How to Create a Sleeping Beauty Bedroom

by lou16

Let's look at how easily you can create your very own Sleeping Beauty bedroom.

The Disney Princess Aurora, otherwise known as Sleeping Beauty has been a Disney favorite for many years. It seems appropriate to decorate a Disney Princess bedroom with all things Sleeping Beauty because, let’s face it, bedrooms are made for sleeping in!

If your own little Sleeping Beauty loves the story of Princess Aurora then what about transforming her bedroom into a Sleeping Beauty bedroom or Princess Aurora bedroom (whichever name she likes to use).

Welcome to Sleeping Beauty's Kingdom

Before you even open the door to a Princess Aurora bedroom you need to set the tone and this door sign does that beautifully.   It’s a sign that you can personalize with your own Princess’ name and has a gorgeous picture of Aurora…..and of course the obligatory Please No Boys!

Sleeping Beauty Bed

I can’t actually remember watching the Disney movie although I’ve been told the story many times and have read it to my own daughter and nieces.   I always imagine that Princess Aurora would have a beautiful bed if she was going to be asleep for so long and a beautiful bed meant a four poster bed when I was younger.

I love the look of this white four poster bed with a pink netting canope as I think it conveys a very regal place to sleep, even the Princess and the Pea wouldn’t have a problem sleeping in this!

Now it’s not always economically possible to buy a four poster bed, but you can use a hoop above the bed with a netting canope like the one featured above or just a regular mosquito net that can be found in variety stores around the world.

Pink or white canope drapes work well with a Sleeping Beauty theme, although with so much pink in other areas of the room my preference would be for a white drape.

Sleeping Beauty Bedding

Whether or not you invest in a new bed for your daydreaming princess one thing you’ll want is to purchase some Sleeping Beauty bedding.    There are a few options for you here, you could purchase the whole bedding set or you can mix and match with plain pieces.

I have brought licensed comforters for my daughter and just a plain sheet set.   I’ve also brought a plain comforter and sheet set and added decorative pillows and a throw.   Any of these options will help to make the bed the main focal point of your Sleeping Beauty bedroom

Dreamy Aurora Comforter Set Disney Princess Bedding Collection

This comforter set is a nice and bright representation of Sleeping Beauty, the comforter itself makes quite a statement whereas the fitted sheet seems plain in comparison.

View on Amazon

The set featured above includes both comforter and sheets so is a great idea if you want to go all out for your little girl's bedroom.

Below I've featured a beautiful Sleeping Beauty comforter that would go with either of the sheet sets I've also featured for you or really well with plain pink or white sheets.

I love throwing decorative pillows on the bed and if your child changes her mind as to her favorite character quite often then an alternative is to create a Disney Princess bedroom and just add some Princess Aurora pillows to the bed.   Another option is to use plain pink or purple bedding (why does it always have to be pink and purple for princesses???) and pop some of these decorative pillows onto the bed to create a perfect place for your own Sleeping Beauty to lay down her head.

Sleeping Beauty Bedroom Walls

Now I don’t usually recommend buying licensed wallpaper as children can change their minds over likes and dislikes quite quickly and re-wallpapering can be expensive and time consuming.   Instead I prefer to use posters or wall hangings to set the tone.

Disney Princess Poster Store
Most little girls dream of being a princess which is part of the attraction of the Disney Princesses. Here you will find some lovely Disney Princess posters which the little girl you love will absolutely adore.Do you have a favorite Disney Princess?

Now I must admit sometimes you come across something that you think is just absolutely perfect and when I first saw this decorative wall plate I thought it was beautiful. Now it really depends on your child as to whether you’d want to put this up in their bedroom or not. My friend’s daughter would love having it up there and it would be safe, my own daughter however would probably have tried to get it down and end up breaking it!

The other thing that is found on the walls are light switches and power points.   For a small investment and big wow factor you can get covers for these.   They’re not really necessary, but they do add a special touch to the room.

Sleeping Beauty Windows

Now the windows are probably the second thing that your eyes are drawn to in a bedroom after the bed so you want to add some nice window treatments.   Unfortunately unlike her royal counterparts – Cinderella and Snow White – I’ve had problems finding any Sleeping Beauty drapes.  

What I would suggest is to use plain drapes or blinds in the colors of the bedspread or throw pillow that you use.   Alternatively you could add some Disney Princess drapes that include Aurora with some of the other princesses, just try and think what your daughter would prefer.

Adding the Finishing Touches to a Sleeping Beauty Bedroom

Little things like a lamp, clock, photo frame and jewelry box all add to a Sleeping Beauty bedroom and will delight your child no end.   Here are a few little goodies that you could consider placing in her room along with links to yet more goodies like jewelry boxes and snow globes.

Disney Princess Jewelry Boxes
Disney Princess Jewelry Boxes are not only a great gift idea, but are also a fantastic bedroom accessory when dressing up a Disney Princess bedroom.

Disney Princess Snow Globes
Imagine combining the magic of snow globes with the fantasy of the Disney Princesses. Well imagine no more because I have a collection of Disney Princess Snow Globes here for you to peruse. These beautiful snow globes are the perfect gift for a little girl who dreams of becoming a princess.

Disney Princess Nesting Dolls
The Disney Princess nesting dolls are a great combination for any little princess to own however. As a toy and a bedroom ornament any one of these Disney Princess nesting dolls are sure to be a hit.

Creating Other Disney Princess Bedrooms

Sleeping Beauty's Not The Only Disney Princess!
There's lots of ways to create a Disney Princess bedroom, but if you want to create the Best Disney Princess bedroom then read on....

More Girl's Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Because there's more to girl's bedrooms than the Disney Princesses!
Creating a girls bedroom can be a lot of fun and very rewarding when you see their face light up as they enter their own special kingdom for the first time.
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