One Direction Christmas Ornaments

by lou16

If you can't get them one of the One Direction boys wrapped up in their stocking this Christmas the very least a fan can ask for is a 1D Christmas ornament on the tree!

As a mom and aunt to some very avid One Direction fans I know that they would simply love at least one 1D Christmas ornament on the tree this year, if not more. I think the ultimate idea would be to create a total One Direction Christmas tree.

Let's look at how we can create the ultimate One Direction fan's Christmas tree ......

Decorating Your 1D Christmas Tree

"Deck the halls with One Direction, tra la la la la la la....."

Once you've decided on what color Christmas tree you're going to use it's time to put some thought into planning how you're going to decorate your tree.   When it comes to decorating the Christmas trees there's four factors to consider.

Christmas Tree Decorating Steps
Christmas Tree Decorating Steps
Louanne Cox

What Color Christmas Tree Should A One Direction Tree Be?

Green, White, Black, Red or ????

Christmas Lights for Your Tree

Personally I would just use your regular Christmas lights for a 1D tree as I think they'd work really well.   If you need to buy some then I would just get fairly plain multi-colored lights, if you really, really felt like you needed special Christmas lights then I'd look at some star shaped lights as the boys are all stars!

These white star lights opposite are a great idea and as they're not traditional Christmas lights you'll find it easier to utilize them throughout the year for party or celebration decorating.

To Use Christmas Tinsel or Not To Use Christmas Tinsel?

A Good Question for Any 1D Fan

Now there isn't any One Direction tinsel on the market that I've discovered so far, so does that mean you should use tinsel or not?   Well I'm torn in this aspect because to me tinsel says Christmas, but if it doesn't say 1D.......

There's a few options available for you -

  1. Forget about tinsel - it's old fashioned anyway!
  2. Use tinsel that compliments your 1D tree.
  3. Find something to substitute for tinsel on your tree.

If you decide to forget all about tinsel then you can just jump straight ahead to the ornament stage of tree decorating.   If you've decided to use tinsel then you can decide on what color you want, I recommend red for two reasons - one it's Christmassy and two it's used alot on 1D logos and merchandising so it's in keeping for your tree.

What about substituting something else for tinsel?   Well I've found just the thing and personally I think this could be the best of the three options.

As you can see opposite you can actually get One Direction ribbon which is perfect.   Victorians often used ribbon and strips of lace to decorate their trees as a precursor to tinsel so you have tradition on your side.

The other reason why this is a perfect solution is the ribbon, I mean look at it it has all of the boys featured which is just awesome.

One Direction Ribbon

One Direction 5 Yards Printed Grosgrain Hairbow Ribbon

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1D Christmas Ornaments

Dress Your Tree in One Direction Fashion!

At the time of writing I can only find One Direction Christmas ornaments available on ebay and there seems to be two types of them as you can see below.

The doll style of each member of the band and the photo based Christmas ornament.

There are other alternatives that you can use to decorate your One Direction tree with however and they include making your own Christmas ornaments and using other things besides custom made Christmas ornaments on the tree.

One Direction Merchandise That Can Be Used to Decorate a Christmas Tree

Reusing Items You May Already Have - Awesome!

Reusing some of your existing 1D goodies is a great way of keeping your decorating budget under control while also making sure that your tree has it's own unique One Direction flavor to it.

One of the things which is easy to use in place of (or as well as) Christmas ornaments is bookmarks.   Some bookmarks have a ribbon attached which you can simply use to hang onto the branches, other ones you'll need to punch a hole in one end and attach your own ribbon.

Now I have seen One Direction bookmarks in shops, but I can't find any online at the time of writing, however you can make your own bookmark and use that - check out the Youtube video below for two ways of easily creating your own bookmark.

Make Your Own One Direction Bookmarks

Another thing that you can use on your Christmas tree is jewelry, in particular the dog tag style of necklace that is very popular these days.

As you can see opposite you can get dog tag necklaces of all of the band members separately as well as necklaces with the whole band on them.

Keep the One Direction and the 1D logo tags on the necklace to wear as they're not really big enough to show up unless you're decorating a tabletop Christmas tree.   You want to use the big, main tag of your favorite band member or the whole band together depending on which necklace you have/buy etc.   

