How to Create a Rapunzel Bedroom

by lou16

How to Make the Best Rapunzel Bedroom for your own little princess.

Let's have a look at how we can create the best Rapunzel Bedroom ever for your little girl. If she loves the fairytale of Rapunzel - whether the traditional version or Disney's Tangled then this is the bedroom for her!

I only have to hear the words 'Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair,' and I am instantly transported back to the land of fairytales that I enjoyed as a child. As a little girl I had long hair and I would imagine becoming just like Rapunzel when I was older even to the point of gently tugging my hair daily to encourage it to grow!!!

Rapunzel was a fairytale that seemed to go out of vogue for a while, but with Disney's Tangled movie she is now a Disney Princess! This means that it is even easier for you to buy Rapunzel inspired goodies to help create a gorgeous Rapunzel bedroom.

Creating a Rapunzel Bedroom for a Baby

The Rapunzel bedroom opposite is designed for a baby or toddler that is still using a crib. Some of these elements can also be used in a bedroom for an older child such as the rug, hamper and window treatments.

How do we create this bedroom for a baby princess? It's really quite simple so let's break it down for you.

Pale pink walls are great for a Rapunzel bedroom although lilac or white will also look great. 

Rapunzel Baby Bedroom
Rapunzel Baby Bedroom

As far as furniture goes I would opt for white, not only does it look great with the Rapunzel theme, but it can also be adapted for other themes. To the crib you need to purchase the Rapunzel crib bedding set, the one pictured is available through Amazon by clicking on the link below the picture.

This particular Rapunzel crib bedding set is a 4 piece set and includes the quilt that is pictured along with a four sided bumber, fitted crib sheet and a dust ruffle.

Above the crib is a beautiful Rapunzel mobile. Babies and toddlers alike love mobiles and this one is no exception.

The floor has also not been ignored with a beautiful Rapunzel rug on it. This rug looks great on wood or carpet. My daughter has always had a pale neutral carpet and I've used rugs to add personality while at the same time 'saving' the carpet as she always played on the rug so spills weren't such a disaster as they could have been!!

Windows should also be dressed up, in the photo they have used sheer white curtains with a Rapunzel valance which looks great. I didn't use curtains when my daughter was a baby or just learning to walk as I prefered to use a blind. The blinds were heavy enough to black out the room when it was naptime and also meant that when she started to walk she wouldn't grab it to steady herself as a friend's child ripped his sheer curtain in this well as landing on his bottom in frustrated tears!

Kids Line Rapunzel Musical Mobile, Pink

Kidsline MUSICAL MOBILE - Rapunzel

Only $36.99
Kids Line Rapunzel Rug, Pink

Kidsline RUG - RapunzelThe Rapunzel Rug measures 40" by 30". It is made with blends of acrylic, polyester and olefin exclusive of backing.Care instructions: machine wash cold se...

Only $28.99
Kids Line Rapunzel Diaper Stacker, Pink

Kidsline DIAPER STACKER - RapunzelThe Diaper Stacker measures 12" x 26.5", and is 8.75" deep.The print fabric is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton.Fabric content is exclusive...

Only $17.99

Rounding out the room is a diaper stacker and clothes hamper both of which are incredibly handy.   The diaper stacker goes without saying, but why do I think a clothes hamper is great in a baby's room?   Well as they start to get mobile you can encourage them to pop their clothes straight into the hamper.   If the hamper is in their room they are more likely to remember and (you hope) it becomes habit forming.

Creating a Rapunzel Bedroom for a Toddler, Preschooler and Beyond!

Creating a special bedroom for your child as they become a toddler or preschooler is one of the most rewarding times - the look on their face as their bedroom is transformed into a magic kingdom is priceless. They love to parade their family and friends around their personal kingdom as though they're showcasing the Crown Jewels themselves in the room!

There are several ways to create the perfect Rapunzel bedroom, but the first thing I want to talk about is beds!

The most important piece of furniture in any bedroom is the bed. Now in all honesty I would probably choose a plain white bed as this can be adapted as your little Princess becomes enarmored with Hannah Montana and then (brace yourself) One Direction!!! If you want to stick with a bed that will grow with them then that is great because you can dress it up to turn it into a Rapunzel bed using bedding.

However, if I was still a little girl I would go absolutely bananas over the bed opposite - that's what I call a Rapunzel bed!   Not only is it festive in pink and purple the two colors most little girls love, it even has it's own tower!   The difference with this tower is that your Rapunzel doesn't have to wait for her prince to get out of the tower, she simply slides down!

There is also a secret area underneath her bed where she can play with friends or even have a picnic......without anyone knowing!   Children adore having little hideaways like this.


If you do buy this Princess Castle bed, otherwise known as a Rapunzel bed (by me anyway!) then you can just use very plain bedding because the bed itself is your statement piece.

If you've gone the sensible option (which I always do {{{sigh}}}, I'm not sure why) and opted for a plain bed then it's time to magically turn that bed into a bed fit for a Princess! You can do this in a number of ways - all in or more thrifty.

For an all in Rapunzel bed you'll need to purchase Rapunzel sheets, quilt cover etc. The more thrifty way is to purchase plain sheets (white, pink etc) and just top these with a Rapunzel quilt. Alternatively you can also add a plain quilt and just use a Rapunzel blanket/throw over the top.

Disney Tangled Comforter - Pink (Twin)

Make her feel like a fairy-tale princess with the Disney Tangled comforter. This beautifully designed reversible comforter features Rapunzel on one side and multicolor flowers o...

Disney Tangled Let My Hair Down Twin Sheet Set

Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your golden hair. The fitted sheet has a blue ground, the flat sheet is a pink ground with a reversible pillowcase and is machine wash and dry.

