Indian Wedding Dresses: Timeless Sophistication Combined With Contemporary Chic

by HollieT

Indian wedding dresses offer traditional glamour and ooze femininity. Discover why so many brides to be are turning to India for inspiration when it comes to their wedding gown.

It would be no exaggeration to refer to an Indian wedding as an explosion of color. Nevertheless, it isn't just the age old rituals, elaborate henna tattoos or the beautiful rose gold jewelry which creates such an exotic ambiance, but the Indian wedding dresses themselves.

In fact, Indian fashion has taken the world by storm in recent times. Indian fashion for her offers a heady cocktail of ultra feminine, timeless sophistication combined with classical yet contemporary chic. Not surprisingly, women the world over are looking to Indian wedding dresses for inspiration when it comes to the most important of gowns; their bridal gown.

India is, of course, a nation of cultural and religious diversity. Many of the country's native religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism are still widely practiced. Moreover, as India has seen many transients pass through her borders throughout history; traders, conquerors, travelers and missionaries, many non-native religions have become assimilated and socially accepted. As such, an Indian bridal gown will be largely determined by the bride's faith, and sometimes by the region to which she belongs.

Indian Wedding Dresses and Sikh Wedding Tradtions: Bridal Salwar-kameez and Lehenga-Choli.

Sikh brides will normally wear a bridal Salwar-Kameez or a Lehenga-Choli on their special day. The Salwar-Kameez is a combination of three pieces; the Salwar, which is a pair of loosely fitting trousers of sorts, that taper at the ankles and are tightly drawn at the bride's waist.

A Kameez is worn over the Salwar and normally drapes to the knees or just below. The third and final piece is the Dupatta, a matching scarf which can be worn over the shoulders or used to cover the head.  

Typically all three pieces of the bridal Salwar-kameez will be heavily embroidered and often jewel embellished. Traditionally a Sikh bride will wear red, however it is not uncommon to see variations of rose or fuchsia pink, lavender, purple and sometimes even green.

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The Lehenga-Choli is much more more revealing than the Salwar-Kameez, which ensures that the bride is covered from head to toe, yet equally as stunning.

The choli is a blouse like top garment, which is cropped above the navel and low cut at both the front and back of the garment, and will also have short sleeves.

The lehenga is a type of skirt, or fabric draped around the waist, and is ankle length. Both garments are usually worn with the dupatta; a stole or scarf like accessory.

Typically, a bridal Lehenga-Choli will be made from silk or other fine fabrics, and will also be intricately and elaborately decorated. 

In fact, the level of detail involved when it comes to embellishing a bridal Lehenga-Choli or Salwar-Kameez is really quite breathtaking.

Indian Wedding Dresses: Bridal Saris for Hindu and Christian Brides.

In Hindu tradition, the bride will wear two traditional saris on her wedding day. A  white sari, often made from the finest chiffon, which may be embellished with red or gold embroidery. Later, or at least during the celebrations, she will wear a red, decorative sari. 

The first sari, the white one, is traditionally given as a gift to the bride by her maternal uncles. The red sari on the other hand, is gifted by the family of the groom. 

The white sari represents purity, whilst the red sari represents fertility. 

Christian brides will frequently wear white, just as western brides do and will usually choose a sari over a Salwar-Kemeez or Lehenga-Choli.

The sari may be made from either silk or chiffon, but will almost certainly be painstakingly and intricately decorated. Epitomizing the glamour and classical beauty of Indian wedding dresses.


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younghopes on 01/11/2014

Just reminded of my own wedding dress- a beautiful lehenga in maroon and green color, i just love the wedding dresses and the brides of india look too stunning too

HollieT on 04/14/2013

Hi Katie,

The White one is lovely.

katiem2 on 04/12/2013

I like the white one as well

HollieT on 04/08/2013

Thank you, Dustytoes. I also love some of the Indian wedding gowns in the video.

dustytoes on 04/07/2013

The Indian wedding dresses are so stunning. You've shown some beauties here.

HollieT on 04/04/2013

The fabrics look lovely, Sheilamarie. But the embroidery and embellishments must take hours and hours. They're all hand stitched, I simply would not have the patience. :)

sheilamarie on 04/04/2013

Wow! What fabrics!

HollieT on 04/04/2013

I'd like to try them on too, Abby. Pretty sure they wouldn't look as good on me as on the models though. :)

AbbyFitz on 04/03/2013

These are so pretty. I love the white one. I'd love to try it on

HollieT on 04/03/2013

Thank you, Katie. :)

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