You can hang the tag on the tree using either some ribbon or an ornament hanger (I always have some spare ones of these in my Christmas ornament box).

There you have it a Christmas ornament for the holiday season and a piece of jewelry for the rest of the year - I love it when you can find more than one use for something :)

Thinking Outside of the Box Christmas Ornaments

Not Your Typical One Direction Christmas Ornaments

Sometimes you need to look outside of the box to decorate a truly stunning tree and add a few extra ornaments that seem representative of One Direction to you, like a pigeon, music notes or microphones.

Pigeon Christmas Ornaments

The Pigeon's Name is Kevin!

It takes a real fan to understand that the pigeon's name is Kevin and why shouldn't you pay homage to Louis' toy pigeon which one of these Christmas ornaments?


A few music notes and microphones would also look great on your tree and are definitely in keeping with these singing superstars ........ and talking of stars, why not add a few of them too?

Did you also notice I've included some heart Christmas ornaments to the side as well, because let's face it we all love Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall and Zayn don't we?

While we're still on One Direction Christmas Ornaments the next thing to think about doing is making your own.   Now it's actually quite easy to make your own Christmas ornaments and I'm going to go through a few simple ideas with you next.

Make Your Own One Direction Christmas Ornaments

DIY ID Ornaments for Your Christmas Tree

There are several different ways to make your own 1D Christmas ornaments, to make a few of them you'll need to use a One Direction stencil.   Now this is pretty easy to make yourself rather than trying to buy one so here's a video to take you through how to make a stencil (if you haven't done it before).

How to Make a One Direction Stencil

One of the easiest ways to make a One Direction Christmas ornaments is to use a plastic fillable Christmas bauble.

There's two ways of making your ornaments using these fillable baubles featured to the right.   The easiest simply involves getting images of the band (or do one for each of the band members separately) and putting them inside of the bauble.   Depending on the size of the cuttings you have you can do this a couple of different ways as well.


Shape the cutting to mold onto the inside of the bauble and it will just look like a round 1D ornament - if the image is a little hard to do that to then simply take a piece of cardboard and make it so that it will just fit into the middle of the bauble when shut.   Now glue an image on both sides of this and add to the bauble for a two sided image (you can also add some confetti to the ornament to add a little extra when making this option.

Another option requires glitter, glue and paint.    Open up the bauble and spread glue over the inside and cover liberally with glitter, then do it up.   This is a great way of getting a glitter ornament without the glitter coming off.   Now for the outside, there are a couple of different options for this - you can use a stencil and paint the 1D logo onto the outside or you can simply write the words Mrs Horan/Tomlinson/Payne/Malik/Styles whichever name is appropriate.

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Using glass paint you can also decorate the outside of these glass ornaments (opposite) in the same way.   Other ideas is putting 1 heart 1D or the band member's names - even a few quotes or song titles would look great on these glass ornaments.

Another idea is to use some thin balsa wood and using a knife cut out your own wooden Christmas ornaments - you can either use the stencil and cut out the 1D logo or just cut out a heart shape, or an oval.

If you cut out the logo then simply paint it, make a small hole to thread a ribbon through and hang on tree.   If you've cut out a different shape like the heart or oval then paint this a base color and after the paint has dried use the stencil to paint the 1D logo on top of the base color - or do five of them with all of the boys individual names on them.

Check out how my daughter and I made our own 1D Christmas ornaments (you can see one of them in the introduction image) last year -

How To Make 1D Christmas Ornaments

What Christmas Tree Topper Goes On A 1D Tree?

Now it's time to look at what to put on the top of your Christmas tree and I think the obvious thing is to put up a star.   Let's face it each and every member of One Direction is a star so what else should be on the top of a One Direction tree?

In all honesty you could put a One Direction doll on the top of the tree, but who's doll would you choose?


Kurt Adler 8-1/2-Inch Indoor UL Star Treetop

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Silver Star Tree Topper - Style 37264

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Now it's time for you to go off and create your perfect One Direction Christmas tree, I hope you've got some good ideas from my page and that you have a truly beautiful 1D holiday season.



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Mira on 11/08/2012

Never knew about One Direction until I read this :). This is a great article about getting creative with ornaments :)

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