Only $29.99
Disney Rapunzel 4 Piece Toddler Set, Purple

For toddler & crib beds: comforter (blanket/quilt), flat sheet, fitted sheet, pillowcase. One toddler comforter 42 x 58 inches (107 x 147 cm). One toddler bed sheet 45 x 70 inch...

$49.99  $30.11

Adding some cool pillows onto the bed can add a nice touch too and ebay have a great selection of Rapunzel throw pillows available at times.   Choose from heart shaped pillows which are always a hit with young girls to personalized pillows which are another way of gaining points with your daughter!

The next thing to look at is the walls of the bedroom.   A Rapunzel bedroom is like a lot of other Disney Princess bedrooms in that pink and pale purple seems to dominate.   You can paint the walls a pale pink, lilac or keep it a classic white.

Along with paint you can decorate your Rapunzel bedroom with posters, wall decals and lots more.

First I'll talk about posters; there are two ways in which you can incorporate Rapunzel posters into your room, one is just by hanging them on the wall and the other is by framing them and hanging on the wall.

Disney Princess Posters Store
Most little girls dream of being a princess which is part of the attraction of the Disney Princesses. Here you will find some lovely Disney Princess posters which the little girl you love will absolutely adore.

Now if you're just going to hang the poster onto the wall I would suggest laminating it first as it will last longer.   My favorite way of dressing up the walls is by framing a couple of posters.   In my daughter's room she has two silver colored frames that has held Pooh posters, Snow White posters, Hannah Montana posters, Jonas Brothers Posters and now One Direction.   It's a great way to update their rooms as they get older and their tastes change.

Now there are other things besides posters that can be placed on the wall like wall decals.   These are a fun way of decorating a child's bedroom and are easily removed so can be updated as they grow (much like the posters can).

Kids Line Rapunzel Wall Decals, Pink

Kidsline WALL DECALS - RapunzelThe Rapunzel Wall Decals contains four 10" x 18" sheets of stickers.They have self-stick adhesive that won't harm walls. The decals are removable ...

Only $15.99

Another hint for adding a little icing to the cake that is your princess' new Rapunzel bedroom is switchplate covers. These are a really fun way of decorating the room - switching on the light has never been so much fun!

If you're starting to think - whoa, too much information, don't worry it can seem daunting, but it's not really.   Your child will be happy with just her bed looking like a Rapunzel bed so if that's all that you can do it will still make her a very happy little girl.

Creating the whole room as her little Kingdom can take a bit of work, but the result really is worth it.   However, you really don't need to add everything on this page, just think of it as ideas and take the ones you like - discard the others.

As we continue I'm going to talk about windows. Windows are great fun to dress up, these can be done in several different ways from a 'frothy princess' look to a simple look. Both looks are great so let's have a look at them.

Here's three different ideas for the windows in your Rapunzel bedroom - one simple one and two 'frothy' ones.

The simple window treatment first would be to use a Rapunzel valance above the window and sheer white curtains over the window or a plain blind.

The first 'frothy' look for your window can be achieved by getting two different pieces of material in two contrasting colors ie pink and white, purple and white or pink and purple. The size of these pieces of material depends on the size of the window. What you need to do is hold them together and wrap them around the curtain rod so that both the colors appear almost in stripes. They should hang down on both sides of the window to the same length as your curtain or blind. Yes again you'll need to decide between using a plain blind or a curtain. If using a curtain make it a sheer white one for best effect.

The second 'frothy' look is achieved by using a Rapunzel window valance (or just a valance in your primary bedroom color) and the choice of sheer white curtains or a blind. To this you need to get two pairs of narrow sheer (organza) curtains in two contrasting colors such as pale pink and purple.   Put one of each curtain on both ends of the curtain rod and give them a twist before pulling them back. They can be held back with tassels or if you're handy with a sewing machine you can make a pull back in regal purple and gold or some other color.

Now we come to the floor and whether you choose a wooden floor or a carpet a rug is a great way to 'dress up' a room. Whether you choose a Rapunzel rug to help pull your theme together or a plain pink, white or purple rug that can work in with other themes a rug will add a lovely finishing touch to a room.

Depending on the size of your little princess' room you may be thinking about adding other furniture like a chest of drawers, book shelves etc. I would add these in a plain white, you could even decorate them with Rapunzel stickers if you liked.

Kids Line Rapunzel Rug, Pink

Kidsline RUG - RapunzelThe Rapunzel Rug measures 40" by 30". It is made with blends of acrylic, polyester and olefin exclusive of backing.Care instructions: machine wash cold se...

Only $28.99

One piece of furniture that I found and thought would be ideal for a Rapunzel bedroom was a Disney Tangled Transforming Castle Table and Chair set.

This piece of furniture looks absolutely stunning in pictures......I'll admit that I haven't actually seen it in real life yet.   Put out by Disney this 'castle' stands at 4 feet and features Disney's Rapunzel!   Your daughter will spend lots of fun time in imaginary play around this castle and then when she needs a table it transforms into a special table and chair set.   This will definately make you parent of the year!

Finishing touches for your Rapunzel bedroom include night lights, lamps, ornaments and more. Her very own Rapunzel doll lying on the bed can be a great touch.

Your little girl should be really happy if you implement even a quarter of these ideas and her joy will be reflected in her face when she opens her door to find a fairytale room waiting for her. Sweet dreams and endless days of play will make this Rapunzel inspired bedroom a very, very happy one.

More Bedroom Ideas for Girls

Creating a girls bedroom can be a lot of fun and very rewarding when you see their face light up as they enter their own special kingdom for the first time.
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sheilamarie on 07/13/2012

I remember watching a play about Rapunzel when I was little. It made a big impression on me, too.
I like Brenda's idea.

BrendaReeves on 07/12/2012

This is so cute! I think I'll make a Rapunzel bedroom for myself.

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