Calla Lily Weddings

by lou16

A popular type of wedding theme in recent times is the Calla Lily wedding which is based around the Calla Lily.

There’s something that is just plain elegant about the Calla Lily which makes it ideal in a wedding bouquet. Calla Lily also lends itself to both traditional weddings and modern weddings – which is probably something to do with the clean, slender shape combined with the beautiful white coloring.

Calla Lilies are actually a symbol of both beauty and innocence and with myths surrounding them and the esteem they have been held in by different civilizations it’s hardly surprising that brides love to include this mysterious flower in their weddings.

Calla Lily weddings have been taken to a whole new level in recent years with a number of Calla Lily favors and decorations being produced to allow a whole theme to be built around them. If you love Calla Lilies then perhaps you’d like a Calla Lily themed wedding for yourself.

Getting Married in Church?

The Calla Lily has religious significance and has been referred to as Archangel Gabriel’s flower because of it’s resemblance to a trumpet.   The white of the Calla Lily is seen to represent purity and faith which is why it has also long been associated with the Virgin Mary.

The white, purity is also in keeping with a traditional white wedding hence the use of Calla Lilies in bridal bouquets to start with.

Calla Lily Wedding Inspiration Board

Calla Lily Wedding Inspiration Board
Calla Lily Wedding Inspiration Board

Suppliers List

Everything on this Calla Lily wedding inspiration board can be brought online from these suppliers -

Calla Lily Candles

Black Calla Lilies

Personalized Mini Cheesecakes

Black Diamond Confetti

Heart Sparklers

Calla Lily Place Card Holder

Damask Wine Glass Shades



What Color Scheme Matches the Calla Lily?

Luckily you can use the Calla Lily with a number of different colors in a bouquet as it is a flower that matches most other flowers.   Calla Lilies themselves are also available in a number of different colors as well, although I’m referring to the white Calla Lily in this article.

When one of my friends got married her bridesmaids all had a single Calla Lily as their flowers and the sheer simplicity of that looked absolutely awesome.

Basically any theme, any colors, any location the Calla Lily will look fantastic as part of your wedding.

Adding Touches of the Calla Lily to Your Wedding

Creating a Calla Lily Themed Wedding

Besides floral arrangements there are other ways of incorporating the Calla Lily into your wedding, the first is with the wedding stationery.

Calla Lily Postage Stamps

A great way to send both Save the Date cards and Wedding Invitations

Calla Lily Wedding Accessories

Besides the wedding bouquets and floral arrangements there are other ways in which you can incorporate the Calla Lily into your wedding such as with the ring pillow, guestbook and pen for signing your wedding certificates.

Calla Lily Ring PillowCalla Lily Guestbook

Calla Lily Reception Décor

As I’ve previously said the Calla Lily matches so many different colors that you really can use any colors in your décor and incorporate a lot of different styles as well.   There are different touches you can add to give a nod to the Calla Lily though.

Calla Lily candles are awesome and they can be placed as a centrepiece in some tables while you can have some potted Calla Lilies in your wedding colors as centrepieces on other tables and vases of single Calla Lily on yet other tables – this helps to break up the décor so that people don’t get overwhelmed by the Calla Lilies and it also allows them to shine even more.

Place card holders can be used in your wedding colors or, if you’re already using the tablecloths and napkins in your wedding colors you could use Calla Lily designed place card holders which are gorgeous.

Calla Lily Wedding Cakes
Calla Lily Wedding Cakes are beautiful and you can achieve a gorgeous looking wedding cake using gum paste Calla Lily cake decorations or non-edible Calla Lily Wedding Cake Toppers which you can then keep as a momento.

Calla Lilies really do look beautiful adorning wedding cakes as you can see above, you can also see how many different color schemes suit this flower.   You can also use Calla Lilies in the cutting of the cake ceremony with a Calla Lily cake serving set like the one opposite.

Before cutting the cake don't forget to make the wedding toasts and although I don't expect a Calla Lily to toast the bride and groom they can actually use the delightful Champagne glasses (opposite) to make the toasts - aren't they beautiful?  

Calla Lily Bridal Cake Serving Set

Calla Lily Champagne Glasses

Calla Lily Wedding Favors

You can also give a range of different Calla Lily inspired wedding favors away to your guests and there are lots to choose from.   Most wedding guests, however, don't really use a lot of wedding favors that they recieve and instead they are popped away in a drawer or cupboard.   That's why I think edible wedding favors are a great idea.

I don't know many people who can resist chocolate and you can easily get some personalized chocolate wrappers made like this one here -


Then again there's also the popular idea of a candy buffet at weddings and giving your guests bags or boxes to fill before they leave...........why do I never get invited to those weddings :(

There are lots of alternatives for Calla Lily wedding favors from bookmarks to candles and more, you can find a few to browse at on Amazon.

Why Have a Calla Lily Themed Wedding?

There are lots of reasons for holding a Calla Lily wedding from the myths surrounding how the Calla Lily came in to being to the esteem ancient civilizations held it in.   Different cultures have held the Calla Lily up as a symbol of many things from hidden lusts to chastity, from the winter solstice to purity and more.

Personally I just love the look of the Calla Lily and I think it’s because it wouldn’t look out of place in fantasy art – there’s just something so simple and yet so mysterious about the flower.

Do You Love Calla Lilies?

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Howard on 10/15/2012

Wow very nice post. I am very glad to read so much interesting things about calla lily wedding theme.. Thanks for sharing with us.

sheilamarie on 02/29/2012

Very pretty Calla Lilies, Lou!

Angel on 02/29/2012

Oh the Calla Lily is so beautiful. Thanks for all the great wedding ideas. I am sure it will be helpful to many brides to be.

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