and special baskets for fish. I picked what might be used on the occasion. I have written specifically on grilling baskets in another article.

DerdriuMarriner on 06/23/2017

blackspanielgallery, The pinwheels and the top hats are quite fetching. The grilling baskets for your suggested fare of burgers, corn-on-the-cob, hot dogs and salad are workable for first Memorial Day and then for July 4th.

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