Children's Alarm Clocks

by petunia

Children's alarm clocks are not only fun, but an important tool for children.

Why Does Your Child Need An Alarm Clock?

Children's Alarm Clocks are much more than decorative.

Children's alarm clocks are so cute.   It is tempting to think of them as toys.  But wise parents know the importance of teaching children to be dependable and prompt.  Alarm Clocks help children learn that skill.

On school mornings, how many times do you yell for your child to get out of bed?   Or do you stomp up and down the hall grumbling and threatening until they wake up?  Battles about waking up can ruin a morning and get everyone's day started off on the wrong foot.  Who wants to wake up with someone yelling at them?   I know I don't.

Imagine this - your child's little alarm clock is ringing him awake.  You are fixing lunches and preparing breakfast.  Your child wakes, dresses for school, and arrives in the kitchen ready to start the day.  Isn't that better?

Are Children's Alarm Clocks An Important Teaching Tool?

Does Your Toddler Want to Play at 2 or 3 a.m.?

We've all been there.  Your little one can't tell time, and wants to play --- at 2 a.m.   "Mommy, mommy, come play with me."    Wouldn't it be wonderful if he could tell time?  He's just too young to realize appropriate times for waking up and sleeping.  

This little clock changes colors to help young children learn appropriate sleep times.  And of course, parents can set the clock to suit your own family schedule.  


OK to Wake! Children's Alarm Clock

OK to Wake! Children's Alarm Clock and Nightlight
American Innovative
Only $41.89

Teaching Life Skills with An Alarm Clock

A child who uses an alarm clock learns:

1.  Waking up on time is his responsibility, not mom's and not dad's.   The child becomes more self-reliant.  He learns to set his clock every night, and to wake up when the alarm goes off.

(I have heard college students say they never used an alarm clock till they left home -- and it was very difficult to learn to wake up on their own!)

2.  Time management skills - Most successful adults are experts at managing their time.  A child with an alarm clock is learning lesson # 1 - the importance of waking up when the alarm goes off!

(Don't you know adults who have not yet learned that lesson?)

3.  His parents trust him to handle the responsibility of waking and getting ready for school without constant nagging.

Star Wars Alarm Clock

If your son is anything like our grandson, he is a Star Wars fan!   Little boys who love Star Wars will take great pleasure in this unique alarm clock.

Darth Vader - with arms and legs that move!  What could be cooler than that?  And - he can sit up or stand still. 

And your little boy can just tap Darth Vader on the head to sleep a few extra minutes - there is a snooze button!

LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Alarm Clock

LEGO Kids' 9002113 Star Wars Darth Vader Mini-Figure Alar...
Only $94.59
Updated: 05/29/2011, petunia
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Do you teach your children to use their own alarm clock?

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Sara on 08/06/2011

My children are old enough to use the alarm in their cell phones.

ohme on 06/08/2011

My grandson needs a new alarm clock but these are too young for him. I am not sure what kind he would like but I wish he was still young enough to enjoy these.

irenemaria on 05/31/2011

I always woke my children myself. My son commented years later that he connect the smell of coffee with mom waking him. I had my coffee first =D

wenkrick on 05/31/2011

Those alarm clocks for kids are really cute!

Jennywrites on 05/31/2011

I homeschool, and I have to use alarm clocks with the kids. The Kids like to be on a schedule. I have an alarm clock that has 8 different alarms I can set. I use 6 of them. An alarm to start our schooling, our break, school is over. Get ready for dinner (set the table, wash hands, etc), Brush your teeth, and lights out. This helps my kids know without having mom nagging them! Great article.

tandemonimom on 05/31/2011

We homeschool so I have to admit alarm clocks are not a big part of our family life! The few times the kids really need to be up for something, I just get them up myself. These are very cool, though!

Gadget Treasures By Brenda on 05/30/2011

Love that Star Wars alarm clock!

My children have used alarm clocks for years. However the younger one (17) just uses it as the start of his wake up. I stopped going and asking him if he is going to get up because I figure he'll have to get up on his own next year at university...meanwhile, he's driving me nuts staying in bed until the very last minute, which of course means out the door with an empty stomach and not much of a lunch either.

If you find an alarm clock that POPS teens out of bed, I'd love to hear about that one.

Michey on 05/30/2011

Hi! your examples are very cute, and Yes, you are right, this will introduce discipline in kid life, and learn a lot using them

Dianne on 05/30/2011

I love that Lego alarm clock. My boys would have loved that one!

mandeesears on 05/29/2011

Excellent idea and teaches a bit of independence!

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