Girls Bedroom Decorating Ideas

by lou16

Creating a girls bedroom can be a lot of fun and very rewarding when you see their face light up as they enter their own special kingdom for the first time.

As mum to a girl I love looking at different girl themed bedroom ideas and there’s certainly a lot to choose from.

You can go totally overboard creating a perfect little space for your favourite girl or you can just add a few accents to make her room extra special.

The first thing you have to do is decide on the theme you want in your daughter's bedroom and then just start 'creating'.

How to Create A Gorgeous Girls Bedroom

From Toddlers to Teens

Personally I think choosing a color and just painting the walls creates a good canvas which can be easily adapted to a range of different styles.   The flooring can just be a plain neutral carpet which will allow you to add rugs for extra appeal.   Next is the bed and while there are some gorgeous beds to choose from if you get a fairly plain white or wooden colored bed then you can add the appropriate bedding as your girl grows and you won’t have to replace the bed constantly!

Now you’ve got the basics sorted it’s time to get creative and make her room special and to do that you need to decide on the theme you want to use.

You can create countless different themes from Lady bugs to Butterflies, Fairies to Princesses and let’s not forget all of the licensed characters.   I’ve created a number ‘how to create the perfect xxxx bedroom’ articles for all of the Disney Princesses which you can check out below if your child is besotted with the Disney Princesses.

Disney Princess Bedroom
Disney Princess Bedroom
If your little princess loves the tale of Beauty and the Beast then she'll adore her very own Disney Princess Belle Bedroom
How to Make the Best Rapunzel Bedroom for your own little princess.
If your daughter loves the story of Princess Tiana in the Princess and the Frog then creating a Princess and the Frog bedroom for her is something she'll love.
Learn how to make the best Disney Princess Ariel room ever for your daughter.
Let's look at how easily you can create your very own Sleeping Beauty bedroom.
Learn how to create a Snow White bedroom that will absolutely wow your own little princess.

More Licensed Bedroom Ideas for Girls

Of course not all young girls are into the Disney Princesses some prefer other characters like Dora the Explorer or Hannah Montana.   This leads me to the following pages that I’ve written for you.   If you can’t find the character you’re after be sure to bookmark this page as I’ll be updating them regularly.

Have an adventure with Dora by creating the best ever Dora the Explorer bedroom for your very own adventurer, in no time at all you'll be singing - we did it!

More Decorating Ideas for a Girls Bedroom

Little girls love lots of different things which means that there’s lots of ideas for girls bedrooms for you to choose from including fairies, butterflies and ladybugs so let’s have a look at how you can pull together some great themed bedrooms.

Starting with a basic painted wall you can add interest with wall stickers, posters and other artwork that features whatever it is your child loves like dragonflies or Barbie dolls.

You can use window treatments if you like or just add some window stickers to the glass and leave the curtains and/or blinds rather plain.

The biggest focal point in any bedroom is the bed and this is where you should spend the money for the biggest impact so if you’re on a tight budget just get a duvet cover set in the room’s theme or a throw blanket to put over the bed.

Extra touches can be made with the use of light switch covers, lamps, rugs, jewelry boxes, alarm clocks and, if room permits, other bedroom furniture such as a desk, table and chairs, dressing table etc.

Let’s look at a few themed bedrooms in more detail.

Lady Bug Bedroom
A ladybug bedroom is a very popular themed bedroom for girls and with good reason - ladybugs are cute! If your little girl loves lady bugs then she will adore this bedroom decor idea.

Girls Butterfly Bedroom
Butterfly bedrooms are a popular theme for girls bedrooms and one reason why I love this theme is because it can use so many different colors.

A Cupcake Themed Bedroom
What could be more delicious than a cupcake themed bedroom for a girl? This gorgeous theme is extremely popular these days from girls of all ages.

A Teenage Girls Bedroom Decorating Ideas

When they get to the teenage years girls will want a lot more input into their rooms and will have very definite ideas on what they want and don’t want ……… sometimes your tweens can seem like this too!

Your teenager will definitely have ideas for decorating their room, but if you want to discuss ideas with them you could mention things such as their favourite band, Twilight (if they’re a fan), Victoriana (if they’re going through the Gothic stage), Hollywood glamour (if they’re star struck), peace inspired, Paris etc.

There are so many different ideas for decorating a teen girls bedroom and here are just a few of them -

How to Create a Peace Inspired Bedroom
A peace inspired bedroom is a very popular teen girl themed bedroom and there are lots of great ways of achieving this look - a great point in it's favor is that it will work for any color scheme.

How to Create a Justin Bieber Bedroom
Justin Bieber has proven that he's not just a flash in the pan, but is proving to be a teenage heart throb who's garnering fans around the world and that means one thing - every girl wants a Justin Bieber bedroom!

The boy band One Direction has tweens and teens everywhere swooning which means giving them a One Direction bedroom will have them jumping up and down in excitement!
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