Gothic Wedding Dresses

by lou16

A Gothic wedding dress is a unique choice for a bride to wear on her wedding day whether she's actually a Goth or not.

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the best days of your life, but what if you don’t want the whole fairytale white wedding that society likes to keep portraying? Well that’s fine and if you’re after something a little darker like a Gothic inspired wedding then I have some great dresses for you.

Having flirted with the Goth scene in the 1980s we used to paraphrase Henry Ford by saying you could wear any color as long as it was black. As Goth evolved, however and there became more and more subcultures there was also an evolution in Goth fashion and the types of colors and styles used. Choosing a Gothic wedding dress is all about choosing a style of dress that suits you and feels good on you, after all Goth is a way of life not just a fashion statement.

If you’re not a Goth you can still wear a Gothic wedding dress as they really do offer a range of unique dresses from Medieval styles to Victorian styles, burlesque styles to Lolita punk styles. Let’s explore some of the different styles here

Long Black Gothic Wedding Dresses

When most people think Goth they think of the color black, but it’s not the only color that a Goth can wear, here, however I am going to show you some black Gothic wedding dresses here.

The corset top of this particular dress combined with the fuller skirt is a classic Romantic Goth look. This dress would look great paired with black Victorian lace up boots.

This look is all about romance which means that you could still wear Granny's pearls with it if you wanted to still continue with the "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" custom. Alternatively a black choker would also complete this wedding attaire beautifully.

This style of Gothic wedding dress could also be accompanied with a wedding bouquet of red roses to show your passionate and romantic side.

If you want to buy this or any other dress on this page (or just get more information on them) simply click on the image.

This black wedding dress is just that - a black wedding dress. It's actually not Gothic at all, however it's easy to add accessories to it to really make it stand out.

If you can find a cape to wear over this dress and a choker as jewelry then you'll definitely find it takes on a totally different 'look' than the one you see here.

Another look would be to add black lace gloves or arm warmers.

Then again you may just want to go for a vintage Goth look which means that your hair must be immecably in place, lips must be beautifully made up in bright red lipstick and you could add elbow length black silk gloves.

Made from taffeta this dress will certainly make a statement, however you want to wear it.



Black & White Gothic Wedding Dresses

Black and white are actually used together a lot in Gothic fashion when you think of it - black and white candy stripes for example.   It's hardly a surprise that you could combine the two colors so well for a wedding gown.   I've found two totally different black and white gowns that I think would be perfect for a Gothic wedding.


This first black and white gown is perfect for a Romantic Goth as the 'frothiness' of it really does set a very romantic feel to the gown.   

The bodice is white with thin black vertical stripes and then there's the gorgeous black floral embroidery, the effect is simply stunning and is sure to make the groom catch his breath when he first sees you.

In this picture the accessories are quite conservative, I would be inclined to look at wearing a choker or a cameo pendant, loose, flowing hair and as for the bouquet - play up on the black and white theme with a single black calla lily in the middle of white roses for example.   Alternatively you could have a single, pure white rose in the middle of a selection of black blooms.

This second black and white gown is a Renaissance Brocaded Jacquard gown and is another style that is very popular with the Medieval Gothic subculture.  

The gown is made from a smooth velvet which is really comfortable and the look is amazing.

The damask stylings incorporated on this Gothic wedding gown is easily translated to wedding invitations and wedding decorations as well which is definitely something to think about.

The style of dress is often seen with a circlet, but as it's a wedding dress I would suggest wearing a double band bridal tiara with it, loose hair and maybe a black or white mesh veil attached to the tiara.

Purple & Black Gothic Wedding Gowns

Purple is a very popular color to be combined with black in a Gothic wedding dress and there are a lot of different styles to choose from.

The first purple and black Gothic dress featured is very sexy.   The dress shows off the almost burlesque side that Goths can have and if you've got the right figure this Gothic wedding dress will make sure all eyes stay on you all day :)


purple and black gothic wedding dress

sexy gothic wedding dressThis next black and purple dress incorporates elements from the Vampire Goths so is very much a more fashionable side of Gothic fashion from a mainstream perspective.

If you want to have a little fun with this Vampire Goth gown then you could add a black top hat fascinator.   

At the end of the day creating a Goth look isn't just about buying a dress that you think looks Gothic, it's about adapting it to capture a piece of your personality.

The next purple and black Gothic wedding gown to choose from is a Gothic punk looking one which would be great for a casual wedding.

purple gothic wedding dress

Red & Black Gothic Wedding Dresses

black and red wedding dressRed has long been a color that Goths have enjoyed adding to their black ensembles as it's the color of blood.

This first red and black wedding dress is definitely a neo-Victorian Gothic look with the tight forearm look of the Edwardian era.   The slight leg-o-mutton sleeve seam and fitted bodice is all very Edwardian in looks.

If you've got long hair I would wear it piled up high on your head - it would look fantastic.

As you can see there are some fantastic Gothic wedding dress ideas here including the halter neck dress - definitely a different twist on Gothic gowns.

