How to Create a Dora the Explorer Bedroom

by lou16

Have an adventure with Dora by creating the best ever Dora the Explorer bedroom for your very own adventurer, in no time at all you'll be singing - we did it!

Dora the Explorer bedrooms are so much fun to create and are absolutely adored by all of her little fans. My daughter had a Dora the Explorer bedroom when she was younger, although we didn't have quite the choice of Dora the Explorer bedroom accessories as there are now.

Living in Australia we only managed to get Dora the Explorer bedding, along with accessories such as a Dora the Explorer clock and posters. My daughter would have been absolutely blown away if we'd seen a Dora the Explorer bed, especially if it was in her own bedroom!

Let's have a look at how you can create the best Dora the Explorer bedroom ever, when you're successful don't forget to do the little "We did it, we did it, we did it yeah!" dance - it's compulsory with a Dora bedroom!

Dora the Explorer Beds

As I said at the time that my daughter was in the Dora the Explorer fan age group the amount of merchandise available in Australia wasn't anywhere near what you can buy now.   My daughter had a plain white bed with Dora the Explorer bedding on it and that's an option for your Dora the Explorer bedroom as well.

However, if you want to really impress your daughter with the best Dora the Explorer bedroom ever you may want to take a look at the selection of Dora the Explorer beds that are available.   My daughter would've loved the four poster toddler bed opposite, but there are beds with and without canopies that are available through Amazon.

Dora the Explorer Bedding

Whether you're planning on using a plain white or wooden bed or whether you're going to purchase a Dora the Explorerr bed you're going to need some bedding to put on the bed.


This little Mexican-American girl has captured hearts around the world and taught many children to speak a little Spanish while still toddlers.  It's hardly surprising that there is such a wide selection of Dora the Explorer bedding which is why I've had to create a seperate page for it.

Dora the Explorer Bedding
If your daughter loves Dora the Explorer then she will fall in love with these Dora the Explorer Bedding sets. From Crib to Toddler and up to Twin size there are Dora the Explorer bedding options..

Dora the Explorer Wall Decor

Once you've sorted out the bed in a bedroom it's time to turn to the walls.   Now I have always painted the walls in my daughter's room and used a mixture of posters and wall decals to decorate.

Most of the licensed wall decals that you can buy these days stick on and peel off very easily without ruining paintwork which is what makes them so attractive.   The Dora the Explorer wall decals come in small and larger sizes.    There are the Dora the Explorer wall decal set pictured opposite as well as a number of different ones available through Amazon.

Dora, Backpack & Boots
Ad AllPosters

Of course if you prefer to use wallpaper on the walls then you may be interested in adding a Dora the Explorer border. There are a number of wallpaper borders available in a selection of different Dora the Explorer designs which makes it easy to find one that matches the bedding you've selected.

As well as the traditional wallpaper borders, the Dora selection also comes in a number of what are called peel & stick borders. Now personally I've never used these, but my girlfriend was using some for her son's bedroom (not Dora ones I should add!!) and she could not praise them highly enough.

Also on walls you will find lightswitches and something which is very inexpensive will add an extra dimension to the room - a Dora the Explorer decorative switchplate.   Your daughter will absolutely adore this as it's the little extras which her friend's rooms may not have that will make her feel extra special!

I love the selection of switch plates that's available for children's rooms these days and the Dora selection are gorgeous!

Dora the Explorer Posters

Dora the Explorer Poster Collection
If your toddler loves Dora Explorer then you need to buy a Dora the Explorer poster for their bedroom. These Dora the Explorer posters are fun and will delight your toddler no end, my dd adored Dora when she was younger and loved having her posters...

Dora the Explorer Window Treatments

Curtains are a great way to add another Dora element to the room with one of the great Dora the Explorer curtains below.   You can also pick out one of the colors from your Dora bedding and use plain curtains in that color to pull your room together.

Dora the Explorer Bedroom Lighting

There are so many different types of ways you can accessorize your child's Dora the Explorer bedroom and one of those ways is with the use of lights. There are a couple of different types of Dora lights available.

The Dora light options opposite include a very cool paper lightshade as well as a Dora the Explorer  lamp.

As well as these there is also a picture show projection lamp available through Amazon which I thought looked awesome, but unfortunately the reviews aren't very good which is why I haven't included it here.

Of course another great lighting idea would be to get some Star String Lights and string them up around the room - as you probably know the stars on Dora the Explorer have special powers!   The ones below would be awesome for this.

Dora the Explorer Paper Shade Lighting

Product Measurements:- 35 x 35 cm 13.8 x 13.8 Inch Official Licensed Product

View on Amazon

Dora the Explorer EVA Sparkle Lamp

Perfectly aDORAble!!! Sparkling Dora casts a shining light to brighten any room. Whether you just need to consult a map to plan an exploration of your own or just need some ligh...

View on Amazon

Dora the Explorer Flooring

I have always used a neutral colored carpet in bedrooms or a wooden floor, you certainly don't want the expense of changing the carpet when your child decides that they're 'too old' for Dora!   I do however think that having something on the floor can really add a little extra to the bedroom - enter the Dora the Explorer rug!

Dora the Explorer Adventure Game Rug (purple)


View on Amazon

Dora the Explorer Scavenger Game Rug

From Manufacturer: Explore the forest with Dora and this cool game rug! Dora the Explorer, deer, rabbit, tree, monkey and "Forest Friends!" graphics lend an adventurous touch. F...

View on Amazon

More Girls Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Creating a girls bedroom can be a lot of fun and very rewarding when you see their face light up as they enter their own special kingdom for the first time.
Updated: 04/28/2013, lou16
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