One of my personal favorites is just below - the long sleeved black and red dress with what looks like a fitted red bodice.   It almost makes me think of an Edwardian lady about to go horse riding!  If I was to get married again this is definitely on my short list of what I'd want to wear.


If you're more into the dark ages era of Gothic fashion then the medieval Gothic gown opposite is ideal.

The crushed velvet dress is all black at the back with back lace giving a lovely view and then when you see the front you experience the gorgeous deep red with the black jacquard pattern which is absolutely stunning.

The medieval Gothic look is evident in the generous long, wide sleeves which I must admit I'm always a sucker for!

Click on the image opposite for different views of this wedding gown.

Blue & Black Gothic Wedding Dresses

blue and black lolita dressThis first blue and black Gothic wedding dress is another one of my favorites - and quite different from the red and black one I like.

I love the fitted blue bodice combined with the medieval styled sleeves in black lace and the comfortable looking skirt.

In my mind it encompasses a number of different Gothic subcultures which is probably why it appeals to me as I like to take a little bit from here and a little bit from there to find my own style.


Green and Black Gothic Wedding Dress

green and black lolita wedding dressGreen is another color that is sometimes worn by Goths.   Usually they wear either deep greens like forest greens or gem like greens like emerald green (as you see here).

There are so many different styles of Gothic Wedding Dresses available in a wide range of colors that I hope you've found this page to be helpful to you.

One thing that is important to note when you're talking about Gothic High Fashion is that there are no rules!   There are so many different sub-sets of Goths and then sub-sets of those sub-sets that the rule book is well and truly out of the window!

There are Medieval Goths, Victorian Goths, Neo-Victorian Goths, Corporate Goths, Punk Goths, Fetish Goths, Cyber Goths, Perky Goths, Gothabilly and much more.

You want to know a secret?   You could even wear a white wedding dress and still call it Gothic!

Gothic White Wedding Dresses

You know just because you want a Gothic wedding dress, whether you're a Goth or not, doesn't mean that you can't still wear white.   During the early 80s many Goths would find a vintage white wedding dress and wear it along with Doc Martins and Gothic hair and make up, these days you can still see this look at different Gothic festivals around the world.

The important thing with finding a Gothic wedding dress is finding the right accessories as well because it's all about the complete look.   If it feels right to you then it will probably be right.

The chiffon wedding gown opposite is a great compromise if you want a Gothic dress, but your family are looking forward to seeing you get married in a 'traditional' white dress.

The column wedding dress with court train may have a gorgeous sweetheart neckline and sexy little spaghetti straps, but it also has some very Gothic inspired sleeves.

The long, wide sleeves are just perfect for a Gothic gown (even if it does have a lot of more conventional aspects to it).   If you click on the image you'll see lots of different views and I must say that from the back I could just imagine an evil villain wearing it, but that could just be my imagination running away from me!

Bid on a Medieval Gothic Wedding Dress

eBay is a Great Source for Gothic Wedding Dresses!

More Gothic Wedding Dresses

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AlexandriaIngham on 09/21/2013

Beautiful dresses. When I was searching for my wedding dress, I really wanted one in the style of the red and black Renaissance one. I was just writing a piece about Gothic wedding dresses when my ideal one popped up in white with the black detail--hood included. Looking through some of these though, there's a bit of me that wishes I went for something more like them, especially that red and black one!

Tolovaj on 07/16/2012

In our country white is still number one choice but on the other hand we have lowest percentage of married couples in European Union...
Maybe more colorful wedding dresses could help to change our attitude?
Thumbs up to variety. Gothic? Why not!

lou16 on 07/12/2012

@Ruby - any time of the year would be fine for a Gothic wedding as there are gowns that suit all seasons.

RubyHelenRose on 07/12/2012

These are so gorgeous! I love my white wedding dress, it fit me perfectly and was a perfect style for me, but I love these colors much better, and the gloves and sleeves, woot, woot, totally rockin idea. I had to pin it on my 7 Wedding Junction board for sure. What time of year, I wonder is the best for a gothic wedding?

angel on 03/22/2012

i defin. am looking for a lil bit of each one of these dresses for my wedding i almost cried they r beautiful

JoHarrington on 02/28/2012

Some of these dresses are absolutely gorgeous! I love the green and black one especially.

wrylilt on 02/28/2012

I got married in a white, plain dress. Looking back I don't know why. I hate white, and I really wish I'd got married in something more my style - black and red I think!

katiem2 on 02/27/2012

Smashing, I love them all, the main highlighted dress as the article image is my fave. But oh how I love all of these amazing gothic wedding dresses. I'm divorced and if and I mean IF i ever get married again this would be the dress for me. How beautiful.

Angel on 02/22/2012

These are really unique. I like them. Great page with a lot of variety. I still flirt with some of the Goth style....and I won't tell you how old I am! LOL..

BrendaReeves on 02/22/2012

I actually love most of those dresses. I don't think I'd get married in one though